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Robotics and Nano

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Fighting Malevolent AI: Artificial Intelligence, Meet Cybersecurity. By Roman V.

Fighting Malevolent AI: Artificial Intelligence, Meet Cybersecurity

Yampolskiy, contributor for With the appearance of robotic financial advisors, self-driving cars and personal digital assistants come many unresolved problems. We have already experienced market crashes caused by intelligent trading software, accidents caused by self-driving cars and hate speech from chat-bots that turned racist. Today’s narrowly focused artificial intelligence (AI) systems are good only at specific assigned tasks. Future Robots May be Considered "Electronic Persons" Science fiction likes to depict robots as autonomous machines, capable of making their own decisions and often expressing their own personalities.

Future Robots May be Considered "Electronic Persons"

Yet we also tend to think of robots as property, and as lacking the kind of rights that we reserve for people. But if a machine can think, decide and act on its own volition, if it can be harmed or held responsible for its actions, should we stop treating it like property and start treating it more like a person with rights? What if a robot achieves true self-awareness? Should it have equal rights with us and the same protection under the law, or at least something similar?

It Begins: Bots Are Learning to Chat in Their Own Language. Igor Mordatch is working to build machines that can carry on a conversation.

It Begins: Bots Are Learning to Chat in Their Own Language

That’s something so many people are working on. In Silicon Valley, chatbot is now a bona fide buzzword. But Mordatch is different. He’s not a linguist. He doesn’t deal in the AI techniques that typically reach for language. Introduction To Nanotechnology. Nanotechnology, also referred to as nanotech, is the science and technology of building devices, such as electronic circuits, and controlling molecular structures that are less than 100 nanometers in size.

Introduction To Nanotechnology

BioAPI physical evidence from chemtrails. This web sites not bother with the scientific details or patents behind the actual nano-tech.

BioAPI physical evidence from chemtrails

I, like yourself I'm sure are not a nano-tech engineer. If you want details you can read for the next ten years if you want. Patents are easily found for all of this. They want and need you to focus on the super technical nonsense, look past it; the closer you look. How Will Nanotechnology Change the World ? - Full Documentary. Nanotechnology Archives. The Artificial Intelligence Revolution: Part 1. PDF: We made a fancy PDF of this post for printing and offline viewing.

The Artificial Intelligence Revolution: Part 1

Buy it here. (Or see a preview.) Robots will obliterate America's middle class and unleash mass unemployment, social chaos and global populist revolts. (NaturalNews) In the next generation or so, highly capable robots will obliterate America's middle class by displacing tens of millions of workers.

Robots will obliterate America's middle class and unleash mass unemployment, social chaos and global populist revolts

We're already seeing it take shape. Check out this robotic crop production facility that uses robots to produce 30,000 heads of fresh lettuce each day. This is precisely the kind of technology that makes humans obsolete. As robotic systems become more capable in the coming years, nearly all low-wage labor jobs will be taken over by affordable, reliable robotics systems. Even in a well educated society, employers grow weary of the behavioral traits of human workers (showing up stoned or drunk, stealing from the workplace, harassing other employees, etc.). That means they're only good for labor jobs, and labor jobs are about to become obsolete. RoboBrain: Robots Begin to Develop ''Culture'' by Learning From Each Other. By Nicholas West Machine learning continues to advance with new artificial intelligence systems that are beginning to acquire and share knowledge in very human ways.

RoboBrain: Robots Begin to Develop ''Culture'' by Learning From Each Other

I had written last year about robots that were beginning to learn tasks from YouTube. Researchers from the University of Maryland were using the popular video network as a database of information to enhance artificial intelligence in much the same way that many of us will seek out instruction for attaining new skills. The abstract from their paper entitled: “Robot Learning Manipulation Action Plans by ‘Watching’ Unconstrained Videos from the World Wide Web” states: In order to advance action generation and creation in robots beyond simple learned schemas we need computational tools that allow us to automatically interpret and represent human actions. The goal of attaining accelerated machine learning is taking various forms. Cyborgs – scientists create biological tissue with embedded wiring. Under its human skin, James Cameron’s Terminator was a fully-armored cyborg built out of a strong, easy-to-spot hyperalloy combat chassis – but judging from recent developments, it looks like Philip K.

