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Complementary Currency Resource Center

Complementary Currency Resource Center

Geld leihen, Privatkredit, Kredit für Selbständige, Kredit von Privat – – Geld leihen & verleihen Deutschlands größter Kreditmarktplatz Ich möchte einen Kredit zu TOP Konditionen. Introduction - Life Currency Cooperative Exchange Have you ever wondered why, when millions of people have been working for positive change for so many years, the world is still in such a mess? Does it seem like no matter how much good work is done, the destructive juggernaut of modern culture steams ahead regardless, intent on destroying the planet and the quality of people's lives? There is an invisible but powerful underlying structure in our lives and our culture, one which supports and rewards antisocial behavior, the destruction of the environment and our communities, and the exploitation of people and resources. At the same time, it penalizes altruistic, social, cooperative and community oriented behavior. The vast majority of people accept this structure without question, never realizing how deeply it affects their lives and their world. What is it?

Publication d’un guide du financement participatif («Crowdfunding») L'Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) et l'Autorité de contrôle prudentiel (ACP) publient un guide du financement participatif («Crowdfunding»). Fleur Pellerin rencontre les acteurs du financement participatif Fleur Pellerin a rencontré, le 4 juillet 2013 à Bercy, les membres de l’association Financement Participatif France. Ces derniers ont présenté à la ministre un état des lieux de la finance participative en France et en Europe, ainsi que des leviers de développement pour les trois principaux types de plateformes (don, prêt, capital) existant à ce stade.Vers une évolution réglementaire Lors de cette rencontre, la ministre a évoqué les premières pistes envisagées par le Gouvernement pour faciliter l’émergence de plateformes et protéger les investisseurs. Cette évolution règlementaire reposerait sur une diminution des exigences en capital pour les plateformes, en échange de transparence dans les affectations des sommes transitant par celles-ci. Lire aussi

The Great Transformation - Managing Our Way to Prosperity Global Peter Drucker Forum Vienna, November 13 and 14, 2014 There is a broad consensus among economists that we enter 2014 in a period of limited economic recovery - even though it will be uneven by country and region and fraught with uncertainties. A cyclical improvement of the global economy will provide an opportunity to address the huge structural issues that are still looming. They include: unsustainable debt levels, underfunded social security systems in the Western world, currency imbalances, increasing income inequalities, bloated and inefficient public administrations, and excessive short-termism in big business driven by a value destroying and outdated shareholder value philosophy. With unemployment, and in particular, youth unemployment reaching historic dimensions, the idea of progress and continuous improvement of our living conditions is giving way to increasing future-angst. This will be the core focus of the Drucker Forum 2014.

35+ Social Lending Platforms Around the World I’ll be giving a presentation on ‘the future of money’ in a few months, and am trying to wrap my head around all the emerging disruptive tools and services that are shaking up the financial industry. I plan to do a few posts covering these areas, and hope we can have some interesting discussion about what it means and where we’re going. In the meantime, here’s a general resource of social lending platforms/marketplaces across the globe. If you’re aware of any I’ve missed, please let me know! Thanks. Social Lending El fin del euro y del dólar: llegan las monedas virtuales ¿Las divisas oficiales corren el riesgo de desaparecer en un futuro próximo ante el auge de las monedas virtuales descentralizadas? Este parece ser el temor de la Royal Canadian Mint, la casa de la moneda oficial canadiense, que pretende lanzar en septiembre su propia moneda virtual, llamada MintChip, para utilizar en las transacciones comerciales electrónicas. El responsable de finanzas de la casa de moneda canadiense, Marc Brule, parece que ha adoptado el dicho de ‘si no puedes con el enemigo, únete a él’, ya que todas las experiencias monetarias en internet llevan el sello de empresas privadas, con el consiguiente riesgo para los Estados y bancos centrales de perder el monopolio de la oferta en un futuro no muy lejano. “A través de nuestros estudios de investigación hemos descubierto que algunas necesidades del mercado no se cubren con la oferta de pago actual”, explica en una entrevista concedida a The Wired. Alerta estatal La gran oportunidad

Local Currency for the Berkshire Region Frederic Laloux Frederic Laloux works as an adviser, coach, and facilitator with corporate leaders who feel called to explore fundamentally new ways of organizing. His work—and the research for his upcoming book—draws on two strands: - His deep understanding of the inner workings of organizations, which he developed among other during the years he worked as an organization and strategy consultant with McKinsey & Company, where he was an Associate Principal. - His longstanding fascination with the topic of human development and his own joyful journey of personal and spiritual growth. Frederic has worked intimately with people at all levels of organizations. About Us Shareable is an award-winning nonprofit news, action and connection hub for the sharing transformation. What’s the sharing transformation? It’s a movement of movements emerging from the grassroots up to solve today’s biggest challenges, which old, top-down institutions are failing to address. Behind these failing industrial-age institutions are outmoded beliefs about how the world works – that ordinary people can’t govern themselves directly; that nonstop economic growth leads to widespread prosperity; and that more stuff leads to more happiness.

International Journal of Community Currency Research Euskal Tokiko Moneta – La monnaie locale du Pays Basque An FAQ on the LETS system This document was prepared by John Croft, of the Gaia Foundation. and edited by Warwick Rowell - . It describes the why, the how and the what of Local Economic Transfer System (LETS) schemes. Q.1 What is a LETSystem? A LETSystem is a locally initiated, democratically organised, not-for-profit community enterprise which provides a community information service and records transactions of members exchanging goods and services by using the currency of locally created LETS Credits. The LETS Credit currency does not involve coins, paper money or tokens of any kind but rather acts as a scoring system, keeping track of the value of individual members' transactions within the system.

Moving Toward an Evolutionary Theory of Cities Before Darwin, science tried to make sense of the natural world through a slew of systems of classification. Linnaeus' taxonomy, for example, grouped living things together based on their appearance, or "morphology," in kingdoms, classes, orders, genera, and species. "All taxa show relationships on all sides like the countries on a map of the world," Linnaeus wrote, grasping threads of evolutionary theory—which is to say, that everything on earth descends from a common relative, and that the divergence of life, driven by natural selection, can be traced through physical traits (and later, genetics). Axialent Conscious leaders create an inspiring environment for employees to blossom as professionals and as human beings, enabling them to contribute their best, building trust and eliciting genuine engagement. Take responsibility for their lives Don’t compromise human values for material success Speak their truth with honesty and respect Listen to others with humility Resolve disagreements attending to all concerns Honor commitments impeccably Accept their emotions and express them constructively These concepts are common sense, but they are not common practice; they challenge deep-seated assumptions we hold about ourselves, other people, and the world, and require a fundamental shift in consciousness. Download “Conscious Business” Chapter 1 ›Listen to Fred Kofman's insights on conscious communication ›