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Chomsky on Inequality. Ohiograndma added: Study Suggests Women Are Bisexual Or Gay, But Almost Never Straight. What turns us on and where we place ourselves on the sexual spectrum is exceedingly personal.

Ohiograndma added: Study Suggests Women Are Bisexual Or Gay, But Almost Never Straight

A new study investigating the existence of this spectrum may prove somewhat controversial, then: It claims that women are almost always gay or bisexual and are almost certainly not straight. The research has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Previous studies using volunteers to investigate the sexual arousal of both men and women have been conducted. Many have suggested that women are, on average, physiologically aroused – as in, showing physical changes in their bodies indicating attraction – to both male and female sexual stimuli.

The same is apparently not true for lesbians as, surprisingly, they are significantly more aroused by their own sex than by the opposite sex. This new study, led by Dr. The subjects were women ranging in age, educational background, and ethnicity. NDP (Alberta Politics) Tfkempo added: Allotropes of iron. Iron-carbon eutectic phase diagram, showing various forms of FexCy substances.

Tfkempo added: Allotropes of iron

Iron allotropes, showing the differences in lattice structure. The alpha iron (α) is a body-centered cubic (BCC) and the gamma iron (γ) is a face-centered cubic (FCC). The phases of iron at atmospheric pressure are important because of the differences in solubility of carbon, forming different types of steel. The high-pressure phases of iron are important as models for the solid parts of planetary cores. The inner core of the Earth is generally assumed to consist essentially of a crystalline iron-nickel alloy with ε structure.[2][3][4] The outer core surrounding the solid inner core is believed to be composed of liquid iron mixed with nickel and trace amounts of lighter elements.

Standard pressure allotropes[edit] Perception. Ralph.romanos added: Download NoSQL Apache Cassandra. What is DataStax Community Edition Apache Cassandra?

Ralph.romanos added: Download NoSQL Apache Cassandra

DataStax Community Edition is a free packaged distribution of Apache Cassandra made available by DataStax. There’s no faster, easier way to get started with Apache Cassandra than to download, install, and use DataStax Community Edition. Brand new to Apache Cassandra and need a tutorial? Get started with the 10 minute walkthrough for developers and administrators. Ohiograndma added: Politics of Conservative Resentment. Despite all the hand-waving about fetal tissue, the multi-week attack on Planned Parenthood is really just about stoking conservative resentment and trying to keep young and low-income women from accessing reproductive health care.

Ohiograndma added: Politics of Conservative Resentment

Animal Rights. Scrolling scores sorted by scale. Backward induction. Backward induction is the process of reasoning backwards in time, from the end of a problem or situation, to determine a sequence of optimal actions.

Backward induction

It proceeds by first considering the last time a decision might be made and choosing what to do in any situation at that time. Using this information, one can then determine what to do at the second-to-last time of decision. This process continues backwards until one has determined the best action for every possible situation (i.e. for every possible information set) at every point in time. Tips, Tools and How-tos for Safer Online Communications. Nicolasbaudet added: Why I’m Not Really Here For Emma Watson’s Feminism Speech At the U.N. - BGD. By Mia McKenzie Actor Emma Watson, of Harry Potter movie fame, is a new Goodwill Ambassador for UN Women and she spoke at the UN on Saturday to launch the HeForShe campaign, which aims to mobilize men to end gender inequality somehow (the campaign doesn’t seem to call men to any particular action of any sort).

Nicolasbaudet added: Why I’m Not Really Here For Emma Watson’s Feminism Speech At the U.N. - BGD

The campaign wants men to make gender equality their issue, too, and Ms. 1412.3835v1. 1506.05938. Math. Hackin9. Jaythree added: Flowing Electrical Energy. Economics Is Too Important to Be Left to Economists. ASTM D4084 - 82 Standards (Lead Acetate Tape Analyzers) Ohiograndma added: War = Profit (Documentary) V03.06 Molecular Spectr. & Separation Science; Surface Analysis.

Underground/Alternative Health Claims

Pathogyns. Preventable Death. ALIMENTATION SAINE ♥ (décroissante et végétarienne) VIANDE et POISSON - l'alimentation taboue ?? The Valhalla Movement. 20 Albums To Begin A Journey into Jazz. This is for you if you want to a journey into listening to jazz more seriously, or if a friend asks you what jazz records they should listen to in order to appreciate it more fully.

