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Facebook Twitter Un joli pouf poire pour enfants en 30 min ! Ce que j’adore sur le net, c’est qu’on peut y dénicher de très très bonnes idées pour faire plaisir à tous : conjoints, amis, enfants,… Aujourd’hui, je partage avec vous un chouette DIY qui fera la joie de vos petits Misters et Miss.

Un joli pouf poire pour enfants en 30 min !

Que dites-vous de prendre 30 min de votre temps pour leur préparer un joli pouf poire ?! Personnalisé, il ajoutera une belle touche décorative à leurs petites chambres. Confortable, il leur donnera encore plus envie de lire leurs histoires. Pour ce tuto très simple, vous aurez besoin de : 2 morceaux de tissus différents choisis avec votre goût, une fermeture éclair de 55 cm et des billes de polystyrène pour remplir le pouf. Coupez les 2 morceaux de tissus à la taille 115*80 cm Superposez les tissus.

Le résultat est juste magnifique ! Le fait d’avoir deux tissus différents vous permet d’avoir un pouf réversible, profitez-en donc :) Make Things For Kids: Royal Felt Crown. By Ginny at Small Things Tutorial - This is a great crown for either a boy or girl when playing dress-up.

Make Things For Kids: Royal Felt Crown

You will need two pieces of wool felt, approximately 17 inches wide by 4 inches tall each, and a piece of one inch elastic, about five inches long. I bought this gold wool blend felt at JoAnn. I like that it is sold by the yard, making it possible to get the necessary dimensions without spending a fortune. Start by downloading and printing my royal crown template, or draw your own. Carefully cut out the traced crown front. Open it up; it should look like this. Now lay the cut out crown front on top of the other piece of felt and pin it in place. Attach the crown front to the crown back, by sewing along the bottom edge as close to the edge as you can (edgestitch.) Next sew around the crown points, leaving the sides open.

This part is a bit slow and tedious, you have to use the needle down function and make lots of turns. It doesn't have to be perfect! Now the crown is ready for elastic. Echarpe en laine faite avec Rainbow Loom [Tuto] Echarpe avec le métier à tisser Rainbow Loom. DIY. I originally ordered a navy blue & white knit fabric to make anthropologie's expanding universe tank. however, when i received the fabric, it was a lot thicker than i'd thought so i decided to make a skirt instead. i should've looked closer because on the fabric info, it says it has 20% stretch which isn't a lot. can you tell this is only my second time purchasing fabric online?


I guess i still have a lot to learn in the sewists' world. :) *picture shown of the back of the skirt -you'll need: 1/2 yard of striped knit fabric(i purchased mine here), Une trés bonne recette de beignet au nutella. Verrines facon cheesecake. 21 Ways to Make Beautiful Flowers {paper, fabric} How to make beautiful flowers in paper or fabric that are adorable!

21 Ways to Make Beautiful Flowers {paper, fabric}

These step-by-step how to make flowers out of fabric and how to make paper flowers craft tutorials include burlap fabric flower tutorials, tulle fabric flower tutorials, crepe paper flowers and how to make a paper rose. These tutorials are fun, engaging and fabulous. Why not make a flower today? How to Make Flowers Out of Fabric 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Burlap Fabric Flower Tutorial. Modest Fashion Style Blog. Sometimes a favorite piece is just too comfortable to throw away.

Modest Fashion Style Blog

I didn't want to get rid of my perfect fit tee from the GAP so I decided to up-cycle three extra large men's polo shirts from Goodwill to create a dress inspired by this colorblock dress. Chic Girl's Tip: Anytime you plan to up-cycle jersey knit pieces, wash and dry the clothes before cutting them for your projects. For this project, I used the largest shirt as the bottom layer and smallest for the top to make sure the shape of the skirt portion was a-line. More color block maxi dresses: