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NewRPL. Details Introduction What exactly is newRPL?


NewRPL is a re-implementation of the HP48/49/50 series calculators programming environment. The RPL scripting language is being redesigned and recreated with even more powerful features. While this new implementation is written in portable C, initially, the target will be the HP50g hardware, consisting on the following: ARM 920T processor running at up to 200 MHz 512 KBytes of RAM 2 MBytes of NOR flash memory. 16-grays screen, 131x80 pixels Simultaneously, a simulator for the PC environment is being used for development and also offered to the users for testing. Being a complete firmware replacement, installing newRPL on a HP 50g calculator completely removes the old Operating System and transforms the calculator into a newRPL device.

The newRPL firmware provides a few advantages over the standard OS: Status The firmware image can be downloaded from the Downloads page. Xowiki. Announcement: Next Scripting Framework 2.0.0 available January 01, 2015 We are pleased to announce the release of the NSF/NX/XOTcl 2.0.0 (Download ).


This first stable release includes important feature and performance enhancements, documented in detail here: Changes to NSF in version 2.0.0. NARS2000 Welcome Page. Newspeak. Erziman. Nano Basic. Download on AppStore.

Nano Basic

Free Turn your mobile device into a real computer What makes a computer a computer? Actually, it follows from its name, derived from the word compute - compute. Yes, he has to calculate. To solve this problem in the very first computers were built interpreter programming language Basic. Flow-Based Programming for JavaScript.

NBC - NeXT Byte Codes, Not eXactly C, and SuperPro C. Nimrod Programming Language. Nolang. Welcome Page. The Neptune Programming Language. Nth-graph - nth-graph, a graph based programming scheme. Nth-graph "Diagrams" convey a network (or graph) structure of nodes and edges.

nth-graph - nth-graph, a graph based programming scheme

Our eyes have a high-bandwidth capacity to understand a diagram's structure. "Text" conveys rich meaning through words. We must read text serially, but short phrases easily bring concepts and actions to mind, quickly. Software for PocketPC. Free Development software downloads. NASM Develop IDE (The Open Source NASM Development Environment For Windows) Nasal. The Nice programming language. Nickle. nScript. [fakehalo(]; netscript. Noop - A new object-oriented programming language focusing on maintainability. Noop (pronounced noh-awp, like the machine instruction) is a new language experiment that attempts to blend the best lessons of languages old and new, while syntactically encouraging what we believe to be good coding practices and discouraging the worst offenses.

noop - A new object-oriented programming language focusing on maintainability

Noop is initially targeted to run on the Java Virtual Machine. Right now, we are in an early design and development phase. You can't code anything interesting in Noop yet. Our experience has been that developers often create code that's hard to test and maintain, without realizing it. On a large software project, this can create problems later on for the whole team. Newspeak » The Newspeak Programming Language. Napier88 - SystemsResearch. From SystemsResearch.

Napier88 - SystemsResearch

NESL: A Parallel Programming Language. Nlang-code-interpriter - Nlang code interpreter. The program interprets the code of the programming language (NLang), which I invented myself.

nlang-code-interpriter - Nlang code interpreter

I hope that this application will be popular, and I have an idea to use this code in addition to a variety of popular browsers for a more rapid and extensive control the content of Web pages and to create a more functional web pages. Now I am developing this myself, but I will not give up support. I can not at this time to tell more about it (In addition, it is not an ordinary programming language - it is an assembler-like), but I am sure that this language will evolve and, accordingly, there would appear remarks articles, more fully revealing the features and purpose of this language. I will not give the support people (programmers) who are familiar with this task, and from peoples, who just wanting to help, and will not give up financial assistance. 10s (= --Sorry for my bad English-- Free Science & Engineering software downloads. Nrdo (NetReach Database Objects) Nu. Nit. The Nx Programming Language.

CISL's NCAR Command Language (NCL) Index [NekoVM] Nickle. Nine. Naga, community, and a Python programming sharing site, QQ group number: 164 015 779, content on this site are original collection please attach the article source address! Introduction to ngrease. Metalanguage and language set Ville Oikarinen generated on 2009-02-24 The goal Multi-stage transformation from specification to product ngrease is modestly an effort to provide a tool to formalize and automatize the whole software development process.

Introduction to ngrease

All the "phases" of the software development process are basically the same: each phase consumes specifications of the application features at a higher abstraction level and transforms them into a lower level of abstraction, producing new, more detailed specifications to be consumed by the next phase, until the specification is executable by a computer. Transformation preserves the semantics of the specification, but makes it unambiguous for the current level of abstraction. NPL : a graphical programming language for motor control and its application to bipedal walking. NewLISP - Home. Intro to NPL. Introduction The Niakwa Programming Language (NPL) is a robust, powerful computer language designed for developers who need to quickly deploy mission-critical applications.

Intro to NPL

This is accomplished by providing these essential components of the NPL Logic Engine: PortabilityEase of Learning and Maintenance Programmer Productivity NPL provides portability for professional software developers to greatly expand their target markets without spending time developing and supporting different versions of source code for each environment. NPL supports source and object code compatibility across most major operating environments. Because of its ease of learning and maintenance, developers (especially C and BASIC programmers) find the structured format of NPL very easy to learn and maintain.

Nimrod Programming Language. The Nice programming language. Niue Programming Language.