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Conspiracies, more of them...

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Did The Fourth Branch of Government Release SARS-CoV-2 Then Blame China? EXPOSED: Chemtrails hint at ongoing “New Manhattan Project” to alter Earth’s atmosphere. EXPOSED: Chemtrails hint at ongoing “New Manhattan Project” to alter Earth’s atmosphere.

EXPOSED: Chemtrails hint at ongoing “New Manhattan Project” to alter Earth’s atmosphere

The True Story Of The Bunnyman, Northern Virginia’s Most Gruesome Urban Legend. There is another police report that mentions the notorious Bunnyman of Virginia, and this one shares a few striking similarities with the first tale.

The True Story Of The Bunnyman, Northern Virginia’s Most Gruesome Urban Legend

Ten days later, right around Halloween, a construction company near the area became the Bunnyman's new stomping grounds. A security guard named Paul Phillips was on duty, when he came across a man dressed in black and gray with bunny ears, similar to the initial report from the couple. He was vandalizing a house, and when Phillips approached, the oddly dressed man is reported to have said: “All you people trespass around here.

If you don’t get out of here, I’m going to bust you in the head.” The Scary, Weird, Somewhat True Story of the Fairfax "Bunny Man" The 15 Best Conspiracy Theory Movies and Paranoid Thrillers. Robert Redford in Three Days of the Condor.

The 15 Best Conspiracy Theory Movies and Paranoid Thrillers

Photo: Paramount Pictures In his essay “The Paranoid Style in American Politics,” historian Richard Hofstadter identified a “sense of heated exaggeration, suspiciousness, and conspiratorial fantasy” that served as a recurring pattern in American history (though not exclusively in American history). Inside the Camp Hero 'Montauk Project' conspiracy. Joe Loffreno has worked at the wild, craggy Eastern tip of Long Island now called Camp Hero State Park for 18 years.

Inside the Camp Hero 'Montauk Project' conspiracy

He knows the spooky, abandoned military base — which supposedly inspired the Netflix ­series “Stranger Things” — better than most. “It’s a place that’s dominated my life and my nightmares,’ he told The Post. The abandoned WWII radar tower and surrounding Camp Hero "Stranger Things" fans flock daily to the Cold War-era radio tower -- built during the Cold War to warn citizens of possible Soviet nuclear attacks -- at former military base Camp Hero in Montauk, LI. Stories of secret mind-control experiments taking place here helped inspire the series. Matthew McDermott. The truth about conspiracy theories. Conspiracy theories seem to be worryingly on the rise.

The truth about conspiracy theories

But what do we do when a so-called conspiracy theory turns out to be true? And why are we so dismissive of putative conspiracy theories and yet accepting of similarly unfounded scientism or psychologism, asks Matthew Dentith. Conspiracy theorists have a bad reputation in academia. They have been accused of subscribing to contradictory theories, promoting beliefs which have negative social consequences, overemphasising conspiracies over coincidences, being susceptible to epistemic vices, and a whole lot more.

According to many scholars of conspiracy theory (whom we might call the “conspiracy theory theorists”) conspiracy theories are mad, bad, and often dangerous. The Ultimate Conspiracy Revealed. It’s a trip how much mental energy people pour into arguments about world affairs while devoting almost none to the way their understanding and perception of those affairs is happening.

The Ultimate Conspiracy Revealed

People will happily argue day in and day out about what political ideology is most correct or what should be done about a given problem, but it’s rare for them to turn around and examine the sources of information that they’ve used to form those opinions. The fact that most of the information being circulated about what’s going on in the world is owned by plutocrats who undeniably have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo rarely enters into mainstream awareness. Which is of course by design. Noam Chomsky, a Conspiracy Theorist of the Highest Magnitude: Defining Conspiracy Theory, What are the Theories Behind the Conspiracies?

One of the main problems with our society is that words have lost their meaning .

