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Freedom of Choice

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Political freedom. Views[edit] Various groups along the political spectrum naturally differ on what they believe constitutes "true" political freedom.

Political freedom

Left wing political philosophy generally couples the notion of freedom with that of positive liberty, or the enabling of a group or individual to determine their own life or realize their own potential. Freedom, in this sense, may include freedom from poverty, starvation, treatable disease, and oppression, as well as freedom from force and coercion, from whomever they may issue.

Freedom of Thought/Conscience

Academic freedom ? Freedom of Reading. Freedom of Assembly. Freedom of Avatar -role playing- privacy. Making the University a Police State. This weekend The Chronicle of Higher Education published an opinion piece by Michael Morris arguing that in the name of campus security campuses should start data mining all student internet traffic.

Making the University a Police State

Or as the not so subtle, fear mongering, almost fit for Fox News title says, “Mining Student Data Could Save Lives.” Morris’s article to put the matter bluntly is a phenomenally bad idea. Indeed his argument so ill conceived that it is difficult to know where to begin in exposing the problems. I even question The Chronicle’s choice to publish this piece. Mining Student Data Could Save Lives - Commentary. By Michael Morris He hadn't taken his medication in weeks—didn't need it.

Mining Student Data Could Save Lives - Commentary

His clarity and focus over the past couple of months were sharper than they had ever been. Southern fires campus police chief. Posted: Apr 24, 2010 8:35 PM by Rob Krieger Updated: Apr 25, 2010 12:06 PM Source: WBRZ Southern University spent the past week without its Chief of Police after he was forced out on Wednesday.

Southern fires campus police chief

Former Chief Michael Morris says he was fired without warning. "They told me, 'Chief, Southern's Police department, we want to take it in a different direction and that direction doesn't include you,'" said Morris.

Freedom of Suffering

Freedom of Sexual Relations. Freedom of Religion. Economic freedom. Economic freedom or economic liberty or right to economic liberty is the ability of members of a society to undertake economic direction and actions.

Economic freedom

This is a term used in economic and policy debates as well as a politicoeconomic philosophy.[1][2] One approach to economic freedom comes from classical liberal and libertarian traditions emphasizing free markets, free trade and private property under free enterprise. The Art of Economic Complexity.

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Container. How the Magna Carta became a Minor Carta, part 1. De elite zit niet te wachten op democratie ? Nieuwsblog Illustratie Sebe Emmelot Vandaag in de papieren een ingekorte versie van de lezing die Noam Chomsky zondag hield in de Westerkerk in Amsterdam.

De elite zit niet te wachten op democratie ? Nieuwsblog

De 86-jarige taalkundige is een van de meest geciteerde denkers aller tijden – vlak na onder anderen Marx, Shakespeare, Plato en Freud. Hieronder de volledige tekst van zijn lezing, in het Engels. Corporatocracy: Living in the UCA (United Corps. of America) Corporation. Hackgate, power elites and the limits of the “corruption” critique. Just days before the first revelations of hackgate started to emerge, I remarked to a left-wing friend of mine impatient at the failure of the causes we share to gain any wider traction, that it was nearly always “corruption” scandals involving elites rather than the power of reasoned critique which opened up a window for profound and lasting change.

Hackgate, power elites and the limits of the “corruption” critique

The observation stemmed from the insight of Robert Darnton, and other scholars of revolutionary France, that it was not so much the rational arguments of the Enlightenment philosophes, but the relentless attacks of the libellistes – the French gutter press - on the greed and depravity of Louis XVI and his wife Marie Antoinette, which led to the French populace’s disillusionment with monarchy and ultimately the downfall of the ancien regime. More recently, we saw in Egypt, how the malfeasance of Mubarak’s government, as exposed by Wikileaks and others, played such an important role in spurring on the protesters. We are at a pivotal moment. The New Road to Serfdom. Noreena Hertz - Why we must stay silent no longer. In the hullaballoo following the American presidential election, with hanging and pregnant chads, and ballot forms that needed a PhD to decipher, it was easy to forget something that was in many ways even more alarming than confusion over who won.

Noreena Hertz - Why we must stay silent no longer

More than 90 million Americans had not bothered to vote - that is, more than the combined population of England, Ireland and Scandinavia. Low turnout is not just a US phenomenon. De volgende onheilsprofeet. Dr.

De volgende onheilsprofeet

Noreena Hertz. Falkvinge: European Democracies Get To Live Another Day Because Crazy Had Particular Skin Color, Invisible Friend. European democracies are under assault, both from the outside and from within.

Falkvinge: European Democracies Get To Live Another Day Because Crazy Had Particular Skin Color, Invisible Friend

Those on the outside of government would have us hate. Those on the inside would have us fear. Democracy is not primarily a concept where 51% of the people get to tell the other 49% what to do. In that shape, it is nothing more than three wolves and a lamb voting about what to have for dinner. Democracy has a tradition of rights for the individual that dates back to the Enlightenment and the separation between church and crown. And exactly that ability is being eroded at an alarming rate.

Freedom Lecture -Haec libertatis ergo -

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