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Sewing projects

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After 120 years, this northeast Iowa... - The Des Moines Register. Free Daily Sewing Tutorials. Map Quest Quilt. Fabrics: Explore America collection and Kona Cotton collection both from Robert Kaufman Fabrics Explore the United States with a quilted map that's made easy with a printed fabric panel.

Map Quest Quilt

Materials: Explore America fabric panel 1-1/2 yards solid brown (backing, binding) 32x42" 80/20 quilt batting, such as Fairfield Soft N Crafty Cotton Quilter's 80/20 Batting Embroidery floss and buttons (optional -- see the bottom of the blog for ideas to embellish your quilt) Finished size: 24x34" Cut Fabrics: From solid brown, cut: 1--32x42" backing rectangle 4--2-1/2x42" binding strips Assemble the Quilt: 1. 2. 3. Tutorial on Getting Kids to Quilt At A Young Age. Free Pillow Patterns. How to Hem Pants: Easy Sewing Tutorial with Rob Appell of Man Sewing. Origami Fabric Butterfly - {} There is tutorial to make an origami butterfly going around on pinterest, and while it looks pretty simple there might be a few missing steps.

Origami Fabric Butterfly - {}

Since I'd already started to fold my butterfly, and was determined to make it happen, I looked around and found a tutorial that made sense to me. The butterfly is a terrific origami project for fabric because it is made with just one square. Some origami projects use multiple pieces of paper. I started looking at how to fold origami flowers and some of them use 60 sheets of paper!

Sewing For Baby

How to Make + Sew Bias Tape: Tutorial. Charise Randell from Charise Creates shows you how easy it is to make and sew your own bias tape!

How to Make + Sew Bias Tape: Tutorial

Make bias tape to work with any project, and use your favorite fabrics. Charise was one of our Super Online Sewing Match contestants, and has stopped by many times since with her pretty Sketch Book Cover, Spring Kaleidoscope Pillow and the Spring Blossom Quilt Block. She designs and sells paper piecing patterns and more, like the Anna Blouse featured in the tutorial below.

This tutorial features beautiful nani IRO fabric from Miss Matatabi. Miss Matatabi has a full selection of nani IRO fabrics, including 100% cotton double gauze from the 2015 Spring nani IRO collection! BlogHer. Simple and Quick Fabric Napkins for any time of year. Every holiday kind of jumps in place quickly behind the next.

Simple and Quick Fabric Napkins for any time of year

I know, I know they are here on the same day each year. ButterflyTeaTowel_JacquelynneSteves.pdf. FreePatternDL. How to Adjust Sewing Machine Tension on Craftsy. When I am teaching new sewers, if the stitch looks a little off, usually the first thing they go for is the tension.

How to Adjust Sewing Machine Tension on Craftsy

Often, it isn’t in fact the tension that is set incorrectly, rather their needle is old, the type of needle being used is incorrect or often the stitch length and width is set wrong. Sometimes though, it is actually your tension that needs correcting. All machines have a dial, usually with numbers along it and metal discs behind it. The higher the number, the more tension pressure is placed on the threads by the discs, and therefore distributing less thread into the machine. The lower the number, the less tension pressure is placed on the threads, and more thread is being fed into the machine. Note, this is for the spool of thread at the top of the machine, not your bobbin.


Free Video - Pillowcases with Hidden Seams by Aimee Griffin. Patt270.pdf. Ruffled Roses. Singer Treadle Machine. Tutorials Archives - Dog Under My Desk. Sewing, design and everything in between. Sewing for your electronics. Sewing for the Home. Sewing Tips. Sewing Supplies.

Aprons. Scarves. Pillows. ...for baby. Sewing through Sunflowers: 6 DIY Sunflowers. Call Ajaire: Make Your Own Fabric - Project Run & Play Week 3. Thank you to everyone who has continued to vote for me in Project Run & Play!

Call Ajaire: Make Your Own Fabric - Project Run & Play Week 3

If you like this week 3 look, please take a moment to vote for Call Ajaire: No Scrap Too Small here before Thursday night. I recall this story one of my mother's friends told us when I was in high school. There was an older lady who had passed away and as her family was going through her sewing things they came upon bins of fabric. One bin was full of teensy scraps and was labeled "too small to use. " We all got a big chuckle out of that. I think about that woman all the time and how she couldn't bear to part with even the scraps she declared too small. Nancy Zieman/How to repair zippers/Sewing With Nancy. I recently interviewed Mary Kolb, known as the zipper lady, during a Sewing With Nancy program.

Nancy Zieman/How to repair zippers/Sewing With Nancy

Mary was recently acknowledged by the volunteer organization Clothes for Kids for her dedication to keeping children warm during the winter by mending zippers in coats—1300 and counting! Replacing or fixing zippers in coats is no easy task. I was inspired by this story and would like to share the tips that Mary uses to replace the glider or slider on zippers. How to replace a glider on a broken zipper Many times, people will say, “I need a new zipper,” and they don’t really need a new zipper, states Mary. Finishing Curved Edges - Victory Patterns. If you’ve ever had to hem a curved edge, you’ll know how tricky it is to turn, press and stitch it so that it looks neat and tidy.

Finishing Curved Edges - Victory Patterns

Curved edges are tricky for a few reasons. They involve a bias grainline, which causes the fabric to stretch out. Also, depending on the kind of curve you are working with, whether it be concave or convex, the fabric edge will be longer or shorter in length compared to the area it is being folded to, indicated by the red dashed line in the following diagram... In the instance of a concave curve where the fabric edge is shorter than the area it is folded to, the bias grainline will stretch, allowing you to manipulate the fabric. If it is a severe concave curve, you can clip the seam allowance in order to prevent puckering. Top Sewing Tutorials. The Mother Huddle Top Sewing Tutorials Hey friends!

Top Sewing Tutorials

I am working on a complete index for the sewing tutorials broken down by category. I thought I would start with the most popular and go from there! The Fat Quarter Pillowcase Dress Custom Laptop Bag, Or Any Size Bag/Sleeve With This Tutorial (ipad?!) A simple skirt. With spring and summer upon us, it’s time for skirts!

a simple skirt

And making cotton skirts for girls (or yourself) is so very simple. The concept is nothing new. We’re making a simple gathered skirt, with an elastic waistband.