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Blue light has a dark side. Exposure to blue light at night, emitted by electronics and energy-efficient lightbulbs, harmful to your health.

Blue light has a dark side

Until the advent of artificial lighting, the sun was the major source of lighting, and people spent their evenings in (relative) darkness. Now, in much of the world, evenings are illuminated, and we take our easy access to all those lumens pretty much for granted. But we may be paying a price for basking in all that light. At night, light throws the body's biological clock—the circadian rhythm—out of whack. Sleep suffers. But not all colors of light have the same effect. Daily rhythms influenced by light Everyone has slightly different circadian rhythms, but the average length is 24 and one-quarter hours. The health risks of nighttime light Study after study has linked working the night shift and exposure to light at night to several types of cancer (breast, prostate), diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. What Doesn’t Kill Us: Why Your Body Needs Freezing Water, Extreme Altitude & Environmental...

Probiotic Enemas, Digestive Enzyme Myths, Breathing 10 Kilograms of Oxygen, Low-Protein Diets &... Why You Should Have a Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp in Every Room of Your House. Donna Eden: The Energy Medicine Kit. (Video) Are You Meditating? You might start after this video! - NeuroCog News. Wim Hof exercises - Wim Hof, The Iceman - Innerfire. The Wim Hof Method is similar to Tummo (inner heat) Meditation and Pranayama (yogic breathing).

Wim Hof exercises - Wim Hof, The Iceman - Innerfire

Yet it is something else entirely. While Wim has read a lot of books on yoga and meditation for many years, this technique primordially comes from what he terms ‘cold hard nature’. By subjecting himself to the bitter conditions of nature, he learned to withstand the extreme forces of cold, heat and fear. Whole Greens vs. Green Juices vs. Green Powders w/ John Kohler.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) - Emotional Health. Building a healthy immune system. Top 5 Biohacks To Upgrade Your life in 30 days. Why green juice is better than water. (NaturalHealth365) When we search for life on another planet, what we are actually looking for is water.

Why green juice is better than water

If there is life anywhere “out-there”, there must be water. No water, no life – it’s that simple and yet, that profound. Viewzone: Breathing Right! By Lee Frank for

Viewzone: Breathing Right!

6 Ways to Instantly Stimulate Your Vagus Nerve to Relieve Inflammation, Depression, Migraines And More. This post first appeared on Darou Wellness.

6 Ways to Instantly Stimulate Your Vagus Nerve to Relieve Inflammation, Depression, Migraines And More

Go check out their amazingly informative blog about all things health related with advice from some of the leading Naturopathic Doctors in North America. I read an article yesterday that has me extremely excited about the implications. The article is called “Hacking the Nervous System” by Gaia Vince ( In the article, the author describes the experience of a woman who suffered from severe, debilitating rheumatoid arthritis and her eventual treatment with a device which minimized inflammation by simply stimulating the vagus nerve.

What this means, is that by activating the vagus nerve which works through the parasympathetic nervous system, we can greatly influence inflammation and the immune system. The role of the brain on body inflammation can be profound. Deep Sleep. Glutathione, Methylation & Nutrition w/ Dr. Russell Jaffe. Dr. James Oschman: Earthing Can Do Wonders to Your Health. By Dr.

Dr. James Oschman: Earthing Can Do Wonders to Your Health

Mercola Dr. James Oschman is an expert in the field of energy medicine, with a Bachelor's Degree in Biophysics and a PhD in Biology from the University of Pittsburgh. Your Immortal Brain - Mastering the Art of Observation. Toxic alert: 5 foods you should never heat or reheat. (NaturalHealth365) Leftovers for dinner is just a way of life these days.

Toxic alert: 5 foods you should never heat or reheat

But, can these meals ever be toxic? 12 Foods That Should NEVER Be On Your Plate. Photo credit: Our world is so much different than in our grandparent’s time.

12 Foods That Should NEVER Be On Your Plate

Our grandparents might not even recognize most of the so-called food we have on our plates. Our great grandparents certainly wouldn’t. Many of the things we call food are not real food, but nothing more than processed chemicals and artificial colors with no real nutritional benefit for the human body. Although food manufacturers will tell you that there is no real harm in their foods, this is absolutely not true. DIY Foot Reflexology: 7 Pressure Points To Reduce Stress & Boost Metabolism - Tiptop Home Remedies. You maybe don’t know, but there are thousands of nerve endings on human feet.

DIY Foot Reflexology: 7 Pressure Points To Reduce Stress & Boost Metabolism - Tiptop Home Remedies

Can you imagine that massaging certain points on your feet can help you not only to relax, but also to improve your whole body work? By pressing certain points, you can connect to your hypothalamus, thyroid and other organs. It only takes a few minutes, massage your feet with your big finger and index finger and enjoy yourself. It’s an interesting procedure that will bring you into a state of bliss. Parts of the foot that are linked with the organs of our body: Evolution & Holistic Health: Mind Body Universe are One. Nutrition Diet Exercise Medicine Drugs Alternative Healing. Hi Everyone, We are collecting research articles and information on complementary & alternative medicines (CAM) and also western mainstream medicine.

Evolution & Holistic Health: Mind Body Universe are One. Nutrition Diet Exercise Medicine Drugs Alternative Healing

Our purpose is to provide quality information so people can make informed choices. There is good and bad of both sides (we try to be impartial!). BEST WAY TO QUICKLY REBUILD YOU GUT FLORA AFTER THE RAVAGES OF ANTIBIOTICS!! Top 10 Foods to Help You Naturally Detox from Radiation. Photo credit: You might be reading this article and thinking that it would really only apply if there was another nuclear war or if you were somehow accidentally exposed to radiation. But did you know that radiation fallout is actually all around you? 8 Brocades of Qigong.

