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Leather sewing machines

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CAMPBELL Lock-Stitch Sewing Machine. Designed in the 1880′s, this machine revolutionized the industry and established the standard for other leather machines to follow.

CAMPBELL Lock-Stitch Sewing Machine

It was the first needle and awl machine successfully produced, and now over 120 years later, the Campbell is still known as the best heavy leather stitcher built. This reputation has been grown through years of outstanding quality and dependable service. The Campbell is the workhorse of the largest manufactures and the smallest custom shops. The machine is known for its tight, uniform stitch on both the top and bottom of the material. It has been the choice of the world’s finest saddle, harness, and holster makers for over 100 years. UNION Lock-Stitch High Speed Leather Stitcher.

Consew 206 Rb-2 Or Adler 167-Gk373 For A First Machine? - Leather Sewing Machines - Hi Patti, The Adler is a good machine, if in good condition the price is ok, you will have to swap out a few parts to make it sew leather well.

Consew 206 Rb-2 Or Adler 167-Gk373 For A First Machine? - Leather Sewing Machines -

I don't know if you can get a roller foot for it, but it would be nice for sewing up to edges. The roller foot is not really an option for the 206 either. They are good machines, what we call medium duty. A lot of shoe and bootmakers I know use the old Singer 31-15 or 31-20. Another choice could be the Singer 236 post machine, or a Pfaff 491. If you are more comfortable with new machines (I recommend you get a new machine if you are new to industrial machines), The Cobra 5550BB is very similar to the Singer 31. Toledo Industrial Sewing Machines - Cowboy CB4500 Leather Stitcher. <div style="color:red;font-weight:bold;">You have JavaScript turned off in your browser.

Toledo Industrial Sewing Machines - Cowboy CB4500 Leather Stitcher

Please enable/allow JavaScript to use our on-page image overlay lightbox and other features. Otherwise, use your browser's Back button to return to this page after clicking to view larger images, or product descriptions. </div> Specifications and Pricing Model: CB4500 Arm Length: 16 1/2" Arm Diameter: 3 9/16" Maximum Foot Lift: 1 1/16" Max Sewn Thickness: 7/8" Needle: 7x3 or 794: #18-#27 Thread Sizes: #69 - #415 Bobbins: 7/8" x 1" large capacity Max Speed: 800 rpm Max Stitch Length: 3 per inch Reverses into same holes Adjustable speed, heavy duty servo motor Ball bearing speed reducer Height adjustable stand on casters Long neck, hi-intensity flex lamp Accessories & upgrades available From $2295.00 USD, plus shipping Cowboy industrial sewing machines are built as tough as tanks and are capable of sewing thick leather, cloth, webbing, bioplastic and other materials, with heavy thread.

The Strapguy - Used Industrial Sewing Machines They just do not make machines like these any more.

The Strapguy -

These are the "Cadillacs" of sewing machines. All our machines are in 100% working condition. [Click on an image to see a larger one in a new window] Singer Model #72w12 "Hem-stitcher", Good Condition. Saddle and Harness Equipment Information. Sew Fine, LLC San Francisco Harness and Saddle Equipment Information Note: We do not sell sewing machines this is only my opinion on machine I have worked with for many years.

Saddle and Harness Equipment Information

Harry The manufacture of harness and saddle equipment requires that you obtain the correct machine in order to create the desired stitching. Most sewing machine mechanics agree that when a machine is worn out, it’s worn out and no amount of tightening, adjusting, adapting, or shimming is going to fix it. Many of the dealers advertising on our site have digital pictures of most of sewing equipment listed above. Harry Shonteff Description of Heavy Needle Work Machines Landis #1 This machine is perhaps one of the oldest stitchers still in use today. Landis # 6 Like the Landis # 1, this machine has been in service for over a 100 years throughout the US, Canada, Australia, and England where it was originally manufactured. The Leather Artisans Guild of Califronia. Rebuilt Patch & Industrial Sewing Machines and Shoe Sewing Machines.

COBRA Class 4 Heavy Duty Leather Stitcher. Introducing the King Cobra Class 4-25 the newest member of the COBRA line of Leather Stitchers.

COBRA Class 4 Heavy Duty Leather Stitcher

The King COBRA 4-25 features the new and innovative Electronic Positioning System (EPS). The EPS comes with the Needle Position Motor, Electronic Synchronizer, and the Power Handwheel. The EPS is a labor saving device that saves time, money and at the same time, gives consistent, precise stitching. The EPS, allows the needle to stop up, or down, 90 degrees corners, back tack, and remove your work without ever having to touch the handwheel.

Legendary Holster Maker, John Bianchi, and Master Craftsman, Matt Whitaker from Frontier Gun Leather say that there are many advantages, including: * Crucial element to professional products * A must for complex stitching patterns * Allows the machine to start and stop without showing a change in the stitch pattern * We highly recommend the EPS for all types of work.