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"Engager la sphère culturelle dans la transition socio écologique/Arts de la Scène à l'Âge de l'Anthropocène".
Avec le soutien du Réseau Transition, de l'ADEME et du Conseil régional de Bourgogne Franche-Comté.

Futurs non conformes #3. Futurs déviants. À l’occasion du lancement de l’exposition « Futurs non-conformes #3.

Futurs non conformes #3. Futurs déviants

Futurs déviants » sur son site de création en ligne, le Jeu de Paume vous convie à la présentation des nouvelles productions d’Aliens in Green, Brendan Howell, Nicolas Nova en présence des artistes et des commissaires du projet Maria Roszkowska et Nicolas Maigret. Cette présentation sera accompagnée de la projection de la dernière vidéo de Liam Young. APPEL À PROJETS – PRIX COAL 2017. Avec les parrainages du ministère de la Culture et de la Communication et du ministère de l’Environnement, de l’Énergie et de la Mer.


Avec le soutien du ministère de la Culture et de la Communication, de l’Union Européenne et du réseau Imagine2020, du musée de la Chasse et de la Nature et de la Fondation François Sommer. Cultural Fieldworks for Sustainability. About Arts Catalyst. Arts Catalyst commissions art that experimentally and critically engages with science.

About Arts Catalyst

We produce provocative, and risk-taking projects to spark dynamic conversations about our changing world. Arts Catalyst is one of the UK's most distinctive arts organisations, distinguished by ambitious art commissions and its unique take on art-science practice. Our primary focus is commissioning new artists' projects, presented in a range of museums, art galleries and other public spaces in the UK and internationally. In its 22 years, Arts Catalyst has commissioned more than 135 artists’ projects, including major new works by Tomas Saraceno, Aleksandra Mir, Critical Art Ensemble, Jan Fabre, Yuri Leiderman, Stefan Gec, Otolith Group, Beatriz da Costa, Kira O’Reilly and Marko Peljhan, and has produced numerous exhibitions, events, performances and publications, collaborating with major arts, science and academic organisations. Registration. Seminar with Joe Smith and Renata Tyszczuk, 15 Mar 2017.

Seminar with Joe Smith and Renata TyszczukWednesday, 15 March 2017 Climate change is urgent and important, but also, for many, boring, difficult and confusing.

Seminar with Joe Smith and Renata Tyszczuk, 15 Mar 2017

What kinds of stories, artworks and other interventions are being created in response to ‘the greatest challenge facing humanity’ — a challenge that is also apparently forgettable? Joe Smith (Professor of Environment and Society, the Open University) and Renata Tyszczuk (Senior Lecturer in Architecture, University of Sheffield) reflect on their experimental and interdisciplinary projects at the intersection of research, policy and cultural work on climate change.

Their recent joint projects include the Interdependence Day project (2005-2011, with the new economics foundation) and the current multi-partner AHRC Stories of Change project on past, present and future energy transitions. The Anthropocene Reading Group 2016-17. Coordinated by Will Davies, Richard Douglas and Nick Taylor, the Anthropocene Reading Group is meeting regularly to discuss some of the latest literature in the field.

The Anthropocene Reading Group 2016-17

The reading relates to Goldsmiths’ work with CUSP, but is relevant to those interested in political economy generally, environmental politics and philosophy, and more. It is open to all – academics, non-academics, students – and no registration is required. Meetings will take place on Wednesdays at 4pm in the basement seminar room at the Political Economy Research Centre (PERC), 41 Lewisham Way, London, opposite the main Goldsmiths building (how to find Goldsmiths). Creative Carbon Scotland : Guidance on contributing to the environment connecting theme. Renewable Energy Can Be Beautiful™ – Artists & Climate Change. By Joan Sullivan.

Renewable Energy Can Be Beautiful™ – Artists & Climate Change

Global Report en. The Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination. Catastrophe: Critical Legal Conference 2017 Call for Streams. Call for Papers: Cogent Arts & Humanities – The CSPA. UK Based Event to Inspire Urgent Action on Climate Change – The CSPA. The Season 2018 (working title) A creative season celebrating the environment and inspiring action on climate change.