20 Albums To Begin A Journey into Jazz

Cannabis Effects. THC (Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) is the chemical in cannabis that makes you stoned.

Cannabis Effects

There can be a huge difference in the amount of THC in the cannabis you buy, sometimes it will be hardly anything, and other times it can go up to 40%. When THC enters your brain it has many effects – it can make you happy, relaxed and giggly. It can also make you feel stressed, paranoid, forgetful and sometimes make you see things that aren’t there. It can also make your heart beat faster and give you red eyes, because it makes your blood vessels open. Isotopes of Hydrogen. Electron bubble. An electron bubble is the empty space created around a free electron in a cryogenic gas or liquid, such as neon or helium.

Electron bubble

They are typically very small, about 2 nm in diameter at atmospheric pressure. Electron bubbles in helium[edit] At room temperature, electrons in noble gasses move about freely, limited only by collisions with the weakly interacting atoms. AlanWattsLectures. Alan Watts - Short Intro 35,901 views 5 months ago This short intro is only for use on my channel.


Next lectures will be complete again.I would like to remind that i don't generate (and never will do) money from Alan Watts his lectures and i'm doing this all free. Mr. Alan Watts - Teaches the Art of Meditation [FULL] Free text search engines. Windows-10-spying-almost-everything-opt-130502898. Windows-10-1 Windows 10 is amazing. Windows 10 is fantastic. Windows 10 is glorious. Windows 10 is faster, smoother and more user-friendly than any Windows operating system that has come before it. Windows 10 is everything Windows 8 should have been, addressing nearly all of the major problems users had with Microsoft’s previous-generation platform in one fell swoop. Image search engines. Factual information. Business resources. 10 Bible Contradictions That Aren't. Religion No matter if you’re Christian, Jewish, Islamic or atheist, we can all agree on one point: the Bible is full of insane tales.

Hidden between the ‘thou shalt nots’ and endless passages on who begat whom are stories of giant sex, rather well endowed Egyptians and holy murderous bears. And, just like Star Wars, the awesomeness within the pages of the Bible leads to plenty of continuity errors. Or does it? Turns out the Bible has more internal consistency than people like to give it credit for, even with famous stuff like:

B-flat Major Compositions with score. Upload Loading... Working... Yaniv Kimelfeld. How to Improve Your Eyesight: 15 Steps. Chemistry. Helium. Phases. Compounds. Down right stupid and absurd. Finally, some justice! The War on Kids. This film is an expose of the war on drugs, and the way federal grants are awarded to local law enforcement based on the number of drug arrests reported.

In turn these police departments prey on some of the most vulnerable members of their communities to keep their number up and the money flowing in. In an undercover sting called "Operation Glass House" police officers infiltrated three Temecula, California high schools, where they attempted to build friendships with students and purchase drugs from them. Not exactly known for its drug scene, Temecula is mentioned to be the second safest city in America. Deputy Daniel Zipperstein, operating undercover as teenager Daniel Briggs, was assigned to Chaparral High School, where he befriended Jesse Snodgrass.

Daniel frequently asked Jesse to hook him up with pot, and eventually Jesse obliged. Inspiring Girls. Display Routing Tables. Statistics. History of chemistry. The 1871 periodic table constructed by Dmitri Mendeleev. The periodic table is one of the most potent icons in science, lying at the core of chemistry and embodying the most fundamental principles of the field. The history of chemistry represents a time span from ancient history to the present. By 1000 BC, civilizations used technologies that would eventually form the basis to the various branches of chemistry. Examples include extracting metals from ores, making pottery and glazes, fermenting beer and wine, extracting chemicals from plants for medicine and perfume, rendering fat into soap, making glass, and making alloys like bronze.

The protoscience of chemistry, alchemy, was unsuccessful in explaining the nature of matter and its transformations. Music Videos with Scores. Getopts. Getopts is a built-in Unix shell command for parsing command-line arguments. It is designed to process command line arguments that follow the POSIX Utility Syntax Guidelines. History[edit] Windows-10-spying-almost-everything-opt-130502898. Corruption. Unjust Justice 2. MetalStep. Usr/local/sbin/dhcpcd (shortcut) Statistics for Hackers. Dhcpcd. Specialist engines. Similarity Search. 16 Searches You Can Run on Wolfram Alpha That Don't Work on Google. How to Build and Tune an Open Source 3D Printer on Linux. The RepRapPro Ormerod is a recent addition to the Reprap line of 3D printers that uses open source software to drive open hardware.

