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For Travelers, By Travelers!

For Travelers, By Travelers!

Nine Strange Natural Phenomena You Have To See To Believe  People travel all over the world to see strange natural wonders and unusual landscapes. But what about traveling to places where you can witness some of the weirdest natural phenomena on earth? Like this… Sustainable Travel and the Social Revolution - Travel Massive Blog In 1990, Bruce Poon Tip founded G Adventures from his apartment by maxing out two credit cards when no bank would give him a loan to start his business. At Travel Massive’s pre-ITB party on March 3rd, G Adventures will be giving away copies of his story “Looptail”. Here’s a glimpse of his book where he talks about creating a sustainable travel company and his insight on a new social revolution. The travel and tourism world looked very different 24 years ago. Packaged holiday experiences had a stronghold on travellers’ experiences and travel companies went out of their way to ensure holidaymakers found the comforts of home wherever they went.

Amazing Places To Experience Around The Globe (Part 1) Preachers Rock, Preikestolen, Norway Blue Caves - Zakynthos Island, Greece Skaftafeli - Iceland Plitvice Lakes – Croatia Crystalline Turquoise Lake, Jiuzhaigou National Park, China Faces Tell Stories “Among all – Human faces are most attractive to me. Every face has a story. We as photographers reveal that undiscovered story through our lens. Faces tell stories, tell the situation of the person, and tell the story of the place the person lives in.

Conscious Travel and the Decisions We Make Conscious Travel: As I write this article, I have to tear myself away from the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam that is trained on the nest of two eagles in the process of laying and caring for their seasonal eggs. What a fascinating and addicting display of nature that can be experienced without expending any of our precious resources on travel. In fact, to travel to the scene of the nest would be a waste of resources because the best experience is delivered through the internet. This leads me to think about how we travel for vacation. There are a number of ways that we can eliminate wasting energy and being harmful to the environment when we vacation is Conscious Travel. It takes a bit of consciousness to be aware of the decisions we can make that are environmentally friendly or at least neutral.

The Challenge of Integrating User-Generated Content Into Travel Advertising There is a wealth of incredible, authentic photos of destinations and hotels on social media today, and smart brands are learning what it takes to turn those uploads into campaigns that spread brand awareness beyond individual customers’ and visitors’ social media circles. The challenge with using such posts for brand purposes is that companies should obtain permission for every photo used. For ads, like Hyatt House’s new YouTube video, that means obtaining rights to at least 25 photos. The campaign was inspired by social content that guests were sharing that gave their friends and family a glimpse into their Hyatt experiences. “Since the campaign is using Instagram photos, we have been using Hyatt’s Instagram account to send Instagram Direct messages and comment on guests’ photos in order to seek their permission to include their photos in the Hyatt House campaign,” explains Hyatt spokesperson Stephanie Sheppard.

Romanian travel startup says 'pay what you can' to stay A new Romanian agritourism travel company is offering international guests the chance to stay in traditional cottages in the countryside, sample local food and experiences, visit Dracula’s castle and engage in hands on workshops and other activities. Discover Village Life says it “strives to support the local community and gastronomy by letting tourists from around the world explore a new place at a price they set themselves.” Currently called Discover Village Life, the project is crowdsourcing a name for its resort, saying that if you come up with it, you ‘own it for 30 days a year’.The company plans to use 10% to 15% of profits to finance a “study scholarship”, starting with the children from the community.

The Only Thing That Will Take The Pain Out Of Planning Trips [Part 1 of 4] - Planitwide Blog Thanks to Jerome Shaw (Owner/Editor, TravelBoldly) and Nathaniel Boyle (Founder/Host, DailyTravel Podcast) for their time and invaluable feedback on this post prior to publishing it. 8 minute read Preface:Travel planning consists of two big pieces: Searching for relevant information and creating an itinerary from what you find. In this first of a four part series we’ll talk about problems associated with search.Part 2 will address what we believe the solution to the search problem is.

Best Countries In the World for Traveling & Working Nomads Do you want to move abroad and work remotely as a digital nomad? Do you want to start a traveling lifestyle and country-hop as you go? For these kinds of decisions, it’s always important to identify the best countries in the world so that you can make a well-informed decision for where you will be setting off to. To determine these places, the sample factors that you would surely want to know as dependent on your goals and preferences are the cost of living, the safety ‘score’, the weather situation, and the internet speed (especially for digital nomads). However, it could be such a dizzying experience to do all that research for yourself, most especially if you want an up-to-date and unified resource. Fortunately for us though — the traveling and working nomads — this is where the ultimate guide, NomadList, comes to play!

The Changing Relationship Between Travel Brands and Instagram Influencers Social media has turned destinations’ marketing strategies on their head and introduced a new player — the social media influencer — into the mix. These online personalities often have hundreds of thousands of followers across several channels, highly engaged audiences that “Like,” comment and share their posts, and are willing to share photos and stories of a destination for a free trip and, increasingly, cash. “We’re seeing this as a changing environment right now. Wake up - TripAdvisor lives up to name, focuses on entire trip Announcements have come thick and fast from TripAdvisor in the past week, right up to its earnings call last night, which showed positive growth for the quarter. And yet despite entering 2014 “firing on all cylinders” it missed its Wall Street predictions resulting in a 14% drop in share price. So where to next for a company that has in the past week alone boosted its vacation rentals, trip planning and restaurant presence with the acquisitions of Vacation Home Rentals, local expert site TripBod and La Fourchette? The transcript of the earnings call is worth closer inspection for what CEO Steve Kaufer does (or doesn’t) say about the acquisitions, meta, mobile and tours and activities, to pick on just a few elements. Acquisitions: Not much specifically on Vacation Home Rentals or TripBod apart from welcoming them to the stable and the ongoing quest for “great ideas, teams and opportunities to accelerate our product roadmap.”