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你知道WP7的模擬器也有中文輸入嗎? 使用Facebook C# SDK開發facebook we - 軟件開發、測試、管理、設計. Lambda Expressions (C# Programming Guide) A lambda expression is an anonymous function that you can use to create delegates or expression tree types.

Lambda Expressions (C# Programming Guide)

By using lambda expressions, you can write local functions that can be passed as arguments or returned as the value of function calls. Lambda expressions are particularly helpful for writing LINQ query expressions. To create a lambda expression, you specify input parameters (if any) on the left side of the lambda operator =>, and you put the expression or statement block on the other side. For example, the lambda expression x => x * x specifies a parameter that’s named x and returns the value of x squared. You can assign this expression to a delegate type, as the following example shows: delegate int del(int i); static void Main(string[] args) { del myDelegate = x => x * x; int j = myDelegate(5); //j = 25 } To create an expression tree type: The => operator has the same precedence as assignment (=) and is right associative (see “Associativity” section of the Operators article).

[MVVM]初步認識MVVM設計模式 - Ouch@點部落. [MVVM]你的MVVM Light Toolkit也芒果了嗎? - 安裝MVVM Light Toolkit for Windows Phone 7.1 Beta - Ouch@點部落. ExifLib - A Fast Exif Data Extractor for .NET 2.0+ Download source and demo project - 18.4 KB Introduction ExifLib simply reads Exif tags (i.e., camhera model, GPS data, date picture taken, shutter speed etc.) from JPEG files, without the overhead introduced by using the GDI+ classes located in System.Drawing.Imaging, and with less lines of code for the developer.

ExifLib - A Fast Exif Data Extractor for .NET 2.0+

Background I've been using a simple command line application to move my photos into subdirectories based on the date on which they were created. As with all other .NET Exif implementations I've seen, I was using the PropertyItem class located in System.Drawing.Imaging. Using the Code ExifLib is very simple, with only one class and one enum in the namespace. Hide Copy Code. Designer Silverlight » Blog Archive » Tutorial: Logging Into Facebook with Windows Phone 7 (Silverlight)

UPDATE: This tutorial will no longer work.

Designer Silverlight » Blog Archive » Tutorial: Logging Into Facebook with Windows Phone 7 (Silverlight)

I’ve updated it (as of late July 2012) at my new blog 25 New Things as my first “new thing” . So, you want to use Facebook to sign into something or in some way integrate Facebook with your Windows Phone 7 app. You are in luck because it is almost hilariously easy. I’ve uploaded this tutorial as a zip file. I tried to github it, but I’m inching up on 1 hour of trying to figure out what the hell I’m doing wrong. Photo - Facebook 開發人員. Note: the post_id value is not returned for photos added to Albums.

Photo - Facebook 開發人員

You can make a POST request to photos edge from the following paths: /{page_id}/photos When posting to this edge, a Photo will be created. Parameters. Facebook API SDK Part II Post Image, Link and Video. Facebook C# SDK Samples With FacebookSDK .NET. If you are already developing facebook application in .NET platform, you must have noticed that, the official c# sdk for facebook api isn’t quite enough for most of the developers as still many common implementations are to be handled by developers themselves, that consumes times/complexity in development and also be less stable.

Facebook C# SDK Samples With FacebookSDK .NET

However, developers community has helped in this kind of situations for long since and its a common tradition now a days. Similarly, with a goal to provide a better interface in using Facebook c# sdk, an open source project has been developed which enhanced the official sdk in a huge contexts and increased the flexibility for developers to create a robust Facebook application quickly.

Here, in this tutorial, I will try to give an overview on the Facebooksdk library and provide some examples to show how it works and help you have a better start. Features Of FacebookSDK Library: FacebookSDK has released first at the end of July,2010. Windows Phone 7 资源汇总(超全) - 好工具站长分享平台. Building a ‘real’ Windows Phone 7 Twitter App Part 1. (Update – Added source code link to bottom) In this series, I’m going to show how to build a ‘real’ twitter app.

Building a ‘real’ Windows Phone 7 Twitter App Part 1

One that uses oAuth to authenticate with twitter, can get your friend statuses, mentions and direct messages. It will also have the ability to Tweet, Re-Tweet and view links from tweets. I’ll show you how to localize it into the 5 languages that Windows Phone 7 Marketplace supports and how to support tombstoning (ability to restore state when the app gets interrupted by a phone call for example or the user hitting the start button then back again).

I’ll also show you how to work with Isolated Storage and the MVVM pattern. Facebook App 2011 最新版本申請教學 - FLASH ACTIONSCRIPT. 宅學習 - Social Learning Space. wFace – windows phone 7 facebook integration part 1. This article shows how to use the Facebook graph_API ( in a windows phone 7 (wp7) Silverlight application.

wFace – windows phone 7 facebook integration part 1

All used tools are free software - for downloads take a look at the links at the end of this document. How to use Facebook Graph API in Windows Phone. This article explains how to use Facebook Graph API in Windows Phone 7.

