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Scienze. Numberline. Demo-Geodemo. - Mappe, Popolazione, Statistiche Demografiche dell'ISTAT. Sito e blog per scrivere e pubblicare online poesie, racconti / condividere foto e grafica. Free online speed reading software. Aureoo - Il nuovo network della cultura per le new book societies. Italy Summit: Schedule. Raspberry Pi - Teach, Learn, and Make with Raspberry Pi. The Reedsy Book Editor: A Powerful Writing Tool. Didattica della storia - NEGLI ABISSI DEL TEMPO: LA PREISTORIA (4) Di Lia Ferrero L’uomo venuto dal ghiaccio.

Didattica della storia - NEGLI ABISSI DEL TEMPO: LA PREISTORIA (4)

Mamma ho perso il sito! No problem. - WordPress Italy. Scritto il 12 maggio 2008 da SteveAgl.

Mamma ho perso il sito! No problem. - WordPress Italy

Curso de Excel - Tabla de Contenido. Freestyle Pc for Kids - Computer per bambini. Head Pictures, Model & Anatomy. In addition to housing main parts of the nervous system — the brain and spine — and the start of the digestive system, the head contains many important sensory organs.

Head Pictures, Model & Anatomy

Major sensory organs located in the head include: Ears: The outer, middle, and inner ear are responsible for collecting auditory information. Sound waves travel through the ears and vibrate membranes and tiny bones. Those signals are sent to the brain via the vestibulocochlear nerve. Other than hearing, your inner ears also help you keep your balance.Eyes: Light rays pass through the eye and refract through the vitreous humor, or liquid part of the eye.

Facial expressions, created by muscles that crisscross throughout the head, play a big role in how we express ourselves. The skin of the head is different than skin of other areas of the body. Understand what you read. Why are there so many insects? - Murry Gans. As successful as insects are, they evolved to live on land – not in the oceans.

Why are there so many insects? - Murry Gans

This gives us another way to see just how many insects there are on earth, so grab a scientific calculator. (If you need any help ask a math or science teacher - you will make their day!) Here’s a question for you: The total land area of Earth is approximately 149 million square kilometers (1.49 x 108 km2). SCAMPOLICE GROUP. Database of Scammer SKYPE ID’s. 35 punti per capire tutto sul Piano Nazionale Scuola Digitale. LA DIDATTICA BLENDED: PIATTAFORME E AMBIENTI DI CONDIVISIONE.

A Collection of Project Based Learning End Products. I’m always on the lookout for products created by students through project based learning experiences.

A Collection of Project Based Learning End Products

I'd rather see what students create to express their answer to a driving question than just read a summary of the project. I can find loads project ideas and descriptions online, but it’s much harder to find quality end products by students. I've spent quite some time searching all over the internet for end products. I think these samples can be used as inspiration for your own projects. Cell structure. Cell structure. InstaGrok. Fossil records indicate that this huge fish, one of the first large jawed ___s in the ocean, was an aggressive predator.


[source]australiaairyearvertebrate The pelvic fins of the male are modified for depositing sperm in the ___ of the female. [source]reproductive tractorganismarchaeopteryxskeleton. InstaGrok. Create Vib — Scratch 2.0 Mobile Apps - Download Now! (iOS and Android) - Discuss Scratch. Tried the updated app on my Galaxy S5, cause I didn't have my Nexus 7 with me at the time.

Scratch 2.0 Mobile Apps - Download Now! (iOS and Android) - Discuss Scratch

The view is still zoomed out, so it made it hard to press things.Sprites, backgrounds, and sounds can now be imported.I only got one sound to play (a woman's cough). It probably just takes a long time to load. Once the sound was imported, I couldn't get it to play.Paint editor, for sprites and backgrounds, seems to work now.I think you can import your own sounds, the only sound files I had were .ogg, so it gave me an error and said to try an MP3 or WAV.I couldn't switch between sprites, because every time I tapped on the sprite in the sprite pane, it thought I was dragging it.It was hard to switch between backgrounds and costumes, because it thought I was dragging them.Got a simple “When this sprite clicked”, “say Hello for 2 secs” running.

The zoomed out view seems to be the biggest problem at the moment. It lagged for a while at first, but after, maybe 10 seconds, it ran silky smooth! Resume Creator. Automatic Song Generator - Lyrics. Plot Generator. WordMover. Coding Resources.

33 interesting ways to use mobile phones in th. Make interactive activities for the classroom. Make interactive activities for the classroom. Myly - School App, College app, University app, Fees payment app. Neverware. Typeform. Animali notturni : I pipistrelli. Crittografia para su nube. Newspaper Template, Microsoft Word Newspaper Templates for Kids, Free & Students. Best Presentation Software: 10 PowerPoint Alternatives. Choosing the best presentation software for your needs can mean the difference between closing an important deal and blowing the opportunity of a lifetime.

Best Presentation Software: 10 PowerPoint Alternatives

Think this is an exaggeration? Just remember how many times a badly designed presentation–with slides chock full of text and outdated animation effects–instantly made you think twice about the credibility of the person presenting their product or idea.


Make games. Software libre. La boîte à outils. La boîte à outils. For Kids. Mixeek. The Social Learning Network. Examples and Downloads. H5P makes it easy to create interactive content by providing a range of content types for various needs. Preview and explore these content types below. Examples and Downloads.