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Mandy Littlefield on Instagram: “I noticed Crown Princess Mary's necklace. Repost from @royal_princess_queens using @RepostRegramApp. #kronprinsessemary #denmark #crownprincessmary #danishroyals #royals #royalty #princessmaryofdenmark #royaljewels” Escapes hotel deals. Google Maps. Google Maps. How can we do a Hawaii trip on a reasonable budget? Although our limp travel dollar means you might have to reduce your beachside mai tai intake, there are ways to shave a few bucks from your vacation in Hawaii – by thinking creatively and avoiding some pricey pitfalls.

How can we do a Hawaii trip on a reasonable budget?

“Getting here, staying here and eating here are often expensive, but what you do while you’re here determines whether or not you’ll blow your budget,” says Andrew Doughty, author of the top-selling Hawaii Revealed guidebook and app series. Strictly focusing on the Aloha State’s main lures can prevent your in-situ budget from shattering faster than a fallen coconut, he adds. “Beautiful vistas, beach walks, swimming under waterfalls or just spending quality time with someone you love are what it’s all about here – and they’re all free.” For accommodation, I’d suggest cross-referencing resort websites – late-February and March (excluding spring break) can deliver shoulder-season deals – with alternatives you might not usually consider.

We went in September and saved a bundle. 5 essential travel apps to save money on your next trip. When the travel bug bites, you know it.

5 essential travel apps to save money on your next trip

Maybe it'll happen on a random rainy Tuesday in November when you trudge into work soaking wet because you forgot your umbrella. Your immaculately dry coworkers glare as you pass their offices, the "squish" of your galoshes betraying your late arrival. You make a beeline to the kitchen only to discover the new coffee machine is broken. As you dejectedly head to your bland cubicle to face another pile of spreadsheets, soggy and un-caffeinated, you wonder what is wrong with you. Is it seasonal affective disorder? Yes, you do. An impulsive jaunt to somewhere sunny might cure you of that restless funk that is known to creep in on every white-collar worker. Luckily, there's a whole horde of money-saving travel apps that will help you book cheaper flights, lodging, food, and the whole-shebang. Here are some of the best travel apps to save money on your next trip. 1) Skyscanner Is it cheaper to fly to Barcelona in May or in June?

2) Hotel Tonight 4) Triposo. WAIKIKI , HONOLULU - OAHU / HAWAII , USA - A WALKING TRAVEL TOUR - HD 1080P. Packing Tips and Tricks for Travel - Packing Hacks for Long Trips. Whether you're going home for the holidays or taking a much-needed vacation, there is travel—and thus the ever-daunting task of packing—in your future.

Packing Tips and Tricks for Travel - Packing Hacks for Long Trips

Because every last inch of suitcase real estate counts, and you don't want to wrinkle your sweaters, break a precious bottle of Chanel No. 5, or worst case scenario: lose your bag at the airport, it's time to streamline/safeguard your approach. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Here, we've rounded up the most pin-worthy packing hacks in the game with help from HGTV star David Bromstad, who recently collaborated with Kipling on a vintage-inspired fall luggage line tailored to the stylish-yet-practical traveler—AKA you, if you do the following: 1. Roll, don't fold clothes Karl Juengel It's faster and will maximize your space!

2. Save space while helping your bras maintain their shape by stacking them on on top of each other. 3. "You never want dirty shoes touching your clothes," says Bromstad, adding that the smell can transfer as well. 5 essential travel apps to save money on your next trip. Mother Raccoon teaches kit how to climb a tree. At Honolulu's royal palace. Oahu visitors can return to the era of Hawaiian royalty during rare evening tours of Honolulu's Iolani Palace next Monday and Tuesday.

at Honolulu's royal palace

Once home to the island's kings and queens, the palace in downtown Honolulu generally offers only daytime tours. But to celebrate the Dec. 31 anniversary of the birth of Queen Kapiolani in 1834, the palace will throw open its doors from 5:30 to 9:30 p.m. Dec. 28 and 29. These are the only two dates during the year that guests can experience nighttime at the palace, with holiday entertainment similar to that enjoyed by the queen and her husband, King David Kalakaua, during the late 19th century. Traditional hula will be performed in the Throne Room, while soloists from Hawaii Opera Theatre will entertain in the Blue Room. When the royal residence was completed in 1882, it was fitted with electric lights as a way to demonstrate to the world that, although remote, Hawaii was still a modern nation.

Info: Iolani Palace, (808) 522-0822 Want really fresh oysters? Liard River, British Columbia, Canada.