UK Based Event to Inspire Urgent Action on Climate Change – The CSPA

What is it? From June 1st to December 1st 2018 a UK based, internationally connected ‘Season’ will unite the Creative and Cultural Community in a global chorus celebrating the environment and inspiring urgent action on climate change. It is programmed to coincide with the landmark COP24 global climate talks due to take place in November 2018. The Season will celebrate the widest (and wildest!) Programme « Art Citoyen » pour collaborations franco-espagnoles entre artistes et scientifiques.

Agents in the Anthropocene. The symposium is organized based on a participatory perspective.

Agents in the Anthropocene

In addition to keynote presentations, the symposium welcomes open call presentations (of exemplary practices and research from students, tutors, artists, designers, scientists, collectives and the like) and participatory brainstorming sessions. These sessions are designed to engage the public and the symposium speakers in a conversation, and to stimulate the sharing of views and expertise—or questions and doubts—regardless of background and age. Agents in the Anthropocene. Productions et circulations des biens culturels (2016-2017) Qui sommes-nous ? - Association. ACT at MIT - MIT Program in Art, Culture and Technology (ACT)

Energy Floors - Interactive Energy Experiences. Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society - LMU Munich. Green Art Lab Alliance. The Green Art Lab Alliance (GALA) is a partnership between 18 European cultural organisations which aims to explore what environmental sustainability means for the visual arts and design.

Green Art Lab Alliance

All partners believe that it’s time for culture and the arts to take responsibility in their own innovative and artistic ways. This ambition has been acknowledged by the European Commission, which co-finances the GALA project in the framework of the EU Culture programme 2007-2013. During the two years of collaboration (April 2013-May 2015) the partners want to find out what the arts can do to promote sustainability. Together with designers, artists and scientists, the GALA partners investigate the challenges and opportunities that environmental sustainability implies for artists and art institutions.

The overall aim is to share knowledge and raise awareness amongst artists, citizens and policy makers. The participating organisations have a variety of different profiles. Green Art Lab Alliance activities. Imagine 2020. Micro research - Martin Howse [Berlin] Micro_research is a mobile research platform exploring psychogeophysics and asking the question of where precisely the plague known as software executes. micro_research is active worldwide and is supported by workshops, performances such as: substrate.html and earthvoice.html, exhibitions and the sales of detektors, eurorack modules and the divinatory noise module series, aka.

micro research - Martin Howse [Berlin]

The Dark Interpreter. shop twitter soundcloud biography_and_CV new/s. The Crystal World v.02 Exhibition, London, 2012. The earthcodes project: substrate/shifting the site of execution. The shapes of the chasms themselves become "verbal roots" that spell out the difference between darkness and light. Poe ends his mental maze with the sentence — "I have graven it within the hills and my vengeance upon the dust within the rock. " [A Sedimentation of the Mind. Robert Smithson. 1966.] Substrate can refer to a (mined) semiconductor base which is later doped, etched, imprinted on with other minerals and materials within a complex industrial process to form an electrical logic gate, a processing unit, the core of the networked machinery which surrounds us. Substrate interfaces with code, yet this set of symbolic, lingustic and logical operations denies the being-substrate, just as the carrier of any signal is erased by the receiver.

Coal Fired Computers. Showman's Engine,AV Festival, YoHa 2010 A one-hundred year old, 18-ton showman's steam engine powers a computer with 2.5 tons of coal. Black lungs inflate every time a database record of miners' lung disease is shown on the computer monitors. It feels like you've been invited into a fun fair, but one where the rides log their own accidents – a fun fair run by people who long ago became indistinct from the machines they maintain. St Cecilia's Hall. The joint conference of the Galpin Society and the American Musical Instrument Society will be held in Edinburgh, 1st - 4th June 2017.

The meeting will be hosted by the University of Edinburgh and will be centred on the newly refurbished St Cecilia's Hall, location of Musical Instrument Museum Edinburgh. The Papers Sessions are provisionally scheduled to take place on Thursday June 1, Friday June 2 and Saturday June 3. Depending on the response, a further papers session may be held on Sunday June 4. Association. Call for Papers: American Theatre and Performance in the Anthropocene Era – The CSPA. Journal of American Drama and Theatre Special Issue: American Theatre and Performance in the Anthropocene Era The American Theatre and Drama Society invites submissions for the Spring 2017 issue of the Journal of American Drama and Theatre. Membership in ATDS is not required for submission of an article, but submissions from ATDS members are especially encouraged.

