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Sewing patterns

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High-waisted Shorts with Pockets Tutorial. Shirring on Pinterest. Pretty Ditty: Shirring tutorial. Below is a tutorial on how to shirr with elastic thread.

Pretty Ditty: Shirring tutorial

Before we begin, I must mention that this is a compilation of shirring techniques which I have learned from 3 specific resources: Portabellopixie, Craftstylish, and Heather Ross's book Weekend Sewing. And away we go....... Κουβαράκι: Ραπτική: πως φτιάχνουμε σφηκοφωλιά (φόρεμα με λάστιχο) Θα φύγω κι εγώ σε λίγο για διακοπές και είπα να φτιάξω δυο φορέματα για την θάλασσα, να είναι εύκολα στο να τα φτιάξω και να τα φορέσω, δροσερά και άνετα.

Κουβαράκι: Ραπτική: πως φτιάχνουμε σφηκοφωλιά (φόρεμα με λάστιχο)

Και οικονομικά. Πήρα λοιπόν ύφασμα μακό και αποφάσισα να τα κάνω με λάστιχο σφηκοφωλιά έτσι ώστε να είναι όλα αυτά που ήθελα. Να λοιπόν πως το έκανα: Το ύφασμα υπολογίζουμε ένα ορθογώνιο. Θα έχει το μήκος που θέλουμε να έχει το φόρεμα και το πλάτος θα το υπολογίσουμε αφού γαζώσουμε δυο τρεις σειρές λάστιχο και δούμε πόσο μαζεύει. Νομίζω πάντως ότι γύρο στο ενάμισι μέτρο ή λίγο παραπάνω είναι ιδανικό. Εκτός από το μακό ύφασμα, πήρα και λαστιχάκι ψιλό για γάζωμα. Простые выкройки / Pattern madness in march. I reckon it's about time I share with you kind folks what I've really been up to lately, besides using the words "reckon" and "folks" ironically.

pattern madness in march

I've been furiously sewing one pattern multiple times, that's what. In between March Madness b-ball games, of course. Go Cards. Tilly's hosting an "event," if you will, called One Week One Pattern (OWOP) that occurs March 26 to April 1. It's a celebration of tried-and-true patterns that are versatile and wearable on the daily, so the challenge is to wear multiple garments (or a single garment) made from the same pattern, all week long.

Wide Leg Pants « I Heart Jenny's Art. Apr. 2012 11.

Wide Leg Pants « I Heart Jenny's Art

Sewing - trousers and shorts. TUTORIALS. Tutorial: My Satin'N'Lace Corset Dress Part 1. I've been having fun making dresses now that I have a bodice block.

Tutorial: My Satin'N'Lace Corset Dress Part 1

My latest project is a lace overlay dress for a wedding we are going to next weekend. It will have boning and a lace-up back. This tutorial requires a bodice block, which you can make following the instructions here. It takes some time, but is totally worth it. You will need: (part 1, part 2) bodice block, cut to form stretch satin in color of your choice lace in color of your choice matching thread. Emerging Thoughts High-Waisted Skirt Tutorial. Для тех, кто шьет. Простые выкройки для быстрых платьев. Сшей шарфы в жилет! (DIY) / Простые выкройки. Можно сшить вместе вдоль по 2 шарфика (или ремня) из своих запасов, оставляя пропуски для рук!

Сшей шарфы в жилет! (DIY) / Простые выкройки

Получатся такие вот кофточки-жилеточки. Welcome to Modern Sewing Patterns. DIY- draft your own pattern for summer shorts & make them while you're at it. Cotton & Curls — DIY Harem Pants. Whitney Sews. Jupe. DamaV425. Clothing Design How Tos. How to Make High Waist Shorts. Tutorial DIY: falda básica tableada (newspaper print) Ginger by Colette Patterns. Megan Nielsen. Do you need some additional help putting together your Megan Nielsen sewing pattern?

Megan Nielsen

Here you'll find tips and tutorials related specifically to Megan Nielsen patterns, as well as additional tutorials for creating pattern variations so that you can get the most value out of your pattern! MN2303 // Briar sweater and top. Clothing Tutorials. Feeling a little (a lot) crafty. DIY Skirt with Elastic Tutorial. Q2 HAN. Folded Miniskirt Tutorial. Difficulty: Intermediate.

Folded Miniskirt Tutorial

It's based on the Drapedrape dress no 7, and it has the same 'what am I looking at here' feel to it. At one point you'll think, 'what a mess' and then it just clicks and you have a beautiful skirt. This click does not seem to happen with everyone, showing from the comments. If you're not sure about it: wait for the pattern! Fabric: One meter/yard is more than enough. Tools: Nothing fancy, just pins, maybe chalk, ruler, scissors. Step 1: Pattern pieces & measurements The pattern pieces for this skirt are so easy, you can draw your own right on the fabric. 1) front I used my measurements as an example: 100 cm. 2) back The width of the back will then be ([measurement]/2)-10, which is 40 cm for me. 3) lining The lining will have the same width as the front piece (60 for me), but half of the length, which is 33,5.

We are working with a few centimeters of excess fabric, so if the pieces are a bit off here and there during the assembling, don't worry. FREE sewing patterns. Dress Making. Shantea mac. DIY Infinity Dress. Happy friday. I won this 1940's pattern on e-bay today!

Happy friday

It's probably much better for me than the last one I wrote about (and made a toile for), it's much more grown up and reminds me of the blouse I made using McCall 6520, that I really like. Gathers below the shoulder-yoke, darts around the waist, and shoulder pads. I think they are all details that work for my body-type. At the same time this pattern is totally different from the blouse with the neat shirt-collar and long set-in sleeves (I might make it short sleeved though...). Are those double darts around the waist by the way? A Gazillion Free sewing patterns So Sew Easy. OK, not a gazillion right now, but who knows how many we could find if we acted together !

A Gazillion Free sewing patterns So Sew Easy

Read on to find out how to join the Pinterest Free Sewing Patterns Group Board and find 100′s of free patterns. I was looking through my Pinterest boards of Free Sewing Patterns: when I started to search for other boards on free sewing patterns. I found a LOT of them. Clearly it’s a subject a lot of people are interested in and like to pin and share. Which got me to thinking – wouldn’t it be great to have a central repository of the best of the internet’s free sewing patterns all in one place, where everyone could add something they found.

Pinterest has a feature that allows us to do just that – a group board – where several, or lots, of contributors can pin to a single board. If you would like to pin and share – and effectively join a group of people interested in sewing and share your pins and projects with them – then just let me know. Free Sewing Patterns. Everyday beautiful. Here's a bit of what's going on at our house this week via grainy cell phone pics. I am linking up to Insta- Friday at Life Rearranged. You should too! 52 Free Dress Patterns : Posted on | November 7, 2013 | 19 Comments I’m a firm believer that sewers can never have too many free patterns. With that in mind, here are 52 Free Dress Patterns, divided by style.

Keep in mind the categories are not set in stone. With a fancier fabric, a different closure or a change in hem length, a pat­tern can eas­i­ly change from fan­cy to work day to cas­ual. You make the de­cis­ion. Notes about the patterns are list­ed for some of the dress­es. DiY Craft and Sewing Tutorials!

How to Sew an Invisible Zipper into a Dress. HOW TO SEW EASY. How-to make a Cute Jumper Dress. GiannyL.