It is difficult to describe the joy of watching an object that you have designed being materialized in front of your eyes. Even more satisfying is watching it print on a machine you built yourself with open source hardware and control with open source software on Linux. A 3D printer creates things by laying down plastic a little bit at a time to build the object up in layers. Phoenix Program. The Program was designed to identify and "neutralize" (via infiltration, capture, counter-terrorism, interrogation, and assassination) the infrastructure of the National Liberation Front of South Vietnam (NLF or Viet Cong).[2][3][4][5] The CIA described it as "a set of programs that sought to attack and destroy the political infrastructure of the Viet Cong".[6] The major two components of the program were Provincial Reconnaissance Units (PRUs) and regional interrogation centers.

Deray mckesson. Marxism. Copyright & Free Speach. Car Repair. SimpleMind for Android™ FAQ. -PHOBIAS, ISLAMO-, XENO-, & -ISM, ANARCH- ,RAC-, SEX-, TERROR- Bernie Sanders Repeatedly Scolded For Attempting To Unionize Debate Moderators. FOOD Scam. Drugs (medicine) The Syrian Refugee Crisis. Vengeant added: Trapwire surveillance system exposed in document leak. Periods. Periods. GC test Method with liquid Column Injection ASTM D7756 - 13. Filtering (todo - powershell) Geography (Team –PHOBIAS, ISLAMO-,XENO-, & -ISM, ANARCH-,RAC-, S. Allen Greenspan (War for Oil) Ohiograndma added: Donald Trump is a totally overrated loser — and the latest Iowa poll proves it. Donald Trump is no longer sitting atop the polls in every state as he’s just lost his lead in the Iowa, which kicks off the presidential nomination process with its February 1 caucuses.

Ben Carson has surged past The Donald in the latest Quinnipiac University poll of Hawkeye state Republicans. Carson leads Trump, 28 percent to 20 percent. Ohiograndma added: Bernie Sanders: We need to “go much further” than Obama and Biden if America is to survive. Ohiograndma added: Top Democrat on Benghazi panel lays waste to the politicized investigation in epic opening statement. Doonarrala added: Internet a-t-il tué la hiérarchie du savoir. Dans le grand public, Internet a semblé souffler un vent de liberté pour certains, car il était devenu possible de publier des textes sans avoir besoin d'un intermédiaire. Si l'on part du principe que les médias tournent en vase clos, ne choisissent pas toujours les bons interlocuteurs (ou experts) et ne représentent qu'une partie de la réflexion qui se fait jour dans la société, c'est une excellente chose.

Ainsi a débuté dans les années 2000 la mode des blogs – forme dont la crédibilité a d'abord souffert de son premier usage comme journal adolescent. La victoire des moteurs de recherche (Google) sur les annuaires au début des années 2000 a marqué le triomphe de ce web mis à plat : des robots cherchent partout au lieu de se référer à une liste amoureusement concoctée par l'intelligence humaine des spécialistes. Notre web est devenu « horizontal » et cette manière même de penser a largement renouvelé les discours sur les organisations, voire sur l’éducation. Shelter (Sustainability & Longevity)

The Aftermath (2015 Canadian Election) Tfkempo added: Chemical weapons in World War I. Chemical weapons in World War I were primarily used to demoralize, injure, and kill entrenched defenders, against whom the indiscriminate and generally slow-moving or static nature of gas clouds would be most effective. The types of weapons employed ranged from disabling chemicals, such as tear gas and the severe mustard gas, to lethal agents like phosgene and chlorine. This chemical warfare was a major component of the first global war and first total war of the 20th century. The killing capacity of gas was limited, with four percent of combat deaths caused by gas. Violent Crime and Terrorism. Davos pusillanimity watch, LGBT rights edition. CHANGER son alimentation (vers végétalisme)

CHANGER son alimentation (vers végétalisme) Violations of the Reasonable Expectation of Privacy. Glogin?mobile=1&URI= Role of Online/Social Media in News. Enriched data.