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Annebrooke. Baptism. Frances Pickering - Textile Artist. Hannah Lamb: Long forgotten bundles. A couple of little things that have been waiting patiently for opening... ... and this stone retains a memory of a leaf placed many months ago.

Hannah Lamb: Long forgotten bundles

Notjustnat creative blog: Leaves Worth Dyeing For! In this post, it's mostly about Leaves Worth Dyeing For!

notjustnat creative blog: Leaves Worth Dyeing For!

Since the eco-dye workshop a couple of weeks ago. I got all inspired and motivated to try more plentiful Eucalyptus leaves all around me. I was searching and learning names of some of the many Eucalyptus species growing in Australia. In doing so I came across a great and inspiring blog called Local & Bespoke. With my new found knowledge of the native trees I discovered that they are available right around me! Naturally in this post I have some new leaves and names to share with you. Following on from the last eco-dye workshop. With the new found leaves all around my neighbourhood I have tested them out. Dyeing on paper is a new craze these days. Below are some photos of different plants/leaves I have been taking through the week on my daily walk.

It's in the middle of winter here in Australia, and this weekend it is cold and wet. I hope your weekend is enjoyable whatever you are up-to. Turkey Red Journal. An Antipodean Alchemy – The Eucalypt Dyes by India Flint The eucalypts are members of an evergreen hardwood genus endemic to the Australasian region embracing approximately nine hundred species and sub-species.

Turkey Red Journal

Eucalypts are represented across the Australian continent in all but the harshest of the arid interior regions, although they can be found in desert areas marking the positions of soaks and watercourses. Their range extends to 9º N (Philippines) and as far south as 44º S in Tasmania, with the greatest variety of species concentrated in the temperate zones. Eucalypts have successfully colonized many other parts of the world including southern Europe, Asia and the west coast of the United States.

Eucalyptus cinerea ecoprint. Photograph Copyright by India Flint Dyes from this genus are substantive on protein fibers (e.g., wool, silk), meaning that color can be fixed without the use of additive chemical mordants. Additional variables may be created through the choice of dye processes. Pam de Groot: Summer's coming!!! Not long enough!

We've had five glorious days here in the Mountains with the beautiful India Flint. Suburbia Soup: Hoodie Scarf Tutorial. The Rusty Bobbin: Inklings. The Simplicity apron edges were finished with bias binding, and it looks *pretty good*, if I do say so myself.

The Rusty Bobbin: Inklings

Most garment instructions will tell you to cut and join bias strips when you need self bias for some bit of construction. This is a pain-in-the-neck and totally ridiculous. All quilters know a better way. I learned it in my quilting days–20+ years ago–and to this day make continuous bias binding whenever I want more than a few inches of bias or piping. Take it from me, this is a skill worth learning. Start with a square of cotton fabric and draw a diagonal line from corner to corner. Cut along the diagonal line so that you end up with two right triangles. With right sides together and using 1/4″ seams, stitch the triangles together along one of the short sides. Decide how wide you want your bias–I generally use 1.5 inches. The last line will probalby be too close to the edge to use.

Now for the part that will make you think you’ve done it wrong. Cindy Needham: Divide and Conquer...Quilting & Life in General. I was the June instructor for the Sew Cal Gal's Free Motion Quilting Challenge in June and a large part of my lesson including dividing and conquering a space and then filling it in.

Cindy Needham: Divide and Conquer...Quilting & Life in General

It's less intimidating and more manageable that way. Well, that applies to life in general...not just quilting! Before I share my recent projects I want to send out a heart-felt THANK YOU to Sew Cal Gal for inviting me to be a part of this very amazing project and send out a huge congratulations to all the participants. Wow...I was completely blown away by the work that was created this past month. I had planned on doing a feature and picking out several pieces to share with all of you but that proved to be impossible. I've been over-the-top busy prepping for my next upcoming 5-day Design Workshop in Rancho Cordova as well as getting ready to film for some upcoming on-line classes. All of the binders/handbooks have been loaded and are ready to go...huge project.