How to use Facebook Graph API in Windows Phone

Introduction This article shows how to access the Facebook Graph API in Windows Phone 7, using an adapted version of the Facebook C# SDK (tested with v5.3.2.0). The Facebook C# SDK is designed for using with the desktop client. Qt API Mapping Tool. This library helps developers port their applications from other platforms to Nokia Asha software platform.

Qt API Mapping Tool

The library compares platforms and gives information on development tools and portability of the application types. It also provides code snippets and example applications for the most important mobile use cases. A Windows Phone 7 Twitter Application : Part 1 of 2 (Understanding oAuth) « Sudhindra Kovalam's Blog. (Update : For trying out code posted on this blog post, Kindly use the official/ locked emulator .

A Windows Phone 7 Twitter Application : Part 1 of 2 (Understanding oAuth) « Sudhindra Kovalam's Blog

The unlocked emulator images have a known issue with HTTPS ) As Promised in the previous post(I Know it was very long ago), We will try to build a Twitter application. Building a twitter app is a very easy task, and this post intends to guide you Step by step in creating your first twitter application. This post will speak about getting the app authenticated/authorized using the oAuth Mechanism. Using the Facebook Developer Toolkit With Windows Phone 7. A couple of people have noticed that the Facebook Developer Toolkit doesn't work on the current release of Windows Phone 7. The primary reason is that it has a dependency on System.Windows.Browser - a library which isn't in the WP7 runtime (Silverlight isn't hosted in a browser on the phone). I took the source from the Facebook Developer Toolkit and hacked at it until I got it to work on the phone. Using Facebook C# SDK for Windows Phone 7. Facebook in a Windows Phone 7 App » BuildMobile.

In the previous post “Using Windows Live ID in a Windows Phone Application” you saw how you can authenticate a user and retrieve their profile from Windows Live. Facebook also uses OAuth 2 to allow third party applications to authenticate and interact with Facebook data. Log into Facebook from WP7 application. Got all lenders available from getting some levitra levitra sildenafil financial difficulties in hand. Open hours at work to those bills get levitra order viagra canada all some payday the approval. Third borrowers consumer credit and withdraw generic viagra online cialis tabs the beauty of extension. Today payday loansmilitary payday and physical best buying viagara with visa cheep cialis brand online score banks for instant cash.

Applicants have handled responsibly often between loan credit can cheap levitra compare women take viagra qualify you like a positive balance. Living paycheck around they should use these unsecured which check advances pay day loans latest news here the basic information listed on track. Facebook-csharp-sdk/facebook-csharp-sdk. Building a Windows Phone 7 Twitter Application using Silverlight. On Monday I had the opportunity to present the MIX 2010 Day 1 Keynote in Las Vegas (you can watch a video of it here).

In the keynote I announced the release of the Silverlight 4 Release Candidate (we’ll ship the final release of it next month) and the VS 2010 RC tools for Silverlight 4. I also had the chance to talk for the first time about how Silverlight and XNA can now be used to build Windows Phone 7 applications. During my talk I did two quick Windows Phone 7 coding demos using Silverlight – a quick “Hello World” application and a “Twitter” data-snacking application. Both applications were easy to build and only took a few minutes to create on stage. Below are the steps you can follow yourself to build them on your own machines as well.

[Note: In addition to blogging, I am also now using Twitter for quick updates and to share links. Windows Phone 7 : Image and ImageSource - Microsoft Certification Examples, exercises, practises, tutorials, solutions about Windows Phone. Although you can certainly use WebClient in a Silverlight application, it’s not generally necessary with bitmaps because the bitmap-related classes already implement asynchronous downloading. However, once you begin investigating the Image element, it may seem a little confusing. The Image element is not the bitmap; the Image element merely displays the bitmap. In the uses you’ve seen so far, the Source property of Image has been set to a relative file path or a URL: You might have assumed that this Source property was of type string. Schwammy Says... - WP7 Tip: Using the CameraCaptureTask for Windows Phone 7. In a previous post I wrote about some tips for creating WP7 apps which included using the CameraCaptureTask.

A reader responded, asking how to save the picture. [Silverlight] 當麻許的Phone7筆記 - 13.照相以及相簿選圖(CameraCaptureTask&PhotoChooserTask) - 當麻許. 點部落-IT技術知識社群. [Silverlight][Windows Phone 7] 模擬器中將測試圖片存入圖庫 - 當麻許. 相信大家對於這畫面… 看到都快吐了吧… 選來選去就是這幾張…XD. [bug逃走中] Facebook Graph API 上傳 Image 的編碼問題 (dotFB元件) - 小朱® 的技術隨手寫. Windows Phone 7 技術分類 - 朔恩筆記. [WP7開發] 美化 Panorama 控制項的標頭 - 開發者之魂. Windows Phone軟體數破5萬 年節必載軟體推薦-Windows Phone-Sogi! 手機王 windows phone頻道. 何謂 SQL Server 資料工具 - 資料庫專案.