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Antenna Analyser Project. This VSWR analyser looked interesting from K6BEZ.

Antenna Analyser Project

Certainly simple and low cost and probably just the thing to test the multiband SOTA antennas that I have been putting together lately. Antenna Analyzer. Software Control is done by serial comunications.

Antenna Analyzer

The default Baud-rate is 57600, 8 bit, 1 stop bit, no handshake. Syntax: Make 1. Make. How to build a PMA permanent magnet alternator generator for wind turb – WindGenKits. We have created a series of videos to demonstrate the process: Step 1: Winding the coils and connecting them together.

How to build a PMA permanent magnet alternator generator for wind turb – WindGenKits

Step 2: Casting the coils in resin to make the stator. Step 3: Building the Rotors This layout provides a great starting point for designing your own PMA. Click the image to open the PDF file in a new window: This layout shows the internal coil connections for 3 phase. Ham Radio. When you’re an Architect. Don’t get me wrong.

When you’re an Architect

I absolutely love being an Architect. I’ve been an Architect almost as long as I haven’t been an Architect (don’t try to do the math, please) and at this point I really can’t imagine doing anything else. Actually, I can’t imagine “being” anything else. It’s become more than a profession. It’s become part of the definition of who I am. Calibrated Background Noise Generators. Microcontroller. ASCII code Carriage return, American Standard Code for Information Interchange, The complete ASCII table, characters,letters, vowels with accents, consonants, signs, symbols, numbers carriage, return,ascii,13, ascii art, ascii table, code ascii, ascii cha.

ASCII printablecharacters frequently-used (spanish language) vowels acute accent.

ASCII code Carriage return, American Standard Code for Information Interchange, The complete ASCII table, characters,letters, vowels with accents, consonants, signs, symbols, numbers carriage, return,ascii,13, ascii art, ascii table, code ascii, ascii cha

Geiger Counter - Radiation Sensor Board for Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Difficulty Level: Beginner - Tutorial Index Manifesto Go to index The main finality of the Radiation Sensor Board for Arduino and Raspberry Pi is to help people in Japan to measure the levels of radiation in their everyday life after the unfortunate earthquake and tsunami struck Japan in March 2011 and cause the nuclear radiation leakages in Fukushima.

Geiger Counter - Radiation Sensor Board for Arduino and Raspberry Pi

We want to give the chance to measure by themselves this levels instead of trusting in the general advises which are being broadcasted. Arduino. Learn how to use the Arduino voltage sensor module. Feel Extreme Workbench Envy After Seeing The Tempel. For those of us with space to spare, our workbenches tend to sprawl.

Feel Extreme Workbench Envy After Seeing The Tempel

The others who are more space limited will certainly feel envy at [Love Hultén]’s beautiful Tempel workbench. The workbench appears at first to be a modern interpretation of a secretary’s desk. There are some subtle hints that it is no ordinary piece of furniture. Raspberry Pi. High-Power Control: Arduino + N-Channel MOSFET. Eventually you are going to find yourself holding a 12v solenoid, motor, or light and wondering “How the heck am I supposed to control this from my Arduino?”

High-Power Control: Arduino + N-Channel MOSFET

And we have covered this in the past. Arduino. Raspberry pi/ arduino/ related. Radio. Ham Radio. STM32. Raspberry Pi - Projects 2. Rapsberry pi2. SparkFun Electronics. Getting Started with PlatformIO and ESP8266 NodeMcu. The Arduino editor, while functional, has never been a pinnacle of productivity and usability.

Getting Started with PlatformIO and ESP8266 NodeMcu

PlatformIO has recently been released to bring some much needed improvements to the ecosystem. The IDE is built on top of GitHub's Atom text editor, which provides an excellent extensibility model that the Arduino IDE was sorely missing. Raspberry Pi. Arduino UNO Tutorial 6 - Rotary Encoder. Arduino UNO Tutorial 6 - Rotary Encoder We have written a tutorial for Rotary Encoders using a Microchip microcontroller but now would be a good time to make an Arduino UNO version.

Arduino UNO Tutorial 6 - Rotary Encoder

With a rotary encoder we have two square wave outputs (A and B) which are 90 degrees out of phase with each other. The number of pulses or steps generated per complete turn varies. Getting Started With PCB. Table of Contents This document is a manual for PCB, the interactive printed circuit board layout system. 1 Introduction PCB includes a stand-alone program (called pcb) which allows users to create, edit, and process layouts for printed circuit boards, as well as a library of footprint definitions for commonly needed elements. While originally written for the Atari, and later rewritten for Unix-like environments, it has been ported to other operating systems, such as Linux, MacOS/X, and Windows. How to make a Car - Powered Car - Very Simple.

