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Take a second. Let it sink in. The first impression might be disorienting. There are very few interface elements on the screen. Start exploring however, and you'll find out that Mockups is filled with powerful yet only-visible-when-you-need-them features. Getting your ideas out should be effortless. Our sweet spot: the ideation phase Mockups really shines during the early stages of designing a new interface. Mockups is zenware, meaning that it will help you get "in the zone", and stay there. Mockups offers the same speed and rough feel as sketching with pencil, with the advantage of the digital medium: drag & drop to resize and rearrange elements, make changes without starting over, and your work is clear enough that you'll make sense of them later. See what you can build with Mockups Download the samples above, or find more on Mockups To Go, our community-contributed stencils site. Designed for collaboration Your whole team can come together around the right design using Mockups. Two reasons:

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66 Responsive Design for Html5 Css3 Login Form Templates - Now a day’s login forms are frequently found on each and every website and we can often see them in sites like social networks, wordpress, forums and other commercial websites. Login form is the mandatory one for user to avail some access in sites and for that you have to register with those sites by providing some valid info. A website without login form is unimaginable and for most of the sites the first section that clicks on your eyes will be login. Product Management Software Integrations Try Aha! FREE Select by Category Project and issue tracking Wireframing with Balsamiq Mockups [Design Practice] Wireframing is an essential part of the web design process in 2009, but it’s an area where no one tool has yet come to dominate. Talking to other front-end people, there seems to be three basic schools of thought. Many of us stick with the tools we already know best — Fireworks, Illustrator, and Photoshop. No argument that these are good options as they’re cheap and draw on the software skills you’ve taken years to hone. Then there are those who hand draw their beautiful wireframes, often referred to in the industry as show-offs.

Material Honesty on the Web Material honesty—the idea that a substance should be itself, rather than mimic something else—has guided everyone from Ruskin, an art critic, to Charles and Ray Eames, designers of the iconic plywood chair (LCW). By stripping away any coverings and celebrating both its material and its manufacturing process, the chair lays bare exactly what it is: molded plywood. In so doing, it is modern, functional, and timeless—so timeless, in fact, that it’s been continually produced for eighty years. About Us – The Honest Food Company Thanks so much for taking the time out to read our About Us Page! The Honest Food Company is a startup social enterprise based in Auckland, New Zealand, with a focus on employing women who may have found it difficult to enter the workplace (e.g. single mums). Proud to pay a fair living wage! We produce handmade paleo convenience food as a healthier alternative to processed breakfast and snack items, to help nourish your journey, so you can live with more energy and clarity of mind, combined with physical good health and wellbeing. But this is also about YOU!

VirtualBox Images We offer open-source (Linux/Unix) virtual machines (VDIs) for VirtualBox, we install and make them ready-to-use VirtualBox images for you. From here you can download and attach the VDI image to your VirtualBox and use it. We offer images for both architectures 32bit and 64bit, you can download for free for both architectures. At the moment we have plans to offer you 30+ Linux/Unix distributions, we may add more to our list in near future, you can also send us suggestions if we are missing any popular distribution from our list.

How to Make a Green Screen The green screen effect is a type of chroma key. The idea is to create a pure green background which is then replaced with whatever background image you want. This tutorial shows you how to set up a green screen (cheaply if necessary) and how to use it in your video productions. The tutorial includes: 50 Free UI and Web Design Wireframing Kits, Resources and Source Advertisement Planning and communication are two key elements in the development of any successful website or application. And that is exactly what the wireframing process offers: a quick and simple method to plan the layout and a cost-effective, time-saving tool to easily communicate your ideas to others. A wireframe typically has the basic elements of a Web page: header, footer, sidebar, maybe even some generated content, which gives you, your clients and colleagues a simple visually oriented layout that illustrates what the structure of the website will be by the end of the project and that serves as the foundation for any future alterations.

The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss “Everyone’s looking for rules to follow, and the sooner you realize there aren’t any, the better art can be.”– Jerrod Carmichael Jerrod Carmichael is pushing the boundaries of comedy with his groundbreaking work in stand-up, television, and film. Now just 29 years old, what this driven North Carolina native has accomplished is mind-boggling, and 2017 is going to be his biggest year yet. Jerrod stars in the hit NBC series The Carmichael Show, which he also writes and executive produces. The third season of the show premieres in 2017. In March of 2017, Jerrod will star in his second stand-up comedy special on HBO, directed by Bo Burnham.

engineering for a better world TechnologyTalks Taking the fat out of fast food With research highlighting that in the UK, for example, adults allow only 39 minutes to eat per day, it’s no wonder that convenience has been a driving force behind the immense growth in the popularity of ready meals, sauces and snacks. 30 + Latest Free Mobile App UI PSD Designs CSS Author has a passion to help people by sharing the most recent things on the internet related design and development. Today we have come up with a collection of latest free mobileapp UI PSD designs. Learn From The Best,This collection might help you to explore your knowledge of user interface design. You can enhance your skills by closely examining these free PSD UI designs designed by experts in this industry.

Cook your startup Pages Cook_your_startup Babele combines online with offline activities, by holding workshops which combines the Lean Startup best practices with the current trends rooted on peer-to-peer and open innovation. These workshops are called Cook your Startup, and the goal is to create dynamic crowdsourcing sessions in order to help young entrepreneurs perform in the right way the process of idea validation : in a collaborative way. We have organized more than thirty events in ten countries: from France to Italy, Japan, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Belgium, and Czeck Republic.

Cool Tools are a Must-Have for Web Designers Admit it, as a designer you are always looking for cool new tips, tools and tricks to enhance your projects and make your life a little easier. Thankfully, new tools, products, apps and even great user interface kits hit the market almost daily. There are also a host of old favorites out there a well – some you may know about and others that you might think about trying for the first time.

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