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Des profits d'un côté, de l'autre, des fuites si rarement réparées

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Pérou : Marée noire en Amazonie, des enfants indigènes auraient participé aux opérations de nettoyage. Save Amazon Rainforest From Toxic Oil Spill. Target: Germán Velásquez Salazar, PetroPeru General Manager and Chairman Goal: Pay for oil spill cleanup and compensate all local communities affected by the toxic environmental disaster.

Save Amazon Rainforest From Toxic Oil Spill

There have been two oil pipeline spills in the Amazon since late January of this year. At least 3,000 barrels of petroleum were spilled into the river in Peru. While Brazil contains the largest part of the Amazon, Peru has the second largest section, now covered in black, thick crude oil sludge. The local community has been forced to come together to try and remove the oil from the river and soil. Justice5continents. Presenters and testimonies on oil extraction: Godwin Ojo, (Environmental Rights Action (ERA)/Friends of the Earth Nigeria, Niger Delta Shell)


Turn Shell's drillships around! Oil trains have 3 more years to explode, thanks to weak Obama rule. This story was originally published by Mother Jones and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration.

Oil trains have 3 more years to explode, thanks to weak Obama rule

Une ville du Nigeria continue à attendre le nettoyage de fuites de pétrole. The Chevron Tapes. Press release with links to original videos here.

The Chevron Tapes

We work for truth, justice and environmental sanity every day. We keep on with the hope that there will be a moment when the evil and corrupt acts that politicians and big business carry out that harm the planet, violate human rights and affect the health of our communities will see the light of day. Today is one of those historic moments. In 2011, a mysterious package arrived at our D.C. office. Beat up, rumpled and with no return address, a staffer avoided opening it fearing it may have been a bomb. Peru: Stop Poisoning Wildlife - Clean Up Toxic Oil Spills! Ask Chevron to pay what it owes to Ecuadorian communities! An Oil Boom Is Ravaging an Indian Reservation in North Dakota. Photos by the author On the banks of Lake Sakakawea, a 370,000-acre reservoir that in the heart of western North Dakota's Fort Berthold Reservation—home to the Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara (MHA) tribes—sits a 96-foot yacht.

An Oil Boom Is Ravaging an Indian Reservation in North Dakota

Tell BP to Pay Up - Ocean Conservancy. Decades-old pollution loophole still burns people of color and the poor. Petrochemical companies in the U.S. are into some really funky practices.

Decades-old pollution loophole still burns people of color and the poor

You may know that refineries and other polluting industrial plants have to apply for government-issued permits to secrete toxins into the air. The permits ensure that those secretions don’t rise above certain air quality standards so people living nearby don’t get sick and die. Even so, companies across the country have found ways to release more poisons into the air than is safe – nasties like soot, the product of incomplete combustion. BP found another shady way to cheat public, get richer.

It’s hard to imagine a company as filthy rich as BP running a scam that would cheat a state out of tens of millions of dollars.

BP found another shady way to cheat public, get richer

Wait, no it’s not. Minnesota is claiming in a lawsuit that BP did exactly that. The alleged scam took advantage the nationwide problem of old, leaky underground storage tanks (the EPA calls them LUSTs, because occasionally the EPA is hot). The EPA estimates there are 78,000 such tanks buried nationwide, each of them containing funky old oil and the like, even after some 436,000 were removed in recent decades.

Perenco en RDC : quand le pétrole rend les pauvres encore plus pauvres. North Dakota officials might finally spill details about oil spill. BP negligent in Texas refinery leak but absolved of wrongdoing. Yes, of course BP was negligent when it allowed at least 500,000 pounds of toxic gases to stream out of a refinery in Texas City, Texas, for 40 days in 2010.

BP negligent in Texas refinery leak but absolved of wrongdoing

So ruled a Texas jury. But that’s where the good news out of a lawsuit that could affect 48,000 refinery neighbors ends. Despite the company’s negligence, a jury concluded that the fumes it released, which contained such cancer-causing chemicals as benzene and nitrogen oxides, caused no harm to its neighbors. Une catastrophe écologique embarrasse Hugo Chávez. Accord à l'amiable entre BP et les sinistrés de la marée noire. Le géant pétrolier britannique BP va verser près de 8 milliards de dollars aux termes d'un accord à l'amiable réglant une partie du contentieux dû à l'explosion de la plateforme Deepwater Horizon en 2010 dans le golfe du Mexique et à la marée noire qui en avait découlé.

Accord à l'amiable entre BP et les sinistrés de la marée noire

Le compromis annoncé vendredi soir permet d'indemniser des entreprises privées de la région souillée par la marée noire qui a suivi la catastrophe, comme les pêcheurs. Mais il ne couvre pas le plus gros du contentieux, à savoir les procédures ouvertes par les pouvoirs publics américains. «L'accord proposé n'inclut pas les plaintes contre BP déposées par le ministère américain de la Justice, ou par d'autres agences fédérales, ou par des Etats ou des collectivités locales», a précisé le juge Carl Barbier en rendant public le texte qui doit encore recevoir son approbation.

Conséquences de la marée noire en Louisiane: «Les résultats des études sont inaccessibles» 779.000m3 de pétrole dans l’océan: la marée noire provoquée par l’explosion de la plateforme Deepwater dans le golfe du Mexique risque de marquer pour longtemps les écosystèmes de la région.

Conséquences de la marée noire en Louisiane: «Les résultats des études sont inaccessibles»

Du chocolat pour nettoyer le pétrole. Bientôt des glaces et des tablettes «anti-pétrole»? Nigeria: la malédiction du pétrole (1/3)

3 ans après (!) les dégâts ne sont toujours pas réparés. – alwen

Nigéria: la malédiction du pétrole (2/3) Nigeria: la malédiction du pétrole (3/3) Shell – Stop Disputing Amount of Oil Spilt in Nigeria. Name not displayed, Singapore Apr 20, 01:12 Name not displayed, Denmark Apr 02, 03:07 Mr. Art Price, BC Mar 25, 12:23. Chevron's Dirty Legacy Felt from Brazil to the Bay Area. Chevron’s been making headlines recently, and not good ones. The oil and gas giant is in deep water over a recent oil spill in Brazil and the company was the source of a massive explosion on August 6th at an oil refinery plant in Richmond, California, just miles from San Francisco, Berkeley and Oakland. The explosion resulted in a “shelter in place” order and sent hundreds of area residents to local hospitals complaining of shortness of breath and chest pain. Chevron, however, continues to downplay each of these incidences.

– À bas Chevron et le mazoutage du peuple équatorien! BP Will Spend $400M To Reduce Pollution At Indiana Refinery. Chicago has long been a poster child for the fossil fuel industry’s negative effects on health and the environment. The Chicago metropolitan region still violates federal air quality standards for harmful ozone and particulate matter pollution, mostly due to the many coal-fired power plants in the area. Now, BP, one of the worst offenders, has announced that it will spend $400 million to install new controls that will significantly reduce noxious air pollution from its massive refinery in northwest Indiana.

Controls include a state-of-the-art system to reduce the flaring of refinery gas as well as additional controls and practices to lower emissions from process equipment throughout the refinery. In addition, BP says it will implement a refinery fence line monitoring system to provide air quality information to the local community.