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Jef Harvey: Healing The Matrix - Radio Show Podcast - OffPlanet Radio-Spirituality, UFOs, ET, Paranormal, Fringe Science OffPlanet Radio Live - 08-07-2013- Randy Maugans with Jef Harvey To contact Jef Harvey call: +1 570-219-2025 Jef Harvey has a background in Naval Intelligence, electronics, advanced software systems, as well as training in remote viewing and neurolinguistic programmming (NLP). He is a a technologist and healing arts practitioner, homeopathy practitioner, Board Certified in Quorom Nutrition, who is deploying emerging technologies in autoimmune disease reversal and accelerated deep tissue wound healing. JMR HIGGS: KLF: Chaos Magic Music Money - new book out now In 1994 Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty took a million pounds to a deserted boathouse on the island of Jura, and burnt it. I wish they hadn't, to be honest, but there you go. I read about it afterwards in an article in the Observer, which I immediately clipped and put in a drawer. I've still got it somewhere. I'd never clipped an article before, and have rarely done so since. The incident lodged in my craw and has refused to leave, especially after it became clear that neither Cauty not Drummond knew why they had done it.

French Economy In "Dire Straits", "Worse Than Anyone Can Imagine", Leaked NSA... By Tyler Durden | Earlier today Wikileaks released a new batch of NSA intercepts among which one in particular stands out: an intercepted communication which reveals that then French Finance Minister Pierre Moscovici believes the French economic situation was far worse, as of mid-2012, than perceived. Specifically, Moscovici who served as French finance minister until 2014 and then became European commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs, Taxation and Customs, used some very colorful language, i.e., the French economic situation was "worse than anyone [could] imagine and drastic measures [would] have to be taken in the next two years”. Needless to say, no drastic measures were taken.

Reiki-Reiki Healing Technique- Japanese Reiki Read a brief introduction to Japanese Reiki healing technique. Reiki as a healing technique has gained immense popularity all over the world with more and more people wanting to master this simple art of meditation and self-realisation. Reiki as a healing art originated in Japan and it means 'Universal Life Energy' in Japanese.

***Intel Update*** “Tons & Tons of Gold, N.E.S.A.R.A. and our GFL ‘Cosmic Sting’ Operation” “Tons & Tons of Gold, N.E.S.A.R.A. and our GFL ‘Cosmic Sting’ Operation” “Greetings in the Light of our Radiant One, this is Lord Ashtar, of the Ashtar Command, Federation of Light. It is a time of great joy and excitement, that we are all feeling, those of you of Earth and we who are members of your “Extended Cosmic Family” that so many important and vital Truths are now being Officially revealed and Documented, into the “public domain”, for the masses of humanity, the “99%”, that have for so long been either “rumored”, theorized or only briefly referred to up until now. Yes, of the fact, that as this Channel and so many others of you have sensed and known, from within yourselves, and which you were told about in our communications with you in the past, and which as stated, is now Documented, that this Revelation is only one of many yet to be exposed and officially Documented in the coming months. I will now step aside and let your/my friend, the Ascended Master St.

Fukushima Forever Recent disclosures of tons of radioactive water from the damaged Fukushima reactors spilling into the ocean are just the latest evidence of the continuing incompetence of the Japanese utility, TEPCO. The announcement that the Japanese government will step in is also not reassuring since it was the Japanese government that failed to regulate the utility for decades. But, bad as it is, the current contamination of the ocean should be the least of our worries. The Gaian Dragon Coral Canyon Before the Fire Please be patient while I put this all together. There's actually quite a bit here already, but I'm always adding more.

Physician Linking Autism - Vaccines Found Shot Dead. From: James Jeffrey Bradstreet was a hero to many parents. He spent a great part of his life trying to fight for those children who sustained injuries from vaccines via the creation of medical procedures. This included his very own son. Clearly, his ideas and concepts and science were not accepted by all and created a great many heated debates online.

Dead Sea an Exhibit at the Library of Congress, Washington, DC The exhibition Scrolls From the Dead Sea: The Ancient Library of Qumran and Modern Scholarship brings before the American people a selection from the scrolls which have been the subject of intense public interest. Over the years questions have be en raised about the scrolls' authenticity, about the people who hid them away, about the period in which they lived, about the secrets the scrolls reveal, and about the intentions of the scrolls' custodians in restricting access. DarkGovernment Man-made air pollution kills millions of people every year, but a new study suggests that poor air quality in India and China could be contributing to extreme weather patterns in the U.S. and Canada. The study by researchers at Texas A&M, the first of its kind to focus on More… RAW Video Below… PHOENIX — A 38-year-old man died following an altercation with Phoenix police officers at a West Valley restaurant on Sunday night. Video of the deadly struggle was taken by restaurant employees, and posted online.

How TPP resembles NAFTA, and why both create some of the largest health and human rights emergencies of our time Megan WeinandActivist Post “Today we say, enough is enough! We have been denied the most elemental preparation so they can use us as cannon fodder and pillage the wealth of our country. Occult of PersonalityOccult of Personality Podcast: Play in new window | Download Anthropologist, psychologist, and Palero, Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold joins us in podcast episode 112 to discuss his wonderful book Palo Mayombe: The Garden of Blood and Bones published by Scarlet Imprint. In addition to studying Palo as an academic, Nicholaj is also an initiate and practitioner. Because of his knowledge and experience, the book is written “from within the cult,” but also conveys a scholarly exposition on the contextual history of Palo’s heritage.

Why Odinists put Children’s Rights above Homosexual Rights… and Why I shall not be Performing the Sacrament of Marriage for Same Sex Couples… By Seana Fenner | In the wake of yet more attempts meant to pervert and destroy our people, and especially helpless young children, I felt that some response should be made to point out what the traditional Odinist view of homosexual “marriage” is. Why do I put marriage in regard to homosexual union in quotations? Ancient Odinist Europeans did not perform homosexual marriage ceremonies… and we still do not, nor shall we ever do so, because we do not consider two men joining together a sacrament. Such spiritual perversion has not even been carried out by Christians, at least not until now.. Recently, I became involved with a controversy about Ásatrúar performing homosexual marriages in Iceland, or to be more exact, I ignited a controversy.

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