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English as a Second Language Podcast

English as a Second Language Podcast
Hi Dr. Lucy Tse and Dr. Jeff McQuillan, How can I tell you my gratitude? One year ago I was unable to write you. One year ago I was unable to understand a phrase and even less to speak, though I learned English during eight years till I was 19. The first podcast I heard was “Buying a Bicycle #213.” I found it wonderful. Today I thank you: yesterday I passed a job interview in English (Hopefully the man had just one head ) and I surprised myself! I wanted to tell you that we, my family, had planned to settle in Australia, in Perth exactly. And maybe one day if we take some holiday in “Beautiful Los Angeles” we’ll make you a little visit just to say thank you very much Thank you, my friend. Cordially, Luc (from France)

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First Day (or First Week) Activities, Icebreakers, or Introductory Activities for ESL Classes If you are interested in online sites for yourself or your students, you can check out this page: Introducing Your ESL or EFL Students to Online Tutorials and Quizzes .–kas First Day (Week) Activities or Introductory Activities for ESL Classes Shared by Kevin Stoda and many others It is a new school (or college) term and it is time for ESL students and teachers to make new resolutions and preparations for the semester (or school year–for some).

Elementary podcasts Elementary Podcasts are suitable for learners with different levels of English. Here are some ways to make them easier (if you have a lower level of English) or more difficult (if you have a higher level of English). You can choose one or two of these suggestions - you don't have to do all of them! Making it easier Read all the exercises before you listen to the podcast. Look up the words in the exercises that you don't know in a dictionary.

Introduction Articulatory Phonetics – empowering phonetics and phonology through ultrasound and animation Who are the recommended users? This site is recommended for those who are interested in language itself, or in being speech therapists, vocal trainers, language teachers, and communicators, and for the students who are taking the following courses: LING 100 Introduction to Language and LinguisticsLING 101 Languages of the WorldLING 200 Linguistic Theory and Analysis ILING 314 Instrumental Phonetics What are you going to get? You will be able to get …

Dico Reverso Anglais-Frçs To help you learn French, Reverso offers a comprehensive English-French dictionary featuring: a general dictionary of commonly used words and expressions; specialized terms especially useful for people carrying out professional translations from English to French, and French translations of thousands of English words and expressions added by our users. See the latest user contributions to the English-French dictionary and add your own: To add entries to your own vocabulary, become a member of Reverso community or login if you are already a member.It's easy and only takes a few seconds: How to take part:

25 maps that explain the English language by Libby Nelson on March 3, 2015 English is the language of Shakespeare and the language of Chaucer. It's spoken in dozens of countries around the world, from the United States to a tiny island named Tristan da Cunha. Listen to English - learn English! - The podcast website for people learning English This is one of the school meals which Martha Payne photographed for her blog. She had carrot soup, pasta with meat and vegetables and more carrot, and yoghurt. Today we visit Scotland, to find out what a Scottish schoolgirl thinks of her school meals. And because the European Cup Football matches have reached an interesting stage, and poor old England have been knocked out by Italy, this might be a good time to learn a new football expression. Martha Payne is 9 years old. She lives in a small community in Scotland called Lochgilphead.

Portland ESL Instructor Earn More, Work Less TakeLessons includes easy to use online accounts with custom pricing tools, automatic scheduling, and more! Grow Your Business TakeLessons offers a marketplace where new students can book lessons with qualified teachers like you. Teach On The Go Manage your roster, calendar, clients, and more in one place, across all your devices. Free English Reading Comprehension Lesson Plans - Beginner Intermediate and Advanced Free English reading comprehension lesson plans for beginning, intermediate and advanced level of English learning in ESL EFL classes as well as business English classes. Each lesson provides an introduction, step by step teaching guidelines and printable student worksheets. Reading - Identifying Skill RequirementLesson helping students identify different reading types and remind them of different reading skills that they already possess in their native language ESL Reading Lesson - Using Context for Reading LiteracyLesson helping students identify different reading types and remind them of different reading skills that they already possess in their native language Using Reading Comprehension in LessonsIncorporating reading comprehension and dialogues into a lesson plan to help focus on specific grammar or subject areas.

Alice, Chapter 1: Down the Rabbit-Hole Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. Many parents find that Alice is pretty tricky to read out aloud – and for good reason. The voice shifts subtly all the time between Alice and the narrator. ESL News Sites One way to bring global issues into an ESL class is through the use of news and current events. Below, I’ve collected some free, regularly updated sites that offer news in varying degrees of simplified English. Some also offer supplemental activities, including listening exercises, discussion questions and grammar practice.

lesson plan: about jobs The aim of this class is to talk about different jobs and compare authentic job descriptions. The idea for this lesson came to me after stumbling upon this amazing website: I found the idea really interesting and decided to introduce my students to this community. The Task The lesson consists of two parts. In Part 1 students need to watch a YouTube video and fill in the blanks with the words or short phrases they hear (modelled after FCE/ CAE Listening Part 1). After learning about the idea behind Lifetramp they should answer three questions (in pairs / whole group discussion).