Noam Chomsky, a Conspiracy Theorist of the Highest Magnitude: Defining Conspiracy Theory, What are the Theories Behind the Conspiracies?

In spoken languages, the tone of a word can be used to make inferences that may be completely unrelated to the meaning of the word. This is especially true when dealing with propaganda. When certain people or organizations want to dismiss an argument, they tend to phrase words in such a way that makes them appear illogical or treacherous if given credence.

One of these words is “conspiracy”, and when put together with the word “theory” it becomes the infamous phrase “Conspiracy Theory”. Bush Funeral Service Foreshadows A Series of Radical Events. In Memoriam: George H. Scherff Jr. aka George HW Bush Sr. Deathbed confessed as Nikola Tesla’s murderer and, by all indications, one of those who plotted the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the 41st US President George HW Bush died at 94 last November 30, 2018, effectively ending a long career of mass murder and genocide, and high profile assassinations, around the world. George HW Bush’s true identity was uncovered through the perseverance of one investigative journalist Michael Nicoloff and the deathbed confession of Hitler’s close-in bodyguard, Otto Skorzeny. From the April 2007 Idaho Observer: Deathbed confessions, photos support claims that George H.

Scherf(f), Jr., was the 41st U.S. president. Bill Clinton, Ariana Grande and the Illuminati Presidential Programming - IlluminatiWatcher. Theonion. Is Alex Jones Actually Legendary Comedian Bill Hicks? Alex Jones and his audience are big fans of some out-there, offensive conspiracy theories.

Is Alex Jones Actually Legendary Comedian Bill Hicks?

These include the belief that the US government controls the weather, that the Sandy Hook shooting was a “false flag attack,” and, of course, that the Democratic Party is connected to a D.C. child-sex ring operating out of pizzerias. But one conspiracy theory has resurfaced repeatedly throughout the years, and it annoys the alt-right radio host to no end. The theory states that Bill Hicks — a legendary comedian who passed away in 1994 — is still alive today. Furthermore, it argues that the Alex Jones we know today is none other than Bill Hicks in disguise. For many years, Jones has rejected, ridiculed, and even sarcastically affirmed this claim. Who Murdered Chef Anthony Bourdain? I come to know about Chef Anthony Bourdain through his travel and exploration of the Philippine cuisine.

Who Murdered Chef Anthony Bourdain?

His down to earth style struck a chord right away. The Crop Circle Mystery: A Closer Look. Crop circles — strange patterns that appear mysteriously overnight in farmers' fields—provoke puzzlement, delight and intrigue among the press and public alike.

The Crop Circle Mystery: A Closer Look

The circles are mostly found in the United Kingdom, but have spread to dozens of countries around the world in past decades. The mystery has inspired countless books, blogs, fan groups, researchers (dubbed "cereologists") and even Hollywood films. Despite having been studied for decades, the question remains: Who — or what — is making them? Early crop circles. NASA Denies That It’s Running a Child Slave Colony on Mars.

A report on Alex Jones’ InfoWars claiming child sex slaves have been kidnapped and shipped to Mars is untrue, NASA told The Daily Beast on Thursday. “There are no humans on Mars. There are active rovers on Mars. The Lawsuit That Could Sink the Clintons: A 30-Year Murder Cover-up Is Going to Court. A quick internet search for Linda Ives pulls up an intriguing email. "I have never claimed any direct connection between Clinton and my son's murder," the email begins. Expert On International Jewish Conspiracy Has Never Been More Than 40 Miles Outside Council Bluffs, Iowa. Hillary Clinton wore an ear phone at Commander-In-Chief Forum « Memory Hole. Process Attorney In DNC Fraud Lawsuit Found DEAD « Memory Hole.

