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Sewing and Customizing Uniform

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How to Sew Leather Clothing. How to Make Shoes Taller. Different Types of Metal Casting. How to Use Sand Cast Molds for Hobbies. How to Engrave a Metal Plate. How to Use Acid to Color-Engrave Brass. How to Acid Etch a Wrestling Belt. Men’s Swimsuit Brief « Pattern School. While board shorts certainly do make up the majority of swimwear sales for men, the bikini brief or “Speedo” (an actual business name more commonly used to describe a style) make up most of the remainder.

The first irony is that Speedo is an Australia company and yet Australians do not wear this style in significant number compared to the more fashion concious Europeans or South Americans. The second irony is that Australia’s icon of manliness, the surf life guard, wear the swimwear brief, while the general public who are occasionally saved by these lifeguards, more often than not label the “Speedo” as an item of gay apparel.

Personally, I believe men are generally incredibly self conscoius and are threatened by the potential for comparison when wearing such revealing garments … which is indeed a third irony considering they love to see women wearing garments as revealing as possible. Love them or hate them however the brief is a pretty easy pattern to make. Step One Step Two Step Three. Men’s Swimsuit Thong « Pattern School. How To Make Wrestling Belts. Knowing how to make wrestling belts can help you increase the legitimacy of your professional wrestling career, impress your friends with a sweet piece of memorabilia, and definitely make you look like a baller.

How To Make Wrestling Belts

Plus, if you don't exactly have the physique or skills to ever win a real professional wrestling championship belt, just make your own and no one will know the difference. There are certainly dozens of ways to construct a custom belt, but for amateurs (or cheapskates) we've put together one of the easiest. In order to make a wrestling belt, you will need: Scrap leather Posterboard Brass plates Spray paint Small screw and screw caps Industrial strength Velcro strips Form the belt out of leather.

You can find large sheets of scrap leather at craft stores, western apparel shops, or even some motorcycle supply stores. Congratulations! How to Make a Leather Title Belt for Wrestling. How to Design a Fake Wrestling Belt. How to Make Wrestling Costumes. How to Dye Spandex. How to Sew a Hem in Spandex Fabric. How Do I Sew With Spandex? Author: Jennie Kermode - Updated: 14 October 2012| Comment Q.I know that Spandex is Elastine but I would like to know what exact fabric is used for body control spandex (shape wear).

How Do I Sew With Spandex?

Is it polyester and spandex? Or nylon and spandex? What exact percent would the stretch mesh fabric be? (Mrs Christina Saunders, 12 September 2008) You may be disappointed by this, but the secret of shape wear is that there is no single secret! Good shape wear has to do two things well - stretch/hold and breathe. The best shape wear is generally made with lycra and cotton. To sew shape wear with spandex, stretch out both the shape wear fabric and the spandex as tight as they'll go (without damaging the sheen on the latter) and fix them together, keeping them taut as you sew. Shape wear is best constructed using panels, so that pressure in one area doesn't create strain all round he body. You might also like... daftart - 17-Jun-11 @ 7:24 AM Title: (never shown) Notify: Sewing Basics 1: How to thread your machine.