According to world geologists, humanity is currently living in the Holocene Era, which began 11,700 years ago and facilitated the flourishing of present life on the planet, especially the population explosion of Homo sapiens. Collection CSPA Quarterly. Id22: Institute for Creative Sustainability. BoydAugerScholarship2011FinalReport. Artofchange21 - Culture & Ecological transition. Art et anthropocène, créer au temps des catastrophes. Conférence PointCulture Namur le 11/02 à 15h00 Entrée libre-Réservation Obligatoire (30 places max.)

Par Alexandre Galand L'anthropocène désigne cette période de l'histoire du monde où l'humanité elle-même devient le moteur de changements à l'échelle géologique. Le réchauffement climatique lié à un usage immodéré des énergies fossiles apparaît comme le point de voûte de cet incroyable phénomène. Entrer dans l'anthropocène, c'est s'efforcer de mettre en cause les modèles politiques, culturels et écologiques qui l'ont façonné. Alexandre Galand est né en 1979 et vit à Liège. RESSOURCE. RESSOURCE 0 : L’ACTUALITÉ ARTISTIQUE EN LIEN AVEC L’ÉCOLOGIE ET LE DÉVELOPPEMENT DURABLE. Exposition de Nikos Papadopoulos du 4 au 31 mai. Home - Creative Climate Leadership. Albert. CfP »Sounding Out the Anthropocene. Investigating Sonic Media Ecologies«

By felixgerloff|AG Tagungen, Call for Papers|1 Comment Call for Papers International Exploratory Workshop der GfM-AG »Auditive Kultur und Sound Studies« und des Instituts Experimentelle Design- und Medienkulturen der Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst FHNW 10./11. März 2016 Critical Media Lab Basel, HGK FHNW Organisation: Shintaro Miyazaki, Felix Gerloff, Sebastian Schwesinger Sounding out the Anthropocene. Investigating Sonic Media Ecologies. Home. Resources Archive - Creative Climate Leadership. Sustaining Creativity / Julie's Bicycle. Zéro Fossile – France – Libérons le Louvre des fossiles ! Le mouvement pour pour la justice climatique et une culture libérée des énergies fossiles est international. Art Not Oil Coalition - Ending oil industry sponsorship of the arts. LABVERDE - Art Immersion Program In The Amazon - Deadline : 31th January. Deadline : 16th January 2017. - Apply now for Creative Climate Leadership Training – The CSPA. Julie’s Bicycle is launching Creative Climate Leadership, a new leadership development programme.

Creative Climate Leadership is a pan-European programme for artists, creative professionals and policymakers to explore the cultural dimensions of climate change, and take action with impact, creativity and resilience. Through a series of events, policy labs, flagship training courses and an alumni network, the programme will put culture at the heart of the international response to climate change. Find out more The first Creative Climate Leadership Training Course will take place 27 – 31 March 2017 in Wales, UK. Deadline : 9th December 2016 - Call for Artists / Joya: arte + ecología International Residency, Spain – The CSPA. 51 Shades of Green: Action in the Arts conference report.

Faire revivre un Fort militaire abandonné présenté par Recup Paris — KissKissBankBank. Programme "Art citoyen" Opportunity: Cultural Innovation International Prize Climate Change 2016-2017 - Creative Carbon Scotland. ART+CLIMATE=CHANGE Festival. Public Art News Acland Street Public Art Commission is calling for Expressions of Interest The City of Port Phillip has partnered with CLIMARTE to engage artists to create ephemeral works of art along Acland Street, St Kilda during CLIMARTE’s ART+CLIMATE=CHANGE festival in April/May 2017. Expressions of interest (EOIs) are currently being sought for projects that address the following themes: 21 janvier 2016 - Forêt, arts et culture.

Call for Participation – Balance Unbalance 2017.