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How To Turn Craft Foam Into Leather (Or not... Vinyl or Spandex Over Foam for Cosplay/Costuming (Armor, Uniform Boarders, Piping) - All. For this process you will need the following items: Adhesives: -Contact Cement -3M Super 77 Spray Glue -Hot glue (LOW TEMP) (you do not want to scald your fingers) -Loctite's "Flexible Adhesive" (not pictured, see step 5) Tools: -Paint Scraper (or other flat edged tool) -Scissors/Xacto Knife Material: -Stretch Fabric (stretch vinyl, spandex, or 4 way stretch fabric) -Foam (eva craft foam in a similar color to your fabric) Both the contact cement and spray glue need to be used in a well ventilated area or outside!

Vinyl or Spandex Over Foam for Cosplay/Costuming (Armor, Uniform Boarders, Piping) - All

Please pay heed to all warning labels before working with these materials. Prepare your foam and fabric overlay pieces. Some notes about your foam pieces: *Make sure the side of your foam in which you choose to display remains smooth, any indentations will show through the fabric/foam contacts. Creating a Costume/Cosplay from E.V.A Foam - All. First we shall start with the material.

Creating a Costume/Cosplay from E.V.A Foam - All

EVA Foam also known as Ethylene-vinyl acetate. "Ethylene vinyl acetate is the copolymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate. The weight percent vinyl acetate usually varies from 10 to 40%, with the remainder being ethylene. Fiber Optic Costume Kit. Fiber Optic Costume Kit Be the highlight of your next event or party by adding glowing fiber optics to your costume or clothing with this easy to use DIY Fiber Optic Costume Kit!

Fiber Optic Costume Kit

*Dress and coat are not included in this package* Your costume will have 27 exotic color modes, rechargeable batteries, a charger and a lifetime warranty. Each battery will last approximately 1.5 hours. Solid color modes will use less battery life than strobing/blinking modes. Costume Kit Includes: (1) Stellar Series Flashlight (flashlight body color varies). Fiber Optic Coat. Why a tailcoat?

Fiber Optic Coat

A lot of thought went into deciding what would make most sense for menswear. The design of the dress was ideal for showing off the fibers as they had a 360 degree spread around the skirt, and lots of lift to enable them hang loosely to show off the lighting patterns best. I could have used the same idea for a coat and had them hang loosely around from front to back, but without the lift and shape that the skirt provides I think the effect would be too uniform. Threadwitch Wearable Art. Seam Finishes for Silks. Tips and tricks for sewing bias seams in chiffon & other lightweight fabrics. LED Dancing Dress - GREEN ISSUES BY AGY. That's what my husband calls my latest upcycle, a dancing dress, and I think it's because I've incorporated the LED lights into it.


I wore it to a friend's barbeque and I got a lot of queries along the lines of "Why is your dress glowing? ".

Baby Clothes

How to Make a Hooded Cape / Cloak: Trapezoid cut. Measurements shoulder slope + length from shoulder = 1 fabric length<=========> + <=============> = 1 fabric length Determining width of <===> I shall use the figure 22" as the size of finished neckline.

How to Make a Hooded Cape / Cloak: Trapezoid cut

Total number of <===> = size of finished neckline 6 <===> = 22” Therefore 1 <===> = 22 ÷ 6 ≈3.5” Make this figure 4". It will be smaller after joining. For those skilled with joining narrow pieces, make the total number of <===> as 4 per length of fabric. Joining the trapezoid cut cloak The above diagram is based on 3 lengths of 54"-wide fabric. Measurements: 8 <===> = circumference of final neckline (10 <====> if you prefer to sew narrow pieces). There was no hem allowance because the shoulder slope already provides for it since the neckline starts at the beginning of the shoulder slope. Five Common Sewing Machine Mistakes + How to Fix Them. When you first start using a sewing machine, it’s inevitable that you make mistakes.

Five Common Sewing Machine Mistakes + How to Fix Them

It’s easy to forget – or just not realise – all the little things that can cause your machine to throw a tantrum if you’re not careful. This weekend I taught 240 people to use a sewing machine in a series of 12 workshops at the Handmade Fair. When you’re showing lots of people how to do the same thing again and again, it becomes increasingly clear which are the most common mistakes that we make when starting to use a sewing machine.

The good news is that these problems are super easy to solve – hooray! Here’s how… Synesthesia Garden - a weird art + style blog. Danny van Ryswyk07.23.12 Amsterdam-based artist Danny van Ryswyk creates strange, surreal artwork that evokes a sense of eerie melancholy, Victorian portraiture, and monstrous absurdity, using 3D technology.

