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Shuukatsu!! - Kimi ni Naitei. Rokudenashi Vacances. M-shiki Princess. Yokubou Toiu Na no Karada. From MangaHelpers: Ryouko is a pretty prudish young teenager, who doesn't even like romantic dramas on tv.

Yokubou Toiu Na no Karada

One day after school, Ryouko sees her friend Miki crying while an attractive young teacher has sex with her. Instead of helping Miki, Ryouko feels frozen to the spot. Eventually, seeing Miki like that spurs her to seek out a sexual experience of her own with a boy who asks her out. Unfortunately, her tentative steps towards exploring sex quickly spiral into a nightmare. Rinta no Momoiro Comic. Kimi no Hada o Kowasu Yoru.

Koisuru Yajuu. Lyrical Beads. M-shiki Princess. Redei Manishuu. Paradise City. Chocolate Girl. Silver (FUJITA Kazuko) Shitsurakuen ni Nureru Hana. Sensei to Ikenai H. Rouge Noir. Equus. A series of one-shots set in a world that seems to be mostly like ours... but with centaurs.


The stories are all about human/centaur interaction, and most have a slice of life feel to them. Some are sweet and innocent, some a little sad, a couple are explicit. Featuring est em's typical deceptively simple, masterful composition and writing. Chapters: 1) Dun Black 2) Chestnut3) Black and White4) Leopard5) Gray6-8) Bay Silver v.1 c.5-8 (end) by 90tables & Chinpirako & Neomelodramatic (56d ago)v.1 c.3 by Blue Spring Scans(806d ago)c.4 by Choutomaraseru(894d ago)Search for all releases of this series Average: 7.9 / 10.0 (95 votes)Bayesian Average: 7.66 / 10.0.

Orange Marmalade Manga - Read Orange Marmalade Manga Online for Free. Iinchou no Himegoto manga. Summary Ayano, the committee chairman got drunk at a ballgame after party.

Iinchou no Himegoto manga

Next morning, when she came to, she finds herself in Kagura-kun’s bed! Plus she is in her undergarments?! Kagura-kun, who is in the same class as her, is the 10th head of the famous Kagura lineage. Having had one night stand with someone so omnipotent, Ayano can’t help but feel anxious. Kanata Kara manga. Summary Walking home from school one day, Noriko is innocently caught up in a terrorist bombing.

Kanata Kara manga

Rather than being blown to bits, she finds herself transported to another world; a world in which darkness seems on the rise, as its powers desperately search for a being known as the Awakening whom it is said will awaken the Sky Demon. She finds this new world to be dangerous and overwhelming, and Noriko has little choice but to throw her lot in with the mysteriously powerful man she encounters upon her arrival. Ten no Ryuu Chi no Sakura manga. People like Ten no Ryuu Chi no Sakura also like Kaya thought she had found the perfect job when she became the private secretary of Kyouhei Touma--the director of a tableware company of the same name.

Ten no Ryuu Chi no Sakura manga

Kyouhei is a capable director, but his arrogance and sluttish behavior are almost legendary. Ryou Manga - Read Ryou Manga Online for Free. Status: Ongoing, Ryou 66 is coming next...

Ryou Manga - Read Ryou Manga Online for Free

Rank: 3905th, it has 21,735 monthly views. Dakishimete Rose. Ningyo Ouji. Anata to Senya Ichiya. Blanc Marie. Erotic Fairy Tales. Gold (FUJITA Kazuko) Youth Gone Wild. Oboretai. Seigi no Mikata. The One. Cane Lele was born into the fashion industry.

The One

Her mother, Ye Fei Yi, was Taiwan's top model, and her father was also a model, until a tragic airplane crash left Lele without parents. Therefore, it is no surprise that Lele hates the industry, thinking it superficial and unnecessary. Raised by her maternal grandmother, Lele reaches seventeen before she is sucked in by her mother's sister, Ye Fei Hong, a fashion model agent (and former model), convinces the reluctant Lele to model. Lele had been adverse to the whole idea, until she sees a photo shoot of popular American model Angus Lanson, and she begins to see modeling as an art form. When Aunt Fei Hong's magazine editor invites Angus Lanson to a meeting of all the top fashion ambassadors, Lele is invited to meet him and is very curious. Average: 8.7 / 10.0 (881 votes)Bayesian Average: 8.63 / 10.0. Kuro Bara Alice. Omae ga Sekai o Kowashitai nara. Hanatsukihime Manga - Read Hanatsukihime Manga Online for Free. Status: Completed Rank: 1854th, it has 43,174 monthly views.

Hanatsukihime Manga - Read Hanatsukihime Manga Online for Free

Rating: Average 4.90 / 5 out of 972 total votes. Love Junkies 1 v01 - Read Love Junkies 1 Online - Page 2. Momoiro Heaven! So...

Momoiro Heaven!

I can't figure out exactly why I'm addicted to this little manga. There are at least 3 other mangas that have this exact same set up (girl is cute virgin student by day, expert erotica writer by night!) So why am I giving this story a "10" overall? It's simply the best of it's /kind/. If you are ever going to try a smutty, simple, predictable plot shoujo based girl meets boy, boy secretly likes girl, misunderstandings and cute moments abound, few decoy characters thrown in, but eventually they get together in the chapter everyone has been waiting for...

Maybe it's because the storyline is just... nice. Or maybe it's because the characters are stereotyped yet in so many ways realistic enough that you can't help but fall into the story and want to actually READ what you predict will happen. Itazura na Kiss. Ayakashi Koi Emaki. (My first review, but i was shocked that this manga doesnt yet have one!)

Ayakashi Koi Emaki

Story: Typical case of boy-meets-girl...? Not quite. Already the way they meet shows us that this isnt going to be an ordinary shoujo, its better than that, at least in my opinion. Without much of an introduction the reader is being thrown into the story and meets Miiko - a young priestress who seems to have no talent whatsoever. By chance she manages to exorcise Kagura, a demon disguised as a (quite handsome) boy and turns him into a small/chibi version of himself. The only downside to this, is that the conversation sometimes gets a little confusing. Art: WONDERFUL. Characters: Kagura is your stereotypical perverted male main character... with the only difference he actually NEEDS to touch girls to survive! The characters arent deep, this whole manga isnt very deep... but its easy and nice to read, and it has a simple flow to follow. Ane no Kekkon 4 v01 - Read Ane no Kekkon 4 Online.