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English as a Second Language Podcast

English as a Second Language Podcast
Hi Dr. Lucy Tse and Dr. Jeff McQuillan, How can I tell you my gratitude? One year ago I was unable to write you. One year ago I was unable to understand a phrase and even less to speak, though I learned English during eight years till I was 19. The first podcast I heard was “Buying a Bicycle #213.” I found it wonderful. Today I thank you: yesterday I passed a job interview in English (Hopefully the man had just one head ) and I surprised myself! I wanted to tell you that we, my family, had planned to settle in Australia, in Perth exactly. And maybe one day if we take some holiday in “Beautiful Los Angeles” we’ll make you a little visit just to say thank you very much Thank you, my friend. Cordially, Luc (from France)

English Pronunciation and Accent Reduction Lessons with Free Pod Monday August 28th 2017 English Pronunciation Podcast 22- The Vowel / ɔ /Recognizing and Using the Vowel / ɔThis podcast teaches you how to recognize the vowel /ɔ/ by its spelling and offers practice exercises for using this vowel in your everyday speech Read and Listen Share Friday August 25th 2017 English Pronunciation Podcast 21- The Vowel / ɔ / This podcast teaches you how to pronounce / ɔ / correctly with a standard American accent and offers practice expressions, idioms and words that contain the vowel.

Foreign Language Teaching Methods: Vocabulary Hi. My name is Nancy Guilloteau. I am a lecturer in the Dept. of French and Italian. I have been teaching here since 1998, and have been the Language Program Director since 2006. Ejercicios de ingles gratis, english exercises ¿Quieres más Ejercicios de Inglés?. Te ofrecemos otras opciones igualmente gratuitas. · Mensualmente en nuestros Cuadernos de inglés publicamos gratuitamente nuevos ejercicios por nivel (Básico / Intermedio / Avanzado) con las respuestas correctas a cada uno de los mismos. Ejercicios de vocabulario, gramaticales, de comprensión de audio, de tipo Quiz, etc.A demás, se incluyen diferentes actividades que te permitirán practicar y ejercitar tu inglés de manera entretenida.

Learning English - Home Criterios y rúbrica TIGRE para autocontrolar calidad de aportes en discusiones English Conversations - English Conversation for Language Learners Listen to English - learn English! - The podcast website for people learning English English Grammar Online - free exercises, explanations, vocabulary, dictionary and teaching materials