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iPad-Phone Music

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TheSoundTestRoom - iOS and Odds and Ends. Film and Game Composer - Issue Archive. Here is where you are able to find the older issues of FG Composer Magazine.

Film and Game Composer - Issue Archive

Issue 1 - February 2014 In this issue you will find reviews for The Last of Us Deadly Premonition ChordPolyPad and much more. Click to read the pdf version now or save it and read it later! Issue 2 - March 2014 Gravity The Legend of Zelda Caustic 3. Sugar Bytes Egoist Videos. Glitchbreaks Manual. Glitchbreaks is an iOS Universal manipulation tool for “Glitching” breakbeats.

Glitchbreaks Manual

Glitchbreaks uses four audio channels setup like mute groups. You can quickly switch between them to construct new beats, or manipulate loop points to “Cut” or “Glitch” the breaks. Menu Bar Icons Play This button starts playing the currently selected sound. Momupro - Mobile Music Production. iSyn Poly - Electronic Music Studio. Latest News: New version 1.1 in AppStore !

iSyn Poly - Electronic Music Studio

Click here to download PDF Manual... Click here to view Manual online... Home. SampleWiz - Wizdom Music. Listen...Record...Create...

SampleWiz - Wizdom Music

In creating SampleWiz, we wanted to create something that would appeal to the sonic explorer in all of us. Creating a sampler for the iOS devices was a great opportunity for us to push the boundaries of what normally happens on a sampling instrument. From being able to do things like play a selection of my signature sounds on the SW keyboard (JR Lead anyone?)

, all the way to interacting with sound by playing directly on the waveform screen, our mission was to blow your mind, put a smile on your face and expand your creativity. La référence de la création musicale sur iPad. Tous les conseils pour utiliser au mieux votre iPad. Music App Blog - Music app reviews, news and tutorials for the mobile music producer. Cube Synth. Click here to download PDF Manual...

Cube Synth

Click here to view Manual online... Cube Synth for iPad Cube Synth is a groundbreaking new iPad synthesizer giving you the power and flexibility of additive synthesis together with easy editing and morphing capabilities. Macro parametersallow you to control this beast with unequalled ease. Intelligent sound morphing capabilities enables you to easily create complex evolving sound scapes, vocal phrases or stunning rhythms simply by choosing up to four sound sources from a predefined set. Cube Synth gives you also a new method of getting randomly generated sound patches in a way you never experienced before: roll the dice! Demo video. Tabletop app tutorial by Epic Tutorials – iPad Music. Check out this Retronyms Tabletop 30 minutes long tutorial made by Epic Tutorials (I can highly recommend this site if you are interested in music/video/photo app tutorials) Tabletop’s app idea is to make modular studio where you can connect different virtual devices – synths, effects, mixers etc with virtual wires.

Tabletop app tutorial by Epic Tutorials – iPad Music

It is free but comes with IAPs for virtual devices. PS I like the idea behind the Tabletop app but it is rather strange for a serious music app these days not to support Audiobus. by 175 users. Pulse Code. Modular, the ultimate synthesizer that will revolutionize your sound.

Pulse Code

Modular looks, acts, and sounds like a hardware modular synthesizer to give you features that musicians want such as pulse width modulation, oscillator sync, 4 pole ladder filters, and 1v/oct filter tracking. Traditional modular systems are expensive and out of reach for the average artist. Modular is here to bridge that gap and allow everyone the opportunity to use these powerful synthesizers. 100+ Top Apps Similar To TANSU Synth (iPhone/iPad.

Because you searched for iphone free step sequencer games, iphone free export audio games, download low frequency games, iphone free music creation apps, song files games, unique music games, copy and paste games, iphone free key keyboard games, android file sharing apps, music making apps, android market get songs games, ipad free make music games, iphone making music apps, free sound design apps, iphone free musical instrument games, games for kids, iphone audio feature games, breath control apps, iphone free full songs apps, input mode apps, iphone interesting sound apps, iphone midi control games, iphone free new way to play games, android free audio samples apps, creation tool games, download iphone free dance floor games - "SpaceLab is a monophonic synthesizer.

100+ Top Apps Similar To TANSU Synth (iPhone/iPad

It has four ways to play: keyboard, graph, guitar, and wind controller. Underneath those interfaces is a fully pr... - "Nanoloop combines sequencer, synthesizer and sampler in one package. . #10. . #12. Cubasis  ReBirth for iPad and iPhone - Song Archive. ReBirth for iPad and iPhone. ReBirth for iPad v1.3. ReBirth is Propellerhead Software's legendary Techno Composer, which faithfully emulates dance music's three backbone devices: The Roland TB-303 Bass synth and the Roland TR-808 and 909 drum machines.

