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Workout challenge, Exercise and Morning workouts. The Art of Living. When diet is wrong medicine is of no use.When diet is correct medicine is of no need.

The Art of Living

~Ayurvedic Proverb ‘Isn’t it enough just to practice the Yoga asanas/ poses, do I have to regulate my food?’ Wonder many. In itself, practicing Yoga asanas is one of the most beneficial regimes, but when complemented with the healthy food habits, it can really create wonders. Yoga - Yoga how to « Wonder How To. Yogapoint: Yoga Vidya Gurukul (University) - Cleansing Techniques. Cleansing Processes (Shatkarmas) - Hatha Yoga Hatha Yoga describes Shatkarmas (six processes) in details for Body purification and mind purification.

Yogapoint: Yoga Vidya Gurukul (University) - Cleansing Techniques

Various asanas (Yoga Positions), six shatkarmas, mudras & bandhas (psychic knots or psycho-physiological energy release techniques) and Pranayama are described in old ancient sanskrit texts of Hatha Yoga (Hatha Yoga Pradipika and Gherandasamhita). Yoga has considered internal purification of the human body in depth. YANTRA YOGA The Tibetan Yoga of Movement. Being Joyful Like A Child. There is one thing that everybody is seeking for, and that is happiness.

Being Joyful Like A Child

It is not that people don’t find, they do find happiness but it doesn’t last too long. It is momentary; for couple of hours, or one or two days. But the tendency of the spirit is to find everlasting happiness; happiness that doesn’t turn bitter. Yoga to remove toxins from body. Tummo - Nangten Menlang International. Tummo is our wisdom fire.

Tummo - Nangten Menlang International

We naturally have this warmth within us in the area below the navel chakra, but we are not usually aware of it and we do not use it. When we develop proper concentration and begin to work with our inner fire, we can completely transform ourselves. Using visualization, breath techniques and movement, we connect to our inner fire and generate it greater and greater.

We work with our breath, bringing it to a higher level, and this changes our blood. This warm blood in turn affects our hormones. On a physical level, the inner fire is responsible for the temperature of our body—the heat of digestion and metabolism, the heat that powers chemical reactions and builds hormones. As the flame grows, starting from below the navel and rising higher and higher, it softly penetrates each of the main chakras, spreading to all the branches and every pore of our body. The chakras are secret doors to our being. Tulku Lobsang has a very special connection to Tummo. Lu Jong - The Five Elements Exercises. Lu Jong is a series of exercises, which are made from body movements mixed with rhythmic breathing.

Lu Jong - The Five Elements Exercises

Lu Jong comes from ancient Tibetan tradition of healing body movements. These exercises are developed by monks from Bon tradition in Himalayan mountains and has been transmitted directly from Master to student, to this present day, primarily by means of oral teachings. This is a simple practice that can be done by people of all ages and physical abilities. It requires no particular background or beliefs. Yet, this simple practice can surely change your life. Lu Jong meaning: ‘Lu’ means body in Tibetan and ‘Jong’ means transformation, training or practice. Movement and breathing Lu-Jong combines movement with form and breathing. Similar to acupressure, these exercises releases pressure in certain parts of the body and clears the mind.

The movements of the 5 elements They represent the earliest moves from the Tibetan Yoga. Lu Jong benefits: 5 Natural Ways to Relieve Lymphatic Congestion. I’ve had a sore throat on and off for almost a year, and the glands in my neck and under my jaw are often swollen.

5 Natural Ways to Relieve Lymphatic Congestion

My doctor has ruled out allergies and more serious causes, so I’m wondering if ramping up my yoga practice will do any good? The short answer is yes, because the symptoms you describe point to what’s called lymphatic congestion, a condition in which the lymphatic system fails to drain properly, allowing toxins and cellular waste products to accumulate in the body. What is Bikram Yoga ? Bikram Yoga is the 26 Postures Sequence selected and developed by Bikram Choudhury from Hatha Yoga.

What is Bikram Yoga ?

Bikram Yoga’s goal is toward general wellness. Bikram Yoga is performed in the heated studios that facilitates deeper stretching and injury prevention, while reducing stress and tension. It is also often called as hot yoga. Bikram system stimulates and restores health to every muscle, joint, and organ of the body. Sequencing Standing Asanas. Step-by-Step Instructions for Asanas. Yoga: PRANAYAMA. The Pranayama is the central part of patanjalis astanga yoga system.


The pranayama is derived from two Sanskrit words ‘Prana’ and ‘ayama’, .Where ‘prana’ means Energy ‘ayama’ means elongation. So the word meaning of pranayama is Elongation of pranic energy. Where as great Yogi Patanjali defines Pranayama as. Shatkarma - The Six purification Methods in Hatha Yoga. Yoga for a strong lower back.

Yoga for good digestion. Yoga For Glowing Skin. Hatha Yoga for Neck and Shoulder Health - 57 minutes Pain Discomfort Stress Relief. Dharana: The Sixth Limb of Yoga. Too often we get caught up in the busyness of our lives and lose sight of our life’s purpose.

