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Profits Instead of Responsibility

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Coca-Cola Caught Undermining Public Health Initiatives. By Dr.

Coca-Cola Caught Undermining Public Health Initiatives

Mercola Soda and other sweetened beverages have been identified as a major contributor to the obesity1,2 and diabetes epidemics around the world,3,4 and in light of the scientific evidence, many public health organizations have started recommending daily sugar limits. At least 10 countries have implemented or are working toward implementing taxes on soda in an effort to reduce consumption and improve public health. One 12-ounce can of regular soda contains on average between 8 and 10 teaspoons of sugar, far exceeding 100 percent of your recommended daily sugar allotment of 6 teaspoons (25 grams). Considering sugar is as addictive as cocaine5 and has downright toxic effects on your body when consumed in excess,6 it's no wonder obesity has become such a health crisis.

Reducing the number of sugary drinks you consume each day can go a long way toward reducing your risk for metabolic dysfunction, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke and obesity. How Your Body Responds to Coca-Cola. Monsanto's Mind-Meld; Spin Machine in High Gear. Alternative facts, indeed.

Monsanto's Mind-Meld; Spin Machine in High Gear

Less than two weeks into the presidency of Donald Trump it appears we are seeing the ushering in of a new era of twisted truths, fake news, and selective science. That should be good news to the corporate spin doctors who are deep into a campaign now to try to combat global concerns about the world’s favorite weed killer. Is CDC Working With Coca-Cola? - 17 Highlights with LINER. By Dr.

Is CDC Working With Coca-Cola? - 17 Highlights with LINER

Mercola I've often written about the collusion between industry and our regulatory agencies, and how industry-funded research tends to simply support and promote the industry agenda rather than shed truthful light on the benefits or risks of any given product. Recent media reports have now revealed devastating evidence showing a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) executive aided a Coca-Cola representative in efforts to influence World Health Organization (WHO) officials to relax recommendations on sugar limits.1. Use of Paraquat in US Increases While 32 Countries Banned It. Important Facts About Genetically Engineered Foods You’ll Never Hear From Mainstream Media – Collective Evolution. Voluntary Smart Labels Preempt States’ and Consumers' Rights.

By Dr.

Voluntary Smart Labels Preempt States’ and Consumers' Rights

Mercola According to the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA), 80 percent of the foods on your grocery store's shelves contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs).1 These foods are also most likely to be contaminated with toxic pesticide residues. Just last month, the Organic Consumers Association (OCA) sued Post Holdings, Inc., for falsely marketing Shredded Wheat cereal as "100 percent natural" and "made with nothing but goodness," after independent testing found it contained glyphosate2 — hardly what health-conscious consumers would expect.

Chemical Defense Attorney Exposes PFOA and Teflon Dangers. By Dr.

Chemical Defense Attorney Exposes PFOA and Teflon Dangers

Mercola If you’re still using non-stick cookware, you may want to seriously reconsider. Federal study: Monsanto chemicals poisoned southern town, caused many cases of liver disease. When science sells out. The rise in the dominance of financial and commercial interests sponsoring science on one hand, and an increasingly ideological agenda of government-funded research on the other hand, are thwarting and clouding science’s role to promote insight, innovation and progress.

When science sells out

Decline and loss of credibility is the natural consequence when science is used as a means to advance corporate interests or to push ideological agendas. Without a change in course, this decline will endanger American scientific leadership. A recent study by the Pew Research Center in Washington showed that scientists view many important issues differently than the rest of the population. For example, 88 percent of scientists view genetically modified food as safe versus only 37 percent of the general population — a gap of 51 percent.

Monsanto Accused Of Knowingly Polluting SF Bay With Toxic PCBs. Targeting the chemical giant which for decades allegedly polluted the San Francisco Bay with a highly toxic environmental contaminant, the city of Oakland on Tuesday filed suit against Monsanto.

Monsanto Accused Of Knowingly Polluting SF Bay With Toxic PCBs

In a press statement announcing the suit, Oakland city attorney Barbara Parker accused Monsanto of concealing information on the dangers of Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCBs), long before they were banned by U.S. Congress. Unexpected Implications of Industry Involvement in Trans Fat Research. By Dr.

Unexpected Implications of Industry Involvement in Trans Fat Research

The High Cost of Cheap, Imported Seafood. Dolphins in the Pacific Ocean captured in a tuna fishery’s purse-seine net.

The High Cost of Cheap, Imported Seafood

Photo: NOAA/SWFSC To eat your next serving of anchovy-topped pizza served with a side of dead dolphin would be unappetizing and seriously depressing. But the sad reality is that most fish and seafood sold in the United States, whether fresh filleted or frozen in a fish stick, has come at a high price—hundreds of thousands of whales, dolphins, sea lions, and other marine mammals killed by industrial fishermen operating in direct violation of U.S. law, according to a new report.

The U.S. imports 91 percent of its seafood, and a little-known law called the Marine Mammals Protection Act, enacted in the 1970s, includes a provision that requires foreign fishermen who wish to sell their seafood in the U.S. to meet U.S. standards for bycatch. Yet the law is not enforced even the slightest bit, according to the report, which was published by the environmental nonprofit Natural Resources Defense Council.