Dick and his hard-to-recognize replicants actually got it right. In a collaboration between Harvard, MIT and Boston Children's Hospital, researchers have figured out how to grow three-dimensional samples of artificial tissue that are very intimately embedded within nanometer-scale electronics, to such an extent that it is hard to tell where one ends and the other begins. It could lead to a breakthrough approach to studying biological tissues on the nanoscale, and may one day be used as an efficient, real-time drug delivery system – and perhaps, why not, even to build next-generation androids. Secrets of NANO Technology (720p) New Science of the Organism - Nanotechnology. Nanoscale Autonomous Walking Machine Built from DNA - ''Could Roam the Human Body'' Researchers at The University of Texas at Austin have developed a nanoscale machine made of DNA that can randomly walk in any direction across bumpy surfaces.

Nanoscale Autonomous Walking Machine Built from DNA - ''Could Roam the Human Body''

Future applications of such a DNA walker might include a cancer detector that could roam the human body searching for cancerous cells and tagging them for medical imaging or drug targeting. The study by researchers Cheulhee Jung, Peter B. Allen and Andrew Ellington, published this week in the journal Nature Nanotechnology, developed DNA machines that were able to walk, unprogrammed and in different directions, over a DNA-coated surface. Nanoparticle Bubbles Deliver Drug Treatment When Activated by Laser. By Natalie Bullock “Colloidal delivery system” and “nanoparticle” are probably not terms you find yourself using in day-to-day interactions, but for UC's Yoonjee Park, assistant professor in the College of Engineering and Applied Science biomedical engineering professor, these words are central to every conversation relating to her cutting edge research on drug delivery vehicles.

Nanoparticle Bubbles Deliver Drug Treatment When Activated by Laser

A relatively recent addition to the university, Park is a “top-talent” educator who was recruited for her leadership in a “high-impact, high-demand area” in which the university wants to continue to position itself as a global leader. The area in which Park has established herself as an expert is the field of study related to the creation and monitoring of delivery vehicles that carry medicine to specific locations within the body.

Park was first inspired to pursue this course of study when she saw the side effects of cancer and how the drugs used to kill cancer cells also killed other parts of the body. ''Psychic'' Robot Will Know What You Really Meant To Do. By Jean Galatzer-Levy What if software could steer a car back on track if the driver swerves on ice? Or guide a prosthesis to help a shaky stroke patient smoothly lift a cup? Bioengineers at the University of Illinois at Chicago have developed a mathematical algorithm that can “see” your intention while performing an ordinary action like reaching for a cup or driving straight up a road — even if the action is interrupted.

The study is published online in the journal PLOS ONE. 2015 Documentary - Nano Revolution. The New York Times. Science Documentary: Nanotechnology,Quantum Computers, Cyborg Anthropology a future tech documentary. Researchers' New Nanoscale Solar Cells Could Revolutionize Solar Industry. University of Maryland Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Assistant Professor Jeremy Munday and graduate students Yunlu Xu and Tao Gong have designed a new type of nanoscale solar cell that they predict could outperform traditional devices by as much as 40 percent.

This new technology could revolutionize the solar industry by allowing for significantly more power generation from a single device by simply making it much smaller. Xu, Gong, and Munday had their research on the Shockley-Queisser limit for nanostructured solar cells published in Scientific Reports, an online, open access journal from the publishers of Nature. The journal publishes scientifically valid primary research from all areas of the natural and clinical sciences.

The Shockley-Queisser limit describes the maximum solar energy conversion efficiency achievable for a particular material and is the standard of comparison for new photovoltaic technologies. Image Credit. MUST SEE!!! THIS IS HAPPENING NOW!! NANO TECHNOLOGY AND THE NWO BRAIN IMPLANTS. Nano Brain Implant Technologies and Artificial Intelligence. The Era Of Cyborgs Has Begun: 10,000 People Already Have Digital Chip Implants. By Nicholas West Technology seems to be on a runaway course either to free humanity or to enslave us. On one end we see massive continued investment in replacing humans with robots, both economically and socially. Parallel to this trend, we are seeing advancements in neuroscience being made from global projects like the BRAIN initiative in the U.S. and its counterpart in Europe, the Human Brain Project. Robotic Sex Slaves: Will AI Robots Have Consciousness, Rights, Souls?

