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10 Plugins to Help Revive and Promote Older WordPress Blog Posts. Publishing a steady stream of blog posts is a great way to increase the number of visitors who find their way to your website.

10 Plugins to Help Revive and Promote Older WordPress Blog Posts

However, the downside of publishing so much content is that your best work can get lost amongst all the other posts vying for attention. Revive Old Post (Former Tweet Old Post) — WordPress Plugins. What the plugin can do ?

Revive Old Post (Former Tweet Old Post) — WordPress Plugins

This plugin helps you to keeps your old posts alive by sharing them and driving more traffic to them from social networks. It also helps you to promote your content. You can set time and no of posts to share to drive more traffic.For questions, comments, or feature requests, contact us! Post Type Requirements Checklist. Requirements Checklist allows admins to require content to be entered before a page/post can be published.

Post Type Requirements Checklist

Currently it supports requirements for the following areas on the add/edit screen: titleWYSIWYG editorfeatured imageexcerptcategories (allows for min and max number of categories, 1-3 & infinite)tags (allows for min and max number of tags, 1-5, 7, 10, 15, 25 & infinite)up to 5 custom taxonomies per post type (allows for min and max number of categories/tags, as detailed above)support for WordPress SEO by Yoast (Focus Keyword and Meta Description fields)support for All In One SEO Pack (Title, Description and Keywords fields)

Pre-Publish Post Checklist — WordPress Plugins. Important Service Announcement: Rebranding from VeriSign to Symantec domains. SSL Certificates by Symantec, formerly from VeriSign. Secure your Website with Symantec SSL Certificates and Extended Validation. Paulrobertlloyd. The Auteur Theory of Design At this year’s dConstruct conference, John Gruber talked about his ‘Auteur Theory of Design’.


This states that: The quality of any collaborative creative endeavour tends to approach the level of taste of whoever has control For most web design projects the person who has control is the client, although when working with large organisations it is rarely one person but a number of stakeholders. In fact, I would argue that in most cases it’s individual members of the development team (often working within tight budgets and time constraints) that really dictate the quality of the final website. John uses his theory to explain why, whilst both Apple and Microsoft employ talented designers and engineers, it is widely accepted that Apple designs better products. Before reaching this conclusion, John made a comparison with the film industry. In the studio era, no director enjoyed this privilege.

What Is a Styleguide? Skype’s Brand Guidelines. New: Facebook Is Rolling Out Verified Badges For Local Business Pages. My Business. Managing Your Content Management System. The first rule of content management systems is that you’re using the wrong one.

Managing Your Content Management System

Comprehensive guide to .htaccess- Preventing hot linking of images and other file types. Preventing hot linking of images and other file types Note: This portion of tutorial written by JavaScript Kit In the webmaster community, "hot linking" is a curse phrase.

Comprehensive guide to .htaccess- Preventing hot linking of images and other file types

Also known as "bandwidth stealing" by the angry site owner, it refers to linking directly to non-html objects not on one own's server, such as images, .js files etc. Adminimize. If you manage a multi-author WordPress blog or WordPress sites for clients, then you may have wondered if it was possible to clean up the WordPress admin area for your users?


There are lots of things in the WordPress admin area that your users don’t need to see or use. This plugin help you to hide unnecessary items from WordPress admin area. Adminimize makes it easy to remove items from view based on a user’s role. What does this plugin do? The plugin changes the administration backend and gives you the power to assign rights on certain parts. Support Custom Post Type. How to Create User-Friendly WordPress Instruction Manuals for Clients (in 7 Steps) Teaching WordPress to anyone who has never used the platform before can be a huge and daunting task – especially for clients who want to keep a close eye on everything you do for them.

How to Create User-Friendly WordPress Instruction Manuals for Clients (in 7 Steps)

Nowadays it’s quite common for business owners and other employees to want to understand how their WordPress site works. Thankfully it’s unnecessary for you to invest hours of your own time standing over their shoulder so you can teach them everything one-on-one. Both you and the client undoubtedly have more important things to do, and besides, having to teach every individual client that you work with would probably drive you nuts.

How to Password Protect Your WordPress without User Registration. There are many tutorials out there that shows you how to password protect your website content.

How to Password Protect Your WordPress without User Registration

Many of those utilize complex membership plugins that require user registration. Free Floral Images. Simple-php-contact-form-2. Chic & Gorgeous coming-soon page design. So Your Client Wants a WordPress Slider? Before You Cringe, Here’s What You Need to Know. Whether you love them or hate them, sliders are still a popular feature of many free and premium themes.

So Your Client Wants a WordPress Slider? Before You Cringe, Here’s What You Need to Know


Plugins. Multilingual Hospitality Sites Survey Results - WPML. A few weeks ago we asked you how you are running multilingual hospitality sites. We ran a survey and got 274 results. I’d like to share them here, and give everyone a good picture of what others are doing. Transfert Project management. Templates. Cocoro Hospitality page perso FB. Toyotsuