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Lisa Congdon Art + Illustration

Lisa Congdon Art + Illustration

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Home Be sure to visit the page “What’s New” to catch all that is happening! shown top right: CLOSE, 8’x7’ 7000 + plastic bottle caps, 2011 30 Challenges for 30 Days Did you know that it takes 30 days to form a new habit? The first few days are similar as to how you would imagine the birth of a new river. Full of enthusiasm it gushes forth, only to be met by strong obstacles. The path is not clear yet, and your surroundings don’t agree. Old habits urge you to stay the same. But you need to stay determined. The Magpie Girl: daily outfit post So Im finally back! I had the best weekend away in Mullingar for my hen party weekend. My bridesmaids (who you met in the last post when they took over my blog!) went above and beyond and created the most amazing weekend ever. I am going to put together a post all about it as soon as I get a minute so I can share it with all you guys.

Marguerite Sauvage A bouquet of personnal works for Exquise Exhibition Paris about feminity in women artists work. These illustrations were also exhibited by Nucleus Gallery, USA.Fashion, Fine Arts, Illustration2012 "Fruit" by Rachell Sumpter and Jacob Magraw "Fruit" is an edition of 100 prints by Rachell Sumpter and Jacob Magraw. With a small border for framing, the print measures 15" wide by 17.4" tall. The archival print was created by Tiny Showcase and ships with a corresponding certificate of authenticity. The archival artwork has been printed on a heavy 290gsm natural white print making paper made from 90% bamboo fibres and 10% cotton. Chris Jordan - Camel Gastrolith Here is a bizarre corollary to Midway, from halfway around the globe in the Arabian Desert. My scientist friend Marcus Eriksen mailed me this surreal mass of 500+ plastic bags and other shards of plastic, metal, and glass, from the lab of Dr Ulli Wernery, a veterinary researcher in Dubai who courageously studies the stomach contents of dead camels found in the nearby desert. After recovering from the visceral shock of opening the box and seeing the musty horror that it contained, I built an incrementally rotating lazy-susan turntable in my studio, and photographed the gastrolith frame by frame in half-degree increments with a 50MP Canon 5DsR lent to me by my Canon USA friend Mike Gurley. Then my friend and tech guru Ian Gilman compiled the frames into a high-resolution video, and as a soundtrack I added the centering resonant ring of my large Nepalese standing bell, recorded one quiet night in my studio by my friend Jim Hurst. ~cj, Seattle, Feb 2016

*8Things: Standing in Your Own Power I feel powerful in this photo. What image captures you standing in your own power? I’ve been thinking a lot lately about this turn of phrase I use with the girls and with clients – “standing in your own power.” ...being the blog of Steve Kirkendall Fri-llustrator-day #17 Today I’m showcasing Mr Adrian Johnson, he of the beautiful Robinsons ads that ran a couple of years ago. He has a beautiful retro style that all us fans of things like Cartoon Modern adore.

something-to-post.tumblr something i am working on these days lately i have been doing nothing, but just doodling stuff on Photoshop, this is the time when i just let go myself and make something random Diploma project time One place where you never get tired walking

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