Dharana: The Sixth Limb of Yoga

The last three limbs of yoga are known as samyama, the pathway to the true light of knowledge. Dharana is the sixth limb of yoga and the essence means “one-pointed attention,” teaching us how to focus our attention on the present moment. The Power of Focus. Better Back And Knees With Yoga Video. Learn to breathe correctly. Yoga Breathing Exercise to Increase Energy and Treat Depression and SAD. Yoga: ASANA (POSTURE) Notes: 1.


Do not try to practice the following postures with out teachers advice, always yoga has to learn under a teacher. 2. The Psoas: Muscle of The Soul. I was delighted when I first came across Liz Koch’s amazing work because it confirmed much of what I’d been intuiting on my own. I had begun to open and close my yoga practise with hip opening poses with the specific intention of releasing tension in my psoas and hip flexors. I’d breathe and imagine tension flowing out of constricted muscles to be released as energy into the torso. It worked, I’d feel my body soften yet somehow grow stronger. Most Powerful Yoga Breathing Exercise (Pranayama) Yoga Postures over 100 yoga positions pics of each asana yoga pose.

Befuddled, Exhausted or Unwell? Transform Your Life For the Better With the Power of Energetic Yoga. 1st September 2015 By Carolanne Wright Contributing Writer for Wake Up World Whether you’re an old hand at yoga or new to the game, everyone can benefit from a unique form of the practice: Energy Medicine Yoga. Developed by Lauren Walker, the program utilizes familiar stretches, but with a twist.

Save Your Neck in Cobra & Upward-Facing Dog Video. How Yoga Changes The Way Your Brain Perceives Chronic Pain. Chronic pain is a condition that effects a staggering 100 million Americans. Unlike acute pain which serves the function of signaling an imbalance or injury within the body, chronic pain lasts beyond the usual healing period to form a persistent and perhaps debilitating sensation within the nervous system.

Surpassing the definition of a symptom, chronic pain manifests as a multi-dimensional disease that harbors not only physical symptoms, but causes distress on mental and emotional planes also. It may emerge physically in the form of headaches, joint pain, backache, generalized muscle or nerve pain, among others. Often times it is a result of an initial trauma or injury, however for some sufferers there is no distinct past bodily damage that catalyzes the ongoing, resilient pain. Benefits of Yoga Breathing: Types of Yoga. Yoga Breathing Exercises Benefits of Yoga Breathing There are several benefits of yoga.

Perhaps one of the most important benefits of yoga is the peace of mind one gets after practicing it. Yoga Basics Page 1. What are Yoga Basics? If you are new to yoga, you might wish to learn some yoga basics, before embarking on practice. In this article, we reveal useful yoga basics which will help you get a good grounding before you start practicing the poses. Definition Yoga can be defined as the union of body, mind and inner spirit. The word yoga is a Sanskrit word and it means merger or union. Sage Patanjali from India is said to have founded yoga and is considered as the father of yoga. Yoga Basics. Untitled. 31 Days of Yoga Basics. I am thrilled to be partnering with The Nester’s 31 Days 2014 challenge for 31 Days of Yoga Basics!

I started practicing yoga in 2000 with a Rodney Yee and Patricia Walden yoga video. In my den, with nobody watching. I was fresh out of college, had just started a new, “real” job, and was looking for a little stress-relief and maybe the chance to try to touch my toes. I loved it so much, I did it every morning and night. Guess what? It took me two years to summon the courage to walk into an actual studio. This series will equip you with the confidence and tools you need to walk into a yoga class setting.

Yoga Basics. Basic Yoga Session - Yoga Exercise and Pose. 01 Basic Yoga Workout for Dummies Part 1. Yoga for Beginners - Basic Movements, Positions, Easy Asana. Basic Movements (click below mentioned links for more details) Preparatory Movements (click here for more details) Yoga Basic Movements These movements are very useful to beginners, who want to start doing yoga but don't have any experience of yoga or any other exercise. There are several joints in our body, which needs lubrication and movements. Benifits As your body relaxes all your muscles also relax except those muscles, which are used in the movements, so one can easily concentrate on the movement / particular muscle (effort).

Aged and persons having diseases also can do these movements without much strain. Prerequisites for Yoga Below 12 years of age Yoga postures should not be practiced for long duration and asanas are to be maintained for very short duration. Every day you should practice Yoga for at least 30 to 45 minutes to get maximum results. The best suited time to practice is early morning hours, but it can be practiced in the afternoon after following food restrictions. Aim - Yoga for Beginners: Poses, Sequences and Tips. Recently Added in Yoga for Beginners 3 Ways to Make Chaturanga Work Better for Your Body Ever feel like your body just doesn’t make that shape? Erin Motz (aka the Bad Yogi) has three ideas to help you rock Chaturanga.

The Poses Never End! Yoga Poses & Improve Digestion.