Synesthesia Garden - a weird art + style blog

Related posts:Precious Creatures: The Art of Ray CaesarBeautiful Imaginary Portraits by Travis LouieTags: black-and-white portraits, dark, eerie, hauntingly beautiful, masks, monsteresque, neo-victorian, portraits, realism, twins, victorian Chrystal Chan02.26.12 See more after the cutTags: animals, dark fairy tales, deer, illustrations, innocence/menace, modern fairy tales, neo-victorian, pop surrealism, realism, symbolism Hell House: The Art of Esao Andrews01.23.12 Esao Andrews combines a colorful palette with a Gothic sensibility.

Lace Heaven - Bra/Bra Notions. Suspender Clips, Baby Pacifier Clips and Bow Tie Clips Made of Metal or Plastic - Powerless Illuminating Polymer Ribbon. Himalayan Art: Iconography Main Page. DIY Clothes Tutorial: Making an Elastic Harness [DIY Fashion]Monoxious. Hello peeps, It’s been long since we had a post on DIY Fashion.

DIY Clothes Tutorial: Making an Elastic Harness [DIY Fashion]Monoxious

We apologise on that part, the past month has been pretty crazy with the holiday season and setting up resolutions and priorities as the year drew to an end. We have load of exciting things lined up for Monoxious this year. Wholesale Fold Over Elastic - Printed Glitter Print. Your search for wholesale fold over elastic by the yard is over!

Wholesale Fold Over Elastic - Printed Glitter Print

We have a wide variety of both elastic and fold over elastic. Varieties include lace in both a 1 inch width and 2 inch width, printed elastic such as animal prints, stripes, polka dot and damask, fold over elastic in numerous colors, glitter elastic in 3/8th and 5/8th inch, velvet in 3/8th and 5/8th inch, and the very popular chevron. If you're looking for any type of fold over elastic, we have it. Mix and match our wholesale elastic with our wide assortment of flowers, feather and buttons. We have everything you need to create hair accessories and craft projects that are truly unique. Making a Skinsuit / Catsuit / Unitard. Here you will find instructions on how to build a single piece form fitting suit out of stretch fabrics. The most basic pattern, one without mask or full gloves, can be made with three large pattern pieces and 6 seams plus hems (edges). Keep in mind you're going to have to build a pattern from the ground up.

I can't give you something that you can just print out and scale to size. Honestly DIY. How-To: Shimmering LED Skirt. Becky’s latest wearables project, over at adafruit, combines three components from their FLORA sewable electronics ecosystem—the microcontroller, the accelerometer/compass module, and the RGB LED “pixels”—to create a no-solder sewable circuit that sparkles when you sashay! Twinkles when you tiptoe! Glimmers when you galavant! Hmmm. Somewhat Stretchy : Make Your Own Catsuit Sewing Pattern. Catsuit, unitard, bodysuit, surfsuit, skinsuit - all terms that relate to a form-fitting one-piece garment that reaches from shoulder to leg, usually extending to ankles and wrists.

For the full experience, Zentai suits have gloves, socks, and a hood too, to cover everything! There are practical and aesthetic reasons for wearing bodysuits - from the protection against UV light afforded by surfsuits to the ease of movement and beauty of a dancer in a unitard - but for myself, I find hoodless gloveless catsuits entertaining and occasionally pleasant for lounging and pyjamas. Video sequence of making a zipless catsuit Here are a set of instructions with photos covering construction of a catsuit from measurements to sewing. Follow links marked with to step through the simplest and most popular suit: a catsuit with a zipped seam at the front or back.

Decorate a suitcase? [Archive] Has anyone had luck with decorating a fabric suitcase? Stickers don't stick and the suitcase for my grandson needs a little "magic". Serger Sewing. Full Demonstration of all LilyPad components. The LilyPad Electronic Platform is an electronic platform designed to be easily sewn into fabric using conductive thread, which provides designers freedom from the traditional construction method of soldering. The LilyPad consists of 3 sensors (temperature, light, and acceleration), a button board, and 4 kinds of output devices: a tri-colored LED, a white LED, a sound board, and a buzzer board.

Make them into tags. Once your ribbon is dry, grab some good fabric scissors and cut into lengths. These tags are folded over and the cut end is sewn into a seam. Make sure you cut enough room to fold your label in half! How to make gloves. Sewing > Gloves Have you thought you can sew gloves of cloth? It's rather easy. How to Make Gloves.