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Tip for Sewing with Vinyl (it sticks!!)…..Making Clear Vinyl Pouches. Thanks for the camera tips from yesterday.

Tip for Sewing with Vinyl (it sticks!!)…..Making Clear Vinyl Pouches

Hopefully my camera will be fixed right away. But today…….we need to chat about sewing with vinyl. Do you remember the jewelry holder I made, here? Well……I mentioned that sometimes it’s hard to sew with the vinyl because it sticks. And then I was given the best tip……..and had to share. So I had to try out the new trick…….and sew up my scrap vinyl pieces, into something useful. Anniversary Quiet Book Kit Giveaway!

Our little blog is 1 year old this month!

Anniversary Quiet Book Kit Giveaway!

While I’ve been making websites since 1997 and blogging since 1998, it wasn’t until I had my little Jax that I decided to create a separate blog for all things crafty, creative and kid-friendly in our lives. It actually took a few months before I started to work on making the site because I needed a name. When inspiration struck, it was due to two of my favorite songs: Imagine , by John Lennon and Across the Universe by The Beatles. Images of broken light which dance before me like a million eyes, they call me on and on across the universe.

Banana Split Quiet Book Page. First, a quick announcement – the winners of the camping quiet book page felt and supply give away!

Banana Split Quiet Book Page

The two winners of mini LED lights are Renee R. and Jean J. The grand prize winner of felt, crinkle material, a mini LED light and some clear vinyl is Ashley S. Starbucks Felt Breakfast Quiet Book Page. Edit: Updated photos here.

Starbucks Felt Breakfast Quiet Book Page

Cookie Shapes & Colors Quiet Book Page. The next set of pages for Jax’s quiet book is done!

Cookie Shapes & Colors Quiet Book Page

This cookie-themed layout helps practice shapes, colors and buttoning. One side has the dough where you can match the cookie shapes. There is a spatula you can put cookies on. It’s attached by Velcro and a ribbon so it can’t get lost. The facing page has a cookie sheet where you can match the cookie frosting to the button colors. The supplies I used were: two sheets of turquoise felt cut to 9″ squares for the background, felt (in white, light gray, dark gray, black glitter, tan, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, light blue and purple), clear vinyl, ribbon, Velcro, a gray button, 2 buttons for each rainbow color, batting, and matching embroidery floss/sewing thread.

Baking Cupcakes Quiet Book Page. A quick note: Don’t forget to enter out blog-iversary giveaway for a chance to win a kit to sew your very own Farmer’s Market quiet book page!

Baking Cupcakes Quiet Book Page

You have until Wednesday. I am super excited to have this page all done. Hungry caterpillar line art. Hungry caterpillar line art. 720 × 241 -

hungry caterpillar line art

Hungry caterpillar line art. DIY No-Sew Portable Travel Dinosaur Playmat with Free Printable Template. Disclosure: I was compensated by Oscar Mayer for this post and the creation of this kit.

DIY No-Sew Portable Travel Dinosaur Playmat with Free Printable Template

I was not swayed in any way by compensation! As always, I only take sponsored post opportunities that I love. This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. When I was asked to be a part of Oscar Mayer's new #Sanewich campaign, I was thrilled. I am always excited to promote screen-free ways to entertain kids - and this campaign is all about just that! Hungry caterpillar line art. 720 × 241 -

hungry caterpillar line art

Hungry caterpillar line art. 720 × 241 - 600 × 323 - 1200 × 1049 -

hungry caterpillar line art

Hungry caterpillar line art. Crayon Roll. I have been looking for a crayon roll/holder tutorial but can’t seem to find one. I have found plenty of these little holders for sale but no directions. So here is my version. And if anyone finds/has other instructions, let me know and we can link them. Simple Stool Slip Cover. Here is an easy way to change the look of a simple square upholstered stool. The picture on the top shows the original stool. The picture on the bottom is the slip covered stool in "Zebra" (color - Steel) available at Calico Corners. The slip covers below are made from a remnant of Italian fabric (top) and a remnant of embroidered linen fabric (bottom) also purchased from Calico Corners. Requiring only a minimal amount of fabric and simple sewing, this project can be completed in less than 1 1/2 hours. The button-tufted stool is from West Elm and measures approximately 16" square x 18" high but similar inexpensive cube style stools can easily be found at a variety of other places including Target and Marshalls Home Goods.

Directions: Determine fabric measurements - Measure top and four sides of stool. Travel Pillows for Children « Hiragana Mama. Free Travel/Neck Pillow Pattern. NEW PATTERN: the FLIP Vest. Decisions are the worst. But what if you didn’t have to decide? Reversible Baby Vest Tutorial. Our friend Carol Van Zandt sent over her gorgeous first fabric collection, Tokyo Rococo, and while most of the collection is beautiful bold florals, this male-friendly coordinate inspired me to sew up something for my favorite little guy.

Head over to Babble and enter to win some of Carol’s delish fabric! Young Nesters: Toddler Travel Pillow Tutorial. Neck Pillow. Toddler Travel Pillow Tutorial. Try to say that 10 times fast! Aaanyway...we're going to be taking off to California for Christmas soon and I decided to make my kids some travel neck pillows to help keep them comfortable for the loooong car ride. Yes. Patchwork Travel Neck Pillow ~ Pattern & Tutorial. Travel Pillows for Children. Tag Blanket Tutorial. Tutorial; Make a bib. Textures and Patterns « tales from the corner house… We got inspired by the arrival of Spring this week at our Crafty group. I wanted to work out a way to make paper flowers which were so simple that the children (4 and 5 year olds) could do quite a bit of the making themselves… You’ll need various colours of tissue paper, pipe cleaners, odd buttons, and plastic bottle tops (the flat ones – as in the back of the photo below).

This is the most fiddly bit: first push a short end (about 1.5cm) of the pipe cleaner through one or two buttons, then fold it over and carefully push it back down the other hole in the buttons. Button Planet Enterprise. Khairun Shop. Velcro, Sewing Supplies & Accessories, Ribbon, Knitting, Sewing Machines & Patterns - - Clover Accessories, DMC Cross Stitch, Knitting Yarn, Crochet, Felt Crafts - Is Cheaper when you Buy Online! 100% Cotton Fabric for all your sewing needs! Bolster Pillow Tutorial. Sew everything. Alina's Adventures sew everything. How to Sew a Cover for a Bolster Pillow. DIY Gold Painted Jeans.