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Lanre Da Silva Ajayi. Falda con botones delanteros-MISCELANEADIY.pdf. Diy-vestido-skater. Para la entrada de hoy traigo el paso a paso con el que hacer este vestido de punto gris, un vestido con corte skater que se ajusta a la cintura y queda muy femenino.


Si quieres saber cómo se hace sigue leyendo, ! Verás que fácil! Diy-falda-con-botones-delanteros. !


Hola! Para hoy traigo esta bonita falda con botonadura frontal, tiene una ligera forma en A que la hace muy favorecedora. Vas a ver que es muy fácil de hacer, ¡ya verás! He de decir que es un color súper difícil de fotografiar, o la tela, o la luz que hay estos días o un poco todo, no sé lo que es pero, según la luz que le dé se ve de un color diferente, lo vas a ver en las fotos, cada una parece una tela distinta, de hecho, ninguna foto refleja bien, bien el color que es, es un expediente X. ¡Juro que es la misma tela todo el tiempo! Gathered Skirt for All Ages. Have you heard of that sociological exercise where everyone’s asked to sketch his or her idea of a simple chair, and everyone’s idea is totally different?

Gathered Skirt for All Ages

In a variation of that experiment, at a recent Purl Bee meeting we each imagined the quintessential summer garment, but in this case, when we revealed our thoughts, it turned out we were all picturing the exact same thing: an elastic-waist, above-the-knee skirt with big side pockets, aka this Gathered Skirt! This Skirt’s simple elastic waistband makes it easy to pull on and comfortable to wear, while its deep inset pockets are a useful (and stylish!) Tiny Tile Quilt. Our Tiny Tile Quilt’s diagonal lines and tiny pieced diamonds may give the impression of expert quilt making, but the reality is much simpler than that.

Tiny Tile Quilt

All you really need is the easiest of building blocks: a basic square… and lots of them! Piecing these squares, corner by corner and then row by row, creates this seemingly complex play of colorful diamonds. Simple summer hammock. When Grace was in town a few weeks ago, we did a little shopping at some of the new shops in my neighborhood.

simple summer hammock

While browsing the jewelry at Marisa Haskell, we noticed these beautiful striped beach towels piled in the corner. They were a steal at just $30 each, and I wanted to buy out the whole stock, but instead I prudently picked up one and decided to make a simple summer hammock for the corner of our backyard. The bright stripes felt so summery, but I wanted to fancy it up a little bit, so I added natural leather straps, which will darken over time in the sun. You could customize this with a number of different fabrics and even size it up for family hammock time, and in the meantime I’m on the hunt for an online resource for those towels..I’ll update the post if I find anything!

Happy crafting :) — Kate Read the full how-to after the jump . . . Materials Instructions. Raised fishbone stitch. Tea Time at Nana's: Quick Fuse and Piece Teacup Quilt Pattern. Recycled Glove How-to: Make a Chipmunk Softie. Gloves (like socks), while born to be part of a pair, often end their days in lonely solitude, separated from their mates by the forces of the universe that conspire at every turn to pull them apart.

Recycled Glove How-to: Make a Chipmunk Softie

Alone, they sadly serve little purpose (aside from the occasional show biz appearance for only the most sparkling among them), and are left to languish in the backs of a drawers and bottoms of closets — that is, if they’re not disposed of all together. Ah… but it’s a new day. Thanks to the Penguin Group for sharing this project from Happy Gloves. Author Miyako Kanamori is a crafter who lives in Tokyo. She is also the author of Sock and Glove. Cuello lentejuelas h&m.

Shopping de cuellos falsos, Álbumes, telva. Make for Baby: 25 Free Dress Tutorials for Babies & Toddlers. By Jaime Morrison Curtis | Nothing is sweeter than a little girl all dolled up in a homemade dress.

Make for Baby: 25 Free Dress Tutorials for Babies & Toddlers

Last week we shared a round up of how to make all your baby and nursery basics here: Make for Baby: 20 Easy Projects to Make Your Own Bedding, Gear, and Nursery Stuff. From the overwhelming response, we can see how much you enjoy making for your children. Now we’ve rounded up the most popular dress tutorials from Prudent Baby as well as some of our favorites from around the crafty web. Most of these dresses are ideal for beginning sewers; all will make you feel like the crafty mom superstar that you are. Nggallery id=’121271′ Pillowcase Dress This is the most popular tutorial on Prudent Baby and a classic child's dress. Falda de Tul. Making a picnic dress. Several people have asked me how to make my Picnic Dress.

Making a picnic dress

It’s a bit too complicated for the step by step instruction on how to draft a pattern I gave for the draped t-shirt, but I hope this will be enough detail for anyone who is familiar with how dresses are made. You will need 4 yards of 45″ fabric and an 18″ zipper. These are the pieces of the pattern. Mark out the measurements listed and the distances between them. For example, on the waistband measure out the distance between your underbust/ribcage and your waist, then measure half your ribcage measurement at one side and half your waist measurement at the other. If you’re not used to making your own sleeves, trace both the arm hole and the top of the sleeve off a pattern you’ve used before and like. To make the curve of the skirt even, use your tape measure like an enormous protractor.

To gather the top, mark out a distance ¾ of the difference between bust and underbust measurement on one side.