10 Amazing Superfoods - Harnessing Nature's Healing Potential. By Maxwell Honey. How to Exercise While Being on the Internet. Spending eight hours per day or more at your computer and watching television at night leads to a sedentary lifestyle and serious health issues. The World Health Organization attributes a variety of ailments to physical inactivity, such as cardiovascular diseases, obesity, diabetes, depression and more. In addition to exercising for 30 minutes or more daily, try other exercises you can do at your desk or a standing workstation while spending time on the Internet. Items you will need Balance ball. Top 7 Houseplants for Clean Air and a Restful Sleep. 4th November 2015 By Carolanne Wright Contributing Writer for Wake Up World If you’re weary of tossing and turning, unable to sleep at night, a NASA study might just help deliver sweet dreams.

The agency wasn’t researching some newfangled technology, instead it was studying plants — namely, those that dramatically purify indoor air. As an added perk, one plant also releases substantial levels of oxygen in the evening, which enhances restful sleep. A Simple Trick Removes Pesticides from Your Vegetables & Fruits. Do This Exercise Without Movement To Tighten Every Muscle. Dan Nelson Wayback Water The End of Dehydration. The Grandmother of All Antioxidants. Fermentation; How To Get Healthy Bacteria To Your System. Natural Health Zone 8 Nutritional Powerhouses You Can Add To Your Water To Support Digestion, Hydration and Cleansing - Natural Health Zone. How to Undo the Damage of Sitting - 7 Simple Exercises.

Question: What Stops Alzheimer's, Lowers Blood Pressure, And Prevents Colds? There’s one activity that eases stress and fatigue, limits how long you’re sick, boosts bone mass, strengthens your legs, burns fat fast, reduces your risk of glaucoma, halves Alzheimer’s, prevents colon cancer and improves balance. New Study: Exercise positively influences over 4,000 genes. Health In Focus 6 Troubling Signs You Need More Water - Health In Focus. Structured Water, What is it and How it can Improve your Health. How to Get a Super Strong Immune System Naturally - NaturalON. In today’s world, it seems as if we do everything possible to avoid disease, except improve our immune system.

The World's Healthiest Food, Rich in Beta Carotene and Phytonutrients. What Food Cravings Are Telling You About Your Nutrition. What Food Cravings Are Telling You About Your Nutrition. Green juicing - The ideal fruits and vegetables to use as the base. (NaturalNews) Juicing fruits and vegetables is one of the best ways to improve one's health. Juicing is the easiest way to provide mega-doses of powerful vitamins, minerals and living enzymes into the body. It is ideal to include low-glycemic fruit and super hydrating vegetables as the base of a green juice.

Boost your energy with these 9 quality supplements. Alkaline Diet: Food secrets and common myths revealed. Lower Your Salt Intake? Fugetaboutit! « Dr. Brownstein. Brassica Vegetables And Other Cruciferous Vegetables. Healing the body naturally with raw food. The Dawn of A New Age in Medicine: Physics Offers A Unified Field Theory of All Disease . . . MUST, MUST READ!!! - Galactic ConnectionGalactic Connection. Daniel Vitalis 4 Reasons Why You Should Never Go To A Hospital.

Doubling Your Brain Power (Part 1 of 4) A Water Recipe That Literally Flushes Fat. Tibetan Breathing for Health. Chi Gung Practice Routine for 40 year plus crowd. Qi gong.


Multivitamin and multimineral supplement do's and don'ts. Natural bad breath remedies revealed: 7 ways to go from horrific to terrific - Food. Best Oils For Consumption and Ones That Make the Naughty Liar List - Modern Roots Blog. Melatonin protects brain function. Dr. Joel Fuhrman: 3 Foods You Should Eat Every Day. Brains flush toxic waste in sleep, including Alzheimer’s-linked protein, study of mice finds. How probiotics can improve your health. 6 simply ways to avoid digestive toxicity. Facebook. Acid and Alkaline Food - pH Balance, Cancer. New study shows smiling extends lifespan. Dr. Emil DeToffol – How Cell Phones, iPads, Computers & EMF's Are Changing Our Biology & Creative Ways To Protect Ourselves – 11-11-2013. Amazing food combinations that will change your health. Food Combining: The Little-Understood Secret to Optimal Health & Weight Revealed.

Food Combining 80_20 Rules and Digestion Tips Part 1. Fresh and Alive! About Live Food. 70-Year-Old Looks 30, Reveals Fountain of Youth. The top 20 leafy greens and herbs to juice. 14 Ways to Cleanse the Body from Chemtrails, GMOS, Flouridated Water, and other Environmental Toxins. Cleansing strategies for a toxic world. The remarkable health benefits of oil pulling. Chlorella detoxifies the body by removing mercury and other heavy metals. Activated Charcoal: Medicine of the Egyptians, Greeks, and Native Americans. How to Clean Your Liver with 5 Natural Liver-Cleansing Tips. Warm Salt Water Intestinal Flush: One Week Healing Cleanse. Apple Cider Vinegar Recipe. Read a 5 minute page about all uses here.

One Day Gallbladder Cleanse. Read these simple directions. Detoxify your body with five cleansing techniques. 48 Awesome Exercises in a Single Animated Gif. Egg Nutrition Facts and Information Infographics.