PastorBonesFury News The list of dead people in connection with Hillary Clinton continues to grow longer. On Tuesday morning, an attorney working on the fraud class action Wilding et al. v. Democratic National Committee Services Corp. et al. was found dead at his home by a family member. A Putin Ally Is Found Dead in a U.S. Hotel. Photo. Mystery Deepens Over Death of Former Putin Ally Mikhail Lesin. Photo. Mikhail Lesin’s Strange Death in U.S. Follows a Fall From Russia’s Elite. He returned, though, after Mr. The People's History: The Finders Cult. How to Tell If Conspiracy Theories Are Real: Here's the Math. A faked moon landing or a hidden cure for cancer are just a couple of large-scale conspiracies that, if true, would have come to light within five years following their alleged cover-ups, according to a mathematical formula put together by one physicist. David Robert Grimes, a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Oxford who studies cancer, is familiar with conspiracy theorists.

His mainstream writing for the likes of The Guardian and BBC News has included controversial topics that lend themselves to conspiracies, including homosexuality, climate change and water fluoridation. Sandy Hook Massacre: Three Years of Subterfuge and Fraud. Fraud. The Sandy Hook Massacre: Unanswered Questions and Missing Information. Often quoted yet seldom read, this article was written ten days after the December 14 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre.

-JT, 4-12-13. San Bernardino Shooting Parallels Recent Oregon College Massacre. Submitted by Niles and Frasier Mercado. Bad thinkers? Don't be so gullible! Bad thinkers? Don't be so gullible! By Lee Basham and Matthew R. Has Miley Cyrus seen the fnords? Miley Cyrus: The Illuminati Breaks Her Mind While Nude Photos “Break the Internet” German Television Exposes Holocaust Lies: Historic Broadcast Shocks Germany. Relatively Interesting Monstrous Compendium of Cryptids and Creatures. Museum Of Repressed American History Conceals New Exhibit On Tuskegee Experiments - The Onion - America's Finest News Source. Report: White House Officials Deliberately Hid FDR’s Mechanical Spider Legs From Public - The Onion - America's Finest News Source. The Franklin Coverup Scandal The Child sex ring that reached Bush/Reagan Whitehouse. 'Ebola is man-made', and other crazy conspiracy theories. What I Saw At the Conspiracy Theory Conference.

Intellectual character of conspiracy theorists – Quassim Cassam. Dyatlov Pass and Mass Murdering Yeti? A DN Exclusive. ISIS, the FBI and the Georgia Guidestones (Plus All New 2014 Cube!) The Franklin Case Timeline. (1) Conspiracy Theories: What is the most outrageous conspiracy theory that ultimately proved to be correct. The Five Most Notorious Secret Societies. Turkish Government Says Defence Engineers' Suicides May Have Been Caused By Telekinesis. The Terence Mckenna OmniBus 2012 – 11/12 – “Conspiracy Theory” Britain’s Real Monarch. The Hidden Life of Marilyn Monroe, the Original Hollywood Mind Control Slave (Part-I) From The Monster Files: Werewolves. Morgellons. How To Respond To An Anti Conspiracy Theorist.

A Glossary of Conspiracy Theorist Words and Phrases - Muertos - Blogs. A Response To The Question "Why Do People Believe in Conspiracy Theories?" Why people believe in conspiracy theories. Alex Jones: Suspects “look Israeli” 'Sirius,' Steven Greer's Film, Claims To Unveil Tiny 'Alien' Humanoid. UFO Attacks & Kills 9 Hikers In Russia For Real Pictures. Your Entire Reality Has Been Scripted by the Manipulation Masters : Lost Girls. The Paranoid Style In American Politics. The Paranoid Style Is American Politics. 1.8 Million Gangsters, 100,000 Assassins – A Meditation on the Life & Writing of Benjamin Screaton Fulford, By Michael J. Hobart. Did David Icke Call Out the British Establishment’s Pedophile Jimmy Savile? Conspiracy Theory Experts: Skepticism Is Part Of Our National Identity : It's All Politics. 33 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True.

The Illuminati Conspiracy Theories, and the Climate Denial Hoax.