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Les Classiques des sciences sociales. Présentation La bibliothèque numérique francophone Les Classiques des sciences sociales a fêté ses vingt ans en 2013. Ce projet de bibliothèque a pris forme en 1993 en Intranet au Cégep de Chicoutimi. Depuis 2000, la bibliothèque est accessible sur Internet grâce à la coopération avec l’Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (UQAC). En 2006, la bibliothèque a été incorporée en organisme à but non lucratif. La bibliothèque Les Classiques des sciences sociales est le fruit d’un immense travail réalisé grâce à plus de 400 000 heures de bénévolat. Plus de 12 millions de personnes de partout dans le monde ont visité le site Internet bibliothèque de 2006 à 2012. Mission La mission de la bibliothèque est de donner accès gratuitement aux œuvres en sciences sociales et humaines de langue française. 1) Des publications récentes dont les auteurs (ou leurs ayant-droit) et/ou les éditeurs ont donné leur accord pour qu’elles soient diffusées ; 2) Des publications du domaine public au Canada ; 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

From the reconstruction and criticism of functional analysis that has been undertaken, I would suggest that certain conclusions emerge. I shall conclude by listing the more important ones. Thesis I: functional analysis is a particular method of explaining and describing social phenomena. Understood in this sense, functional analysis is the most important contribution that functionalism has made to science. Thesis II: functional analysis is a form of systemic analysis, requiring the acceptance of a systemic model of society, be it a model of a simple system, or a teleological system, or a functional system, or a teleological system composed of teleological elements.

Thesis III: four types of functional analysis can be distinguished, depending on the systemic model that is accepted: simple functional analysis, developed functional analysis, double-level functional analysis and functional-motivational analysis. Index of /pdfs. Left Coast Press : Handbook of Anthropology in Business. "Anthropologists of the 21st Century inescapably study the pervasive role of consumption in people's everyday lives.

In an age of Big Data, scanner data, and online analytics, it is such ethnographic research that is providing the most compelling insights into consumption. As the chapters in this handbook demonstrate, some of the very best research on business — including consumption, technology, design, organizational and work practice studies — is being done by business anthropologists. " - Russell Belk, Schulich School of Business, York University " The Handbook of Anthropology in Business is as deep as it is broad, approachable by readers new to the field, and informative and insightful for experts. . - ken anderson, principal engineer, Intel - Catriona Macaulay, Programme Director MSc Design Ethnography, University of Dundee "This indispensable volume highlights the promise of anthropologists' contributions in business.

. - George E. "What a welcome book! Online Master's Program - UNT Anthropology. Overview The online master’s program offered by UNT’s Department of Anthropology was created to serve students who are unable to attend an on-campus master's program due to geographic, work and/or family constraints. Among other groups, we hope to attract students with diverse backgrounds who have been historically underrepresented in anthropology.

This program was created by the UNT anthropology faculty using innovative pedagogical designs that maintain the rigor of a fully face-to-face program while making it more accessible. We offer both an MA and an MS degree in Applied Anthropology. Accreditation UNT is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. Program Trajectory The program can be completed in three years. All courses are fully online. Degree Options Degree Options Suggested Timeline Most students take two courses per semester due to workload and other committments. Summer, before starting program Fall, Year 1 Spring, Year 1 Fall, Year 2. Papers you can download. Jordan, Brigitte, Christina Wasson and Heather S. Roth-Lobo 2015 Ethnographic Study Lifts the Hood on what REALLY Goes On inside that Car.EPIC Blog, June 9, 2015, [EPIC members only].

Jordan, Brigitte 2014 Technology and Social Interaction: Notes on the Achievement of Authoritative Knowledge in Complex Settings.Online Journal of the International Research Association for Talent Development and Excellence (IRATDE): 6:1:95-132. 2014 Notes on the State of Business Anthropology.Journal of Business Anthropology (Spring): 3:1:126-131. 2013 Dancing with Tools: How Technologies Have Shaped Society and Vice Versa.Anthropology News (March/April): 54:3-4:6-7. 2013 Introduction, Pp. 7-22 in: Advancing Ethnography in Corporate Environments: Challenges and Emerging Opportunities, Brigitte Jordan, ed. 2012 The Double Helix of Learning: Knowledge Transfer in Traditional and Techno-Centric Communities. 2009 The Decoupling of Work and Place.

Left Coast Press : Advancing Ethnography in Corporate Environments. "This is an incredibly useful book for grasping the power and nuances of what ethnographic techniques, practices and mindsets can provide the corporate world. This is no ordinary book. By cleverly pairing different points of view on ethnographic methods the authors provide a textured understanding of why ethnography is such an important tool for grappling with today’s rapidly evolving world.

I highly recommend this book. " - John Seely Brown, Former Chief Scientist of Xerox Corp and Former Director of Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) "One of the biggest challenges that hangs over the social sciences today is how to make sense of the corporate landscape. While companies are not the type of entities that anthropologists have traditionally analyzed, they are playing an increasingly important economic, political and cultural role in the modern world. . - Gillian Tett, U.S. "Ethnography has come to be accepted in industry as an important component of corporate research programs. Left Coast Press : Applying Anthropology in the Global Village. Power: Interpersonal, Organizational and Global Dimensions | Anthropology. List of Free Online Anthropology Courses and Learning Materials. Adventures in Forensic Anthropology at University of Cape Town This course delves into the study of human remains and what bones can tell us about a human's life and death.

It teaches students how forensic anthropology contributes to solving murders and other crimes. The school provides audio lectures that students can download. Anthropology of Religion at Utah State University Online students taking this course learn about the relationships between the individual, culture, society and religion. Anthropology of Computing at Massachusetts Institute of Technology This anthropology course delves into cultural and social conditions that have helped computing develop over the years. Anthropology of War and Peace at Massachusetts Institute of Technology This course teaches students about the consequences of war on American culture, the reasons for war, and how war experiences differ. Culture, Embodiment and the Senses at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Gender, Sexuality, and Society | Anthropology.