The Artificial Intelligence AI Mind Blower. Literal Smart Dust Opens Brain-Computer Pathway to “Spy on Your BrainArtificial intelligence ethical questions. Self aware robots must watch :) Scientists Develop Robot That Can ''Breed'' Chinese Factory Loses 90% of Its Workforce to Robots. Artificial Intelligence - New Documentary(2015) Top 5 Killer Robots of US Military for Future. Humans to become 'pets' of AI robots, says Apple co-founder Wozniak. Meanwhile in Japan, an Industrial Robot Takes on a Sword Master. Autonomous MIT Cheetah Robot Lands First-Ever Running Jump. TwistedSifter The Best of the visual Web, sifted, sorted and summarized.

Doctor Uses Robot to Stitch a Grape Back Together. Dubai Announces New Fleet Of “Robocops” Google's military robot army soon ready for Terminator assault on humanity. Robot Spider Army Responds to Hand Signals Using New Intel Processor. Robot Room Service is Here. Mar 6, 2015 At the Aloft Silicon Valley Hotel in Newark, California, robots provide the room service! Introducing Spot. After Killing More than 1,600 People This Drone Operator Called It Quits. Joshua Krause The Daily Sheeple January 26th, 2015 Reader Views: 3,504 For nearly 5 years, Brandon Bryant served in the United States Air Force as part of a crew that piloted one of America’s drones. Advanced Robotic Bees That Can Pollinate The World, Kill Predators, And More!

The Brain of Skynet Neuromorphic Computing. Nano Brain Implant Technologies and Artificial Intelligence. Insect Micro Drones Used to Spread Disease? Open Source Science and Technology News: DARPA's Autonomous Microdrones Designed to Patrol Inside Houses. Awaken Video » Blog Archive » EU Panel: Human robotization, Nano implant technologies, Mind control slavery, Neurological weapons torture, Gang stalking – The “Transhumanist Agenda” ATLAS Continues the Evolution of Humanoid Robots. Humans Need Not Apply. Cyborg Moth "Biobots" Preparing For Flight. The Era Of Cyborg Nanotechnology Has Begun. Future World - Smart Dust Micro Computers. ‘Smart pills’ with chips, cameras and robotic parts raise legal, ethical questions.

‘Killer robots’: They’re Here. The Robots Are Coming, And They Are Replacing Warehouse Workers And Fast Food Employees. All In The (Robotic) Family: New Robots Aim to "Manipulate Your Emotions" Terminator Robots Becoming a Threat say U.S. Military and United Nations. Scientists warn the rise of AI will lead to extinction of humankind. Helicopter Drones Being Used By Military in Afghanistan. Company develops real-life RoboCop. The Rise of the Avatars and Their Effect on Reality. Real-life Iron Man armor to be ready by June – US admiral. Scientists Invent Particles That Will Let You Live Without Breathing.

Power of Nanotechnology Video Blow Your Mind. Mad Science: “We’re now able to eavesdrop on the brain in real life” MUST SEE!!! THIS IS HAPPENING NOW!! NANO TECHNOLOGY AND THE NWO BRAIN IMPLANTS. Introduction to Nanotechnology. 27 Science Fictions That Became Science Facts in 2012. Scientists invent self-healing 'terminator' polymer that could revolutionize electronics, body armor. Nano Radio Transmitters-June 3, 2010. Nanobiometrics Will Track You By Smell. Count down to » Mark of the beast tech exposed remote control living organisms become a reality and chips which can read your mind. Google to Introduce Smart Contact Lenses: The Era Of Cyborgs Has Begun. 10 Future Technologies That Already Exist.

Rolls-Royce is developing drone cargo ships....Drones On The Sea. China Is Building an Army of Robotics : Video Blow Your Mind. Controversy Brews Over Role Of ‘Killer Robots’ In Theater of War. Google Validates Putting Robotic Intelligence in Every Home. How Robots Will Change the World - BBC Documentary. Robotic Bees to Pollinate Monsanto Crops. Inside Adam Savage's Cave: Awesome Robot Spider!

MIT Creates Soft Robotic Fish, Moves Like the Real Thing. Dragonfly: World's Smallest Autonomous Drone Takes Flight. The app that lets you control a COCKROACH. WATCH: How A Colorblind Cyborg 'Hears' Color. The Cyborgs Era Has Started.