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Repair is Noble

Repair is Noble

Wonder How To » Show & Tell for Creators & Doers The Story of Stuff Project The Sustainers The AiR Collection The Sustainers looks at an inspiring and dedicated wave of thinkers, researchers, actors, collaborators and pioneers dealing with sustainability in multiple ways. There is so much going on in the world of artist residencies that is growing and morphing. In order to see what’s there and to understand what’s going on; we dive in the big pool of data on artist residencies and see what we come across related to one specific theme to serve you a collection connecting new and old stories, big and small projects accompanied with interviews and articles related to this theme. These kinds of collections allow for a broad perspective through a specific narrow entrance in this immense world of artist residencies, including useful deadlines, background info and a related side dish in the right column of books and readers. This collection can be seen as a starting point; a place for plural views and stories on this theme. 'Sustainism is the New Modernism ' Pioneers read more Farmers

Canadian Store Deals, Coupons, and Sale Promotions - Films For Action | Watch Over 1100 Free Videos Hand-Picked to Change the World Deep ecology Deep ecology is a contemporary ecological and environmental philosophy characterized by its advocacy of the inherent worth of living beings regardless of their instrumental utility to human needs, and advocacy for a radical restructuring of modern human societies in accordance with such ideas. Deep ecology argues that the natural world is a subtle balance of complex inter-relationships in which the existence of organisms is dependent on the existence of others within ecosystems.[1] Human interference with or destruction of the natural world poses a threat therefore not only to humans but to all organisms constituting the natural order. Deep ecology's core principle is the belief that the living environment as a whole should be respected and regarded as having certain inalienable legal rights to live and flourish, independent of their utilitarian instrumental benefits for human use. Principles[edit] These principles can be refined down into three simple propositions: Development[edit]

Child Support Calculator, Quebec: calculate your basic amounts based on income If you are a parent living in Quebec, by using this Quebec child support calculator you will get an idea of the base amount of child support that might have to be paid on a monthly basis. It is important to note that the number can vary depending on whether both parents live in the province, or if one lives outside the province. To calculate your basic child support amounts in Quebec enter the Income and Number of children, then click the Calculate button: One parent is outside of Quebec Both parents are in Quebec To use this Quebec child support calculator, simply select which of the situations might apply to you, whether one parent lives in Quebec or if both parents live in the province. The Quebec Child Support Guidelines give more specifics related to what the parents are required to claim as income for support purposes, and specifically states what are defined as additional expenses that are considered as allowable.

Trees, Water & People | Helping People and the Planet Canada Tax Calculator - Use this income tax calculator to determine your expected income tax, your marginal tax rate, average tax rate, and disposable income. Include an RRSP contribution and this calculator will provide you with your expected tax savings, and re-calculate the effects of making the RRSP contribution automatically. Assumptions - All tax rates provided by government of Canada website. Tax calculations include federal marginal tax rates, provincial and territorial marginal tax rates, provincial and territorial surtax rates, basic federal exemption, basic provincial and territorial exemption, as well as federal tax abatement for Quebec only. - Always consult a tax professional before making important decisions financial decisions with possible tax implications. Canada Tax Calculator The Canada Tax Calculator has been designed to provide quick and useful information to users, in order to help them make decisions and plan for the future. Income Tax in Canada Income tax in Canada is extremely complex.

Innovations summaries - Our Vision: to create 100 million sustainable jobs by 2020. Don't wait: act now! Feel free to share your experiences and interact with all participants through the mushroom-growing forum. 450 days ago A Network of Farmers, Engineers, and Supporters Building the Global Village Construction Set 494 days ago Urban Farming is a trend in many places – here an example inspired by Blue Economy from the Netherlands 527 days ago Case 2): German newspaper article features Blue Economy innovators! Should we spend billions of dollars for space travel and exploration while we have millions of people on Earth living in poor conditions and a huge number of ecological problems unsolved? 582 days ago The Bhutanese Ministry for Agriculture is carrying out programs to preserve the ecologically reasonable cultivation of buckwheat. 589 days ago Have you ever noticed how many areas there are in the cities which are not used effectively? 611 days ago Who could have imagined, that hot chili leads to an engine of development in agricultural areas? 617 days ago 626 days ago 633 days ago