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Setting WiFi up via the command line - Raspberry Pi Documentation

Setting WiFi up via the command line - Raspberry Pi Documentation

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How to find out if your PC is compatible with Linux Linux’s hardware support is better than ever, but you still can’t take it for granted. Not every laptop and desktop you see at your local computer store (or, more realistically, on Amazon) will work perfectly with Linux. Whether you’re buying a PC for Linux or just want to ensure you can dual-boot at some point in the future, thinking about this ahead of time will pay off. Give Linux a spin if you already have the hardware If you already have the PC available to you, you probably shouldn’t spend much time researching how compatible it is with Linux. Instead, just give Linux a test run on that PC and see for yourself.

Raspberry Pi raid array with USB HDDs Create a Raspberry Pi raid array with USB HDDs using mdadm Create a Raid 0, or Raid 1 or Raid 5 disk array with a Raspberry Pi 2. Once the Raid array is assembled, you could then create a Network attached files server or mini dna server. Converting a coffee maker into a 3D printer Converting a coffee maker into a 3D printer Arduino Team — February 6th, 2017 Heavy duty coffee makers are good for, well, making coffee. On the other hand, if you were to look at the frame without the preconception of what it can do, you might notice that there is space on top where equipment could be attached, and space on the bottom with a built-in heating pad on which to place an object… in other words, a perfect 3D printer frame! Tropical Labs realized this, and turned the ordinary household appliance into a delta printer with three steppers for motion and another to feed the printing media.

7 Operating Systems You Can Run With Raspberry Pi Who can argue with a $40 computer? Especially one that also forms a good base for electronics projects! I certainly can’t. But the hardware alone is only one side of the story: you still need to run an operating system. Arduino - €12€ The Arduino Mini is a small microcontroller board intended for use on breadboards and when space is at a premiumand. The revision 05 has a new package for the ATmega328 ( datasheet ), which enables all components to be on the top of the board. It also has an onboard reset button.

5 System Rescue Boot Discs based on Windows PE A boot disc is very useful because it can be used to perform troubleshooting tasks on an unbootable computer. Most of the time software that belongs in the category of data recovery, antivirus and hard drive backup/restore provides the option to create a boot disc which is sometimes known as rescue disc. Although these software can run from Windows, they are actually most efficient when run offline from a bootable disc. An example scenario is you’ve accidentally deleted an important file. You can of course install a free data recovery software such as Recuva and attempt to recover the deleted file. However installing it on the computer will face a potential risk of the installed program overwriting the deleted file.

Expect examples and tips Expect is an automation and testing tool used to automate a process that receives interactive commands. If you can connect to any machine using ssh, telnet, ftp, etc then you can automate the process with an expect script. This works even with local programs where you would have to interact with a script or program on the command line. When I first starting using Expect I wanted a short but detailed description on how Expect performed its magic. I had to read the Expect O'Reilly book to gather all of the information I needed, but that was not very short.

Raspberry Pi Zero W: The smart person's guide Since the original $35 Raspberry Pi computer launched in 2012, it has spawned a whole family of low-cost computers. The latest offering is the Raspberry Pi Zero W, a tiny $10 board that adds Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to the cheapest member of the Pi family, the Raspberry Pi Zero. You'll find everything you need to know about the Pi Zero W in this "living" article, which will be updated over time. SEE: All of TechRepublic's smart person's guides What's the Raspberry Pi Zero W? How to Make a Raspberry Pi Media Panel (fka Digital Photo Frame) The goal of this project was to create a low cost Raspberry Pi Media Panel--a nice looking screen that could stand in the living room or attach to the refrigerator with the primary purpose of streaming personal photo and video content full time, but also be able to do some other cool things when show the weather, play a movie, play music, or receive AirPlay content. Read this blog post if you want to learn more about what a media panel is and why you might want one. Success criteria were: -Low cost: a full blown computing device and screen for between $100 and $200 all in -Attractive: meaning my wife finds it aesthetically acceptable for the living room -Light: no more than a few pounds -Thin: no more than an inch thick, including frame -Quick: can be built in a few hours or less -Simple: requiring mainly assembly, versus construction or manufacturing Update: Several people have asked me about an integrated product/service like this that is off-the-shelf.

Grove - Relay [COM22639P] - $2.90 Hi. I want to turn on a 12V Light from this relay. Do I need to have a transistor as well. You can use the Relay separately without other components . Answered by Install Atom Text Editor In Ubuntu Via PPA [32bit + 64bit] Atom is an open source "hackable text editor for the 21st Century" developed by GitHub. Until now, to use Atom in Ubuntu or Linux Mint you'd have to compile it but I like to make things easier for you so I've built it on my computer (Nodejs apps can't be built directly in Launchpad PPAs because they need to install external dependencies and Launchpad doesn't allow that) and uploaded it to a PPA, for Ubuntu and derivatives: Linux Mint, elementary OS, etc. Update: initially, Atom could only be built on 64bit (on Linux), but it's now available for both 32bit and 64bit! Update 2: The Atom devs are now providing Atom 64bit DEB packages @ GitHub.