ReBirth for iPad v1.3

The added effects and fully featured pattern sequencers definitely provide enough scope to create a wide range of sounds and complete songs with full automation of all parameters. The effects are distortion, a compressor, a pattern controlled filter, and delay as a send effect. These four effects are a very useful combination, especially with fully automated controls, and specifically chosen to perform well with these classic Roland machines. Cubasis  Different Drummer. Our Esteemed Customers Say It Best: Superba by Capitan Totti (IT) ★★★★★ The most intriguing and deep app in the store.

Different Drummer

A Must for all musicians. (translated) Tips, Technique & Tuition. Music Gear, Equipment, Tuition & Review Videos. Different Drummer v1.02. Different Drummer is a very unique and new method for creating interesting rhythmic patterns. It is solely aimed at professional musicians who are looking for something new to inspire their creative process. It does have a big price tag for the app market, but after using it for a while I can tell you that it simply goes further than any other drum machine and gives results that I've never achieved before. I've used it for both drum patterns and synth parts, creating patterns that were beyond my expectations and imagination. This may seem too good to be true, but it's easier to appreciate when you understand the concept behind it. The real power of this machine is based on wave shaping using additive synthesis, combining the fundamental frequency with other partials to create a more complex wave shape.

Review by Nick Trass Different Drummer What's new in the vercion 2.3.1 What's new in the vercion 2.3.0. Computer Music 195 - FL STUDIO 11: The CM Guide - October 2013. APPLE NEWSSTAND (iPad/iPhone)GOOGLE PLAY (Android, Chrome for PC/Mac)ZINIO (PC, Mac, Android,iPad)PRINT EDITION All editions INCLUDE software, samples, video and more – see downloads FAQ. Master the new features of FL Studio 11, become a power user and discover why this is the world's favourite DAW in our huge guide. You'll learn about: Making a modern kick drum in BassdrumCustom control layouts in Control SurfaceMaking an effects chain in patcherAdjusting audio timing with Newtone's Warp editorPlaying a track live with Performance ModeDesigning aggressive synth bass using GMS.

Computer Music Magazine. One-Chord Keyboard. Manual. Mapping Tonal Harmony. Teach and learn Chord Functions in any key. Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro is an incredible tool for songwriters, composers, students and teachers. From Jazz & Classical to Pop, Rock & New Age music, this app will take your writing and understanding of tonal music to the next level. Learn how to use chords and interpret their harmonic functions. Use the app as a harmonic ear training tool. There is also an optional collection of seven Workbooks for the app. One-Chord Keyboard.

Snowflake. Sunsine Audio presents 64 100% Original and Royalty Free presets for Arctic Keys, the virtual analog synth for iPhone and iPad. Utilizing all the features of the instrument these presets deliver everything you need to start making tunes now! From heavy-weight basses to cutting leads and heavenly, angelic pads. We even threw in some drum hits!

Arctic Keys truly delivers sound comparable to a hardware synthesizer. With a high degree of precision and quality sadly lacking in many iOS releases, it raises the bar. Logiciel de musique pour iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad. Chordbot v2.0.5. Today a big lack on our website has been resolved... I'm sure that most of you already know Chordbot... So, for the others, here is my review: Chorbot is a Must Have App! A Killer smart App! The best in its category! CASSINI Polyphonic Synthesizer (CASSINI Synth for iPad) 3 OSCs + 2 Filters + AMP + 9 EGs + 6 LFOs + 3band EQ + Saturator + 2 Delays + Arpeggiator. Free Guitar Chords, Guitar Scales & more. Eurypharynx. This is a Virtual Analog Synthesizer duplicating Analog Synthesizer. 4-Voice Polyphonic Synthesizer.

Price: $1.99 Category: Music Released: Dec 15, 2012 Version: 1.1 Size: 10.2 MB Language: English Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 5.1 or later. Support: Version information Version 1.1. Eurypharynx v1.0. I don’t use to talk about the price of an App in my review... MUZA - Home. Muza v1.1.1. The UI of Muza is just Splendid! Muza is a musical instrument and MIDI controller. Discovering Reason - Thor 1: The Analogue Oscillator. Music App News, Reviews & Tutorials. iOS music tools.