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Imagery and Word Choice

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ELA 6.5 The student will read and demonstrate comprehension of a variety of fictional texts, narrative nonfiction, and poetry.
c) Describe how word choice and imagery contribute to the meaning of a text.

VIDEO: Impact of Word Choice on Meaning and Tone. Show students and example of imagery with this informative rap. Interactive Word Matrix: Students consider connotation and denotation of author's word choice. Use Scrible to highlight and annotate texts - Find meaning by investigating imagery and word choice. Native American Legends: Show Students How Symbolism and Word Choice Create Theme. Myths in words and pictures: Understanding the importance of symbols.

Achelous was the god of the most powerfully flowing river in Greece, and so was the chief of all the river gods.

Myths in words and pictures: Understanding the importance of symbols

The land along the river was ruled by the king of the nearby city of Calydon. The king had a beautiful daughter named Dejanira. When it came time for Dejanira to marry, her father announced a contest: the strongest of her suitors would win her hand. Achelous, the river god, was by far the strongest in the region. But Dejanira’s beauty was known everywhere, so it wasn’t long before Hercules came to Calydon to try his luck. Hercules was the strongest mortal in the world, but Achelous, being a god, had some advantages over him. When Hercules came to town, all other suitors withdrew.

“Here is Hercules,” Achelous said to the king. Hercules, in contrast, was a man of very few words. The god saw he could not beat Hercules in a regulation wrestling match. “A snake!” What might have seemed a wild boast was entirely true, and Achelous knew it. Create a storyboard illustrating the important passages that create meaning. Copy This Code Snippet <a href=" src=" /></a><br><a href=" a Copy</a> | <a href=" Larger</a> Want the raw links?

Create a storyboard illustrating the important passages that create meaning

Large Image: Thumbnail Image: View Storyboard Url (This Page): Create a Copy of This Storyboard: Common symbols in mythology that produce specific meaning and imagery. Students will track meaningful imagery throughout the fairytale, myth, or legend. Explore the imagery produced by classic fairytales - What does the artist see? Have students illustrate and discuss a scene that has meaningful imagery.

Inspiration Once upon a time, when you were a young child, you must have read a few popular fairy tales before.

Have students illustrate and discuss a scene that has meaningful imagery

Today, we have put together a collection of digital character illustrations that are based on some very well-known fairy tales. Each interpretation of the fairy tale and its characters is a reflection of the unique style and characteristic of the illustrator who created it. From this collection, you will see the many creative ways a fairy tale and its characters can be illustrated. Let’s take a look at fairy tales with a whole new perspective. Painstakingly hand-picked and sorted, here are some fantastic modern fairy tale character illustrations that are sure to boost your creativity. Little Red Riding Hood Once grandmother gave her a little riding hood of red velvet, which suited her so well that she would never wear anything else; so she was always called Little Red Riding Hood.

Bobby Chiu Nicolas Gouny Skolzki Violeta Dabija 2DCale The Pied Piper of Hamelin Laura Palmer. Compare Grimms With Modern Versions: How does the darker imagery and word choice affect meaning? Students will create acrostic poems "FAIRYTALE" using imagery and strong word choice.