Geda:gsch2pcb_tutorial [gEDA Project Wiki] Translations of this page are also available in the following languages: Русский. This is a tutorial on the process of using gsch2pcb as an interface between gschem and PCB. It assumes the gEDA, PCB and gsch2pcb packages are already installed and ready to use. Starting with gEDA 20030901, gsch2pcb is packaged with gEDA and doesn't need to be separately installed. This tutorial is functional and intended to generate results as quickly as possible. It is not a complete reference on gschem or PCB, but it does show with a simple example design all the steps one might need to take. The goal is to use gsch2pcb as the bridge between gschem and PCB so that the schematics can always be in sync with the PCB layout because all element additions or deletions in the layout will automatically be driven by changes in the schematics.

See the release notes for the history of this tutorial. Electronique. Arduino. ASCII Characters By Keyboard. A first stab at reproducing Jennifer Kyrnin's massive HTML Special Characterset Guide was added 13 May 2013. (13 May 2013) How to create alternate characters, such as foreign characters, those with diacritical (accent) marks, symbols, etc. [Numbers MUST be keyed on the Numeric Keypad, NOT on the top line of the keyboard.] Garage Door. Using a Thermistor. Connecting to a Thermistor These thermistors are pretty hardy, you can strip the PVC insulation and stick the wires into a breadboard or solder to them directly. Of course you can cut or extend the wires. Since the resistance is pretty high (10Kohm) the wire resistance won't make a huge difference.

Analog Voltage Reading Method. Why subwoofers blow: slam, bang, pop, and sizzle. Electronics and PCB Software. Soldering. Esp8266 with arduino. Home · ktechlab/ktechlab Wiki. Arduino - Projects. Arduino. Arduino-low power. Electronics. Tenma 72-7745. Electronics. Basic Concepts (Electrical Engineering) Using the HC-06 Bluetooth Module. After my first post using a Bluetooth module, things have evolved a bit.

The challenge with these Bluetooth modules is: they look the same, but having different firmware. Arduino/development. How To Use The ACS712 With An Arduino. The ACS712 Current Sensor is a cool little device for making current measurements. Physique. Get C.H.I.P. - The World's First Nine Dollar Computer.

Vinduino water pressure meter - Van der Lee Vineyard. Measuring water pressure in agricultural irrigation systems is standard practice. Projets DIY. ESP8266. Upcycle a Microwave into a Spot Welder. When space is at a premium, you have to choose your tools very strategically. Arduino. Esp8266. Electronic Pherpherals. Arduino. Si5351. Free electronic circuits, and tutorials. Electronics Repair And Technology News. Electronics. A place for the electronic hobbyist.

Xtreme Arduino – Communauté – Google+ The 1 hour LTD Stirling project. Around the side of the ins I used, there is already a line , but I've shown how to mark them in-case your tins don't have a line. The line should be 5 - 10mm from the bottom of the can, the exact size isn't important. Electronics. Mechatronic suppliers. Engineering suppliers. Electronics suppliers. Frequency counter with PIC and 4- to 5-digit LED display.

Frequency counter with PIC and 4- to 5-digit LED display. Frequency counter with PIC and 4- to 5-digit LED display. How to design battery packs, tutorial for Design Engineers. Custom design and manufacture of state-of-the-art battery chargers, battery packs, UPS, and power supplies Why use battery packs? Battery cells are like eggs. Cells come in fixed voltages and capacities. If you need more voltage, you can deal with multiples of the cell voltage.

Balancing Ni-MH Battery Packs. Connecting Your SLA Batteries Together. Solar Power System Design - Battery Bank. Crash Courses in Batteries. s243a added: Secondary (Rechargeable) Batteries. Arduino. Understand 1,700 Mechanical Linkages with these Helpful Animations. Power Supplies - Page 4 of 18. Off-Grid Battery Bank. PIC 18F4550. ARDUINO MPPT SOLAR CHARGE CONTROLLER (Version-3.0) Tiny AVR Programmer Hookup Guide. Building a PIC18F USB device. PIC12F1822 - 8-bit PIC® Microcontrollers. Chicken Jambalaya - Caribbean. PIC 18F4550. 12V AA 2400MAH Ni-MH rechargeable battery pack(10*AA pack) [] : Manufacturer of Vacuum cleaner battery,power tool battery,Battery Grip,high quality replacement battery.

An Earthbag Round House For Less Than $5,000. 100 Terrific Self-Learning Sites to Boost Your Resume During the Recession.