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New Economy, New Wealth by Arthur Brock on Prezi

New Economy, New Wealth by Arthur Brock on Prezi

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Euros discarded as impoverished Greeks resort to bartering It's been a busy day at the market in downtown Volos. Angeliki Ioanitou has sold a decent quantity of olive oil and soap, while her friend Maria has done good business with her fresh pies. But not a single euro has changed hands – none of the customers on this drizzly Saturday morning has bothered carrying money at all. For many, browsing through the racks of second-hand clothes, electrical appliances and homemade jams, the need to survive means money has been usurped.

Paying with 'kisses' as Brazil’s social currencies spread 2 January 2013Last updated at 04:05 ET By Manuel Toledo BBC, Vitoria, Brazil Heraldo Rodrigues da Silva has taken two loans from a community bank Shopkeeper Heraldo Rodrigues da Silva, 55, owns a small store in Sao Benedito, one of the poorest neighbourhoods in Vitoria, the capital of the Brazilian state of Espirito Santo. On the wall behind his counter, a sign announces that besides the real - Brazil's legal tender - he accepts the "bem", an alternative currency from a local community development bank, Banco Bem. Continue reading the main story “Start Quote

Do local currencies work? November 27, 2012 Six years on from its launch, a local currency in the United States continues to inspire others. But what can it tell us about their potential to nurture vibrant, distinctive local economies? Austin Macauley reports Can Local Currencies be the Foundation for the Sharing Economy? A relatively new financial tool is emerging that could greatly strengthen the sharing movement. The tool is local currencies, which are popping up in cities across the globe. The Boston Bean is one of the newest U.S. examples. The local currency in Bristol, U.K., can even be used to pay local business taxes. Excitement is spreading, in part due to desperate economic conditions and the potential of local currencies to boost local economies.

In Spain, financial crisis feeds expansion of a parallel, euro-free economy At a time when the future of the euro is in doubt and millions are unemployed or underemployed with little cash to spare, a parallel economy is springing up in parts of Spain, allowing people to live outside the single currency. In the city of Malaga, on the country’s southern Mediterranean coast just 80 miles from Africa, residents have set up an online site that allows them to earn money and buy products using a virtual currency. The Catalonian fishing town of Vilanova i la Geltru has launched a similar experiment but with a paper credit card of sorts. It implements a new currency worth slightly more than the euro when it is used at local stores. In Barcelona, the country’s second-largest city after Madrid, the preferred model is time banks, which allow people to trade their services in hours without the involvement of money.

Open-source currencies on the rise in Greece In the shadow of the Euro Crisis, the people of the Greek city of Volos are taking their monetary future into their own hands. Theodoros Mavridis and other Euro-strapped Greeks have founded a local currency system called TEM, an acronym for ‘Local Alternative Unit’ in Greek. Even though Greece is hemorrhaging Euros, Greeks still have goods and services valuable to each other. But without the actual Euros to pay for things in the local market, everyone is stuck trying to pay with goods in-kind: a week’s piano lessons for 3/4′s of a goat. That’s where TEM comes in. After creating an account, members do business with each other using TEM credits.

Fourth Corner Exchange Inc - Brief Introduction The Life Currency Cooperative Exchange Have you ever wondered why, when millions of people have been working for positive change for so many years, the world is still in such a mess? Does it seem like no matter how much good work is done, the destructive juggernaut of modern culture steams ahead regardless, intent on destroying the planet and the quality of people's lives?

Yes! Local Currency Resources Resources Guide posted Jun 30, 1997 Elderplan Inc. 6323 Seventh Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11220 718/921- HMO that issues service credits to seniors who help one another Making Money - Issue #2 Money Print Your Own Money can be designed to enhance community, integrity, equity and sustainability - or it can do the opposite. The money-makers in this story created various kinds of local currency- and you can, too! posted Jun 30, 1997 It is lunch time in Ithaca in upstate New York, and the local currency is rolling off the presses. Printer David St. Communities print their own currency to keep cash flowing By Marisol Bello, USA TODAY A small but growing number of cash-strapped communities are printing their own money. Borrowing from a Depression-era idea, they are aiming to help consumers make ends meet and support struggling local businesses. The systems generally work like this: Businesses and individuals form a network to print currency.

Resources for Community Currency Activists Direct link to the book... The War on Freedom This book, on many levels, is a miracle, not unlike the mysterious process of Birth, and revives our collective aspirations for Hope, Peace, Justice, Joy and Life to prevail against those in power who scream for War. Piercing the smoke and mirrors of propaganda, misinformation, the largest psychological “Special Operation” ever pulled on humanity, the book calmly, carefully, meticulously examines the facts, the evidence of the crime of the century, and documents the clear need for a real, open, public inquiry of 9-11. Much of the C.I.A.’s budget is devoted to controlling the public mind, for there is no greater threat, today, to the powers that be, than an informed American public. Enormous resources have been squandered to distract, mislead, deflect, frighten attention from a deep understanding of the events of September 11th, what actually happened, why it happened, who has benefited, and who is paying the price.

How to make a difference - Culture change - 10 steps to creating your own local currency In March 2007 Transition Town Totnes launched the UK's first Transition Currency - a complimentary currency, backed by Sterling, that strengthens the local economy. Since then three other Transition Towns have followed. The value of these projects is that they raise the profile of local businesses and start community-wide conversations around issues like the fragility of the international banking system, climate change and peak oil. Lambeth council estimates that the positive media coverage generated by the Brixton Pound is worth around £100,000.