Common criticisms and views about feminism

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Les féministes aiment-elles le sexe ? Pourquoi nous ne pouvons pas attendre. L’un de vos arguments fondamentaux est que notre action se produit à un mauvais moment.

Pourquoi nous ne pouvons pas attendre

Certains ont demandé : « Pourquoi ne pas avoir donné aux nouveaux élus le temps d’agir ? ». La seule réponse que nous pouvons donner, c’est que le nouveau pouvoir, comme l’ancien, a besoin d’être bousculé pour enfin agir. Du communautarisme des minorités. Je lisais quelqu'un expliquer doctement qu'il ne fallait pas que les musulmans tombent dans le communautarisme et que la France n'avait "jamais laissé s'installer un communautarisme très fort" (oh la menace !

Du communautarisme des minorités

). Ayant en même temps découvert ce texte, c'est vous dire que j'étais d'excellente humeur. Le communautarisme. I was a Teenage Sexist. Editor’s Note: This post originally contained a screen-grab of the repellent game Beat Up Anita Sarkeesian.

I was a Teenage Sexist

We have since removed the disturbing image, and we apologize for not alerting our readers to graphic content in advance. I raised my hand. Professor Wiman nodded at me. Non-feminist 'more hostile' towards men than feminists, study finds. By Jess McCabe // 31 July 2009, 17:26 One of the hoary stereotypes about feminists is that we are 'man-haters'.

Non-feminist 'more hostile' towards men than feminists, study finds

I suspect that most feminists are more likely to roll their eyes at this sort of thing - I find it hard to take too seriously, although of course these stereotypes don't spring out of no-where, and they're often a type of silencing technique. (They're also quite interesting in what they can tell us, I think. For example, an explanation for the man-hating myth could be that our culture is so overly focused on men, and male-privilege is so deeply entrenched, that when feminists criticise the status quo it's read as being anti-men rather than addressing the marginalisation and oppression of women.) How Most Things You Know About Feminists Are Vicious Conservative Lies. Given the mission of feminism, people (men and women alike) who are invested and conditioned to keep sexism and patriarchy alive have fought to distort feminism for the public.

How Most Things You Know About Feminists Are Vicious Conservative Lies

Conservatives have done a very effective job of making feminism a “dirty word” so that many women and almost all men do not want to say they’re a feminist regardless if they agree with feminism or not. They’ve kept people so focused on trying to not be a feminist so we don’t see all the sexist policies the conservatives are pushing.

Here are a few popular quotes from popular conservative leaders: “Feminism was established to allow unattractive women easier access to the mainstream.” – conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh Feminism “encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians” - television evangelist Pat Robertson. Plaidoyer pour l’extrémisme. S’il y a bien une chose qui m’énerve dans les discussions que je peux avoir ou dont je suis témoin, ce sont les manœuvres d’évitement.

Plaidoyer pour l’extrémisme

C’est-à-dire tous les non-arguments dont le but principal et parfois inconscient est de discréditer un propos adverse sans avoir à le prendre en considération. Je pourrais écrire vingt articles sur le sujet, sur vingt techniques ninja de la mauvaise foi caractérisée, surtout que je pratique sans doute pas moins qu’un autre ces techniques tellement habituelles. Man haters? Last week, 16-year-old Alice Dunn wrote a blog for the Independent asking "Can feminism survive the next generation?

Man haters?

". It's fab that Alice is a feminist at such a young age and I really don't want to criticise her personally at all, but I do want to address her core argument, which is that feminism has an "image problem": It is an image that prevents the movement being much larger than it already is; an image that is pushing the date of total equality further and further into the faraway future.

[French] 15 mauvaises raisons de ne pas être féministe. Publié initialement le 23 juillet 2011 Parce que parfois, on a l’impression que tous les prétextes sont bons… « Je ne suis pas d’accord avec les féministes »

[French] 15 mauvaises raisons de ne pas être féministe

That Is Not Feminism. The Art of Mansplaining. Around the feminist blogosphere, the phenomenon of mansplaining has been duly noted as of late.

The Art of Mansplaining

This is also known as the Men Who Know Things phenomenon, whereby some men mistakenly believe that they automatically know more about any given topic than does a woman and will, consequently, proceed to explain to her- correctly or not- things that she already knows. The mansplainer's problem isn't so much that he's trying to teach a woman something, but rather that he takes it as a given that she doesn't already know whatever it is he is going to tell her. As someone who lives life as a female human, the sheer numbers of women in comment threads who have recounted experiences of Being Mansplained To is not at all surprising. Despite my general competence at life, dudes mansplain things to me all the time.

You May Be A Mansplainer If… – Thus Spake Zuska. Mansplaining.

You May Be A Mansplainer If… – Thus Spake Zuska

We’ve all had to endure it, on the internets or IRL, so frequently we are often overwhelmed with the desire to hork up serious chunks on the mansplainer’s shoes. And yet, you can’t always do that. Maybe the mansplainer is your boss. Maybe he’s mansplaining on your blog or your Facebook page, and you just can’t get at his shoes. [French] Bingo féministe et “mansplaining” Hier, Sophie Gourion, une féministe que j’apprécie et que je suis sur Twitter, a eu un long débat à propos du marketing genré. Elle a écrit, il y a quelques mois, un article pour Slate sur cette stratégie "qui consiste à segmenter l’offre produit en fonction du sexe","une façon indirecte de démultiplier les intentions d’achat, deux produits sexués devant ainsi se substituer à un seul produit mixte au sein d’un ménage". Une des personnes avec qui elle discutait n’y voyait pas de sexisme et, surtout, pas un sujet de préoccupation pour les féministes; d’où ce tweet (écrit par un homme): @Sophie_Gourion le vrai combat du féminisme est dans l’égalité des droits, pas dans l’uniformité des produits ni de la comm.— [Anonyme] Juillet 13, 2012 Précisons que cette personne, avec qui j’ai discuté ensuite, se considère comme féministe et que mon objectif n’est pas de lui contester cette appellation.

Men Who Know Things. Last week, I wrote about the authority society gives to the white male voice. Many men, I have found, believe that because people Pay Attention to Them When They Say Things it means that they automatically know more about stuff than women and people of color. Sometimes, it doesn't cross their minds that women and people of color are intelligent beings who know things too. Smearing of feminism – a history through illustrations « GenderBen! Cartoons have been sources of entertainment, political point-making, and propaganda for centuries. When I think of the subjugation of women in this medium, it is often through sexualisation. Betty Boop, Jessica Rabbit, Wonder Woman, the list goes on. I’m not a feminist, but— Did you ever start a sentence with “I’m not a feminist, but—”? Do you sometimes ridicule feminists because they’re so extreme/illogical/irrelevant?

Do you feel that being described as a feminist would be insulting? Then I have news for you: you might be a feminist anyway. Here’s a simple test. [French] "Je ne suis pas féministe...-Mozilla Firefox. ...mais bien sûr que j'ai ma carte d'électrice. Manquerait plus que ça que je puisse pas voter. On n'est pas Afghanistan! " Emily Davison est morte le 8 juin 1913 pour défendre la cause des sufragettes et pour que les femmes puissent voter. “I’m Not a Feminist, But…” [French] [Chiennes de garde] (In)Visibilité de la lutte contre le sexisme. Maxim's "How to cure a feminist" La convergence. Straw Feminist. Feminism 101: Myths and Facts. Feminazi. Tropes vs. Women: #6 The Straw Feminist. m9x6yf. 341. Straw-feminist. Angry feminist mob.