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Vector illustration

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Romain Trystram. Øivind Hovland Illustration - Bratislav Milenkovic. Romain Trystram. Art — Andrew Bannecker | Artist. Ray Oranges — Illustrator. Malika Favre. The Beast Is Back Inc. Kaloian Toshev — MZK. Ellen Giggenbach. Jshmck. Fernando Volken Togni. Neil Stevens Illustration / Crayonfire.

JANINE REWELL. Main : Uglylogo. Musketon. Work — Luc Latulippe. Adrian Van Delzel on Behance. Nike - aleosa. PICTURE ME // JAK MALOWANE June 2007 EXHIBITION / BLOG CAMPAIGN In cooperation with Damien Vignaux, Nicolas Andre Patronage: Institut Français de Varsovie Invitation Design: Damien Vignaux / Illustration: Olka Osadzińska Boys Design: Damien Vignaux / Illustration: Olka Osadzińska Mural Illustration: Olka Osadzińska / Design: Damien Vignaux Prints Prints on canvas. 60x40cm. The photorealistic vector artwork of Yukio Miyamoto using Adobe Illustrator. Masters > Yukio Miyamoto All Tutorial Text & Images - Copyright © 2011 KHI, Inc. If you have never used an airbrush, you will probably be way ahead of the game when approaching the use of Adobe Illustrator's "Gradient Mesh Tool" for the first time. I have found it to be one of the most frustratingly time consuming and counterintuitive computer drawing tools. This is especially true when compared to Photoshop's "Paintbrush Tool, which is very similar to an actual airbrush in its operation and use.

Some intrepid artists however, seem to take to Illustrator's Gradient tool quite well. Yukio Miyamoto Yukio has been working with Adobe Illustrator since its creation, and it shows in his work. Illustration of French Horn © - by Yukio Miyamoto (Zoom: French Horn) According to Sharon Steuer in her book "Adobe Illustrator CS WOW! " Illustration of Leica Camera © - by Yukio Miyamoto (Zoom: Leica Camera) Illustration of Pen © - by Yukio Miyamoto (Zoom) Illustration of Sports Car © - by Yukio Miyamoto. Greydient - by Morten Nielsen. Gradient mesh. Portraits. Personal workDigital Photography2014 Personal project by Ruslan Khasanov.Digital Art, Illustration, Typography2014 Video by Ruslan Khasanov.Digital Photography, Motion Graphics2013 Music by Boris Blank. Video by Ruslan Khasanov.Digital Photography, Motion Graphics2013 Not official video. Music: The xx – Swept Away. Video: Ruslan Khasanov.Digital Photography, Motion Graphics2013 Personal project.Digital Art2013 Personal project.Photography2013 Glagolitsa is the oldest known Slavic alphabet.Photography, Typography2012 Vector Engraving PortraitsIllustration2011 commissions and personal workIllustration2009 Computer Arts issue 187 "Create a line-based vector portrait" Art, Illustration2010 personal projectPhoto Manipulation, Illustration2010 biomorphsPhoto Manipulation, Illustration2010. The portfolio of Cristiano Siqueira. ♥ Lifeinvector. Tang Yau Hoong. The Stanley Chow Print Shop — Home. Evgeny Parfenov (Illustrator) Mega, A Diverse Illustrator | Interview. Mega is an amazing self-taught designer based in Indonesia. His style extraordinary and different from what we have seen so far. Some of you may remember the first post I had for his work I Just Murdered The Alphabet, which was hand made work and needed 6 months to finish.

Recently he had his solo exhibition in Paris. I took this opportunity to interview him and learn more about this great illustrator! Hello Mega. When did you start using this technique, pen illustration on paper as a media of expression? Where did you study design? What makes your illustrations unique? Characters Mega drew for Complex magazine in the US You have this different unique signature style, what inspired your work? Illustration for Mens Health in Germany Skateboards for Cartel Who is your favorite illustrator? What is your take on Social Design, do you use your art in this direction? Image for Bayard in France Tell us about the design scene in France today. What are you working on now? Tsevis' mosaic illustration - digital complexity - geeky designs - photomosaic.

Stanley Chow Illustration. Siggi Eggertsson. 20 Superb Adobe Illustrator Tutorials. Echo Chernik - Art Nouveau Illustration. TwelveTimesTwo. Art Director/Designer/Illustrator : Tomer Hanuka. Madsberg. Carolina Matthes - Illustration & Design © by Carolina Matthes. Carol Rivello. Graphic & Web Design Manchester / Creative Spark. Paul Bush, illustrator in Boise Idaho. Computer and Traditional Illustration. Adobe illustrator gradient mesh tutorial. Vector Illustrations by Luca Laurenti |