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Tang Yau Hoong - artist/ illustrator/ graphic designer

Tang Yau Hoong - artist/ illustrator/ graphic designer
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Re-imagining Reality Re-imagining Reality Posted by Morrison Conway on January 7, 2013 · 11 Comments Brock Davis, an artist from Minnesota, takes the familiar moments in everyday life and alters them into something unusual. How to use Jung's Word Association Test by Robert Winer, M.D. Neurology, Psychiatry, Psychopharmacology, Neuropsychiatry, and Psychotherapy How to use Jung's Word Association Test (2002) by Robert I. Winer, M.D. One of Jung's first English language papers on the subject is taken from his lecture notes from an address given at the Clark University in Massachusetts in September, 1909. The lecture has been re-published in numerous books. Satirical Art Drawings by Pawel Kuczynski Fun Pic, Pop Culture — By Dave on 2011/02/28 1:48 PM These beautiful works of art are from Polish artist Pawel Kuczynski. Pawel was born in 1976 in Szczecin. He graduated the Fine Arts Academy in Poznan with specialization in graphics. He is famous for his satirical illustrations that make you wonder about society, politics and all the biggies in life.

Mega, A Diverse Illustrator Mega is an amazing self-taught designer based in Indonesia. His style extraordinary and different from what we have seen so far. Some of you may remember the first post I had for his work I Just Murdered The Alphabet, which was hand made work and needed 6 months to finish. Animation, Concept Art, CG, Computer Graphics, Video Games, VFX, Visual Development, Comics, Illustration, Toys, Entertainment, Galleries, Images, Wallpapers – Galleries CG-Hub A community for CG professionals Log in or Sign Up! 22nd Teaching – Nov 2014 « The Path To Oneness As written, the last article was channeled by The Golden Ones and it was their last spiritual teaching, ending a compilation of twenty-one teachings in all. Now they want to expand on these teachings as it relates to the physical body and how to integrate their teachings, so we can stay consciously connected to Universal Mind through telepathic means. This and future articles will explain how the physical body relates to and clarifies their teachings. It is by design and in accordance with Universal Laws and Principles that each of us understand our ONENESS with creation and are free to manifest as we desire. However, the objective of this Spiritual Training environment is to realized internal self satisfaction and bliss only comes when we align our thoughts and feelings with Universal Laws and Principles. The work now is to ensure each of us has the tools and wisdom in the application of these tools.

Watercolour paintings by Marilyn Manson NOTE: The following text begins with his first exhibit in 2002 which also has its own page. For anyone who wants a quick listing of Manson's artshows and exhibits, I've made a page here: Art show listing for Marilyn Manson Writer, rocker, singer, photographer, director, composer and now a watercolourist with a debut exhibition - this man's a busy bee. Gradient mesh. Portraits personal workDigital Photography2014 Personal project by Ruslan Khasanov.Digital Art, Illustration, Typography2014 Video by Ruslan Khasanov.Digital Photography, Motion Graphics2013 Music by Boris Blank. Video by Ruslan Khasanov.Digital Photography, Motion Graphics2013 Not official video. Music: The xx – Swept Away. Video: Ruslan Khasanov.Digital Photography, Motion Graphics2013 Personal project.Digital Art2013 Personal project.Photography2013 Glagolitsa is the oldest known Slavic alphabet.Photography, Typography2012 Vector Engraving PortraitsIllustration2011 commissions and personal workIllustration2009 Computer Arts issue 187 "Create a line-based vector portrait" Art, Illustration2010 personal projectPhoto Manipulation, Illustration2010

The mysterious DNA Chapter 9 The mysterious DNA The DNA double helix as the template of all life forms has been around in science for some fifty years now since its discovery by Crick and Watson. Our knowledge about DNA since then has dramatically increased. DNA stores the chemical molecular instructions for cellular reproduction. It is a blueprint for the reproduction of all the proteins that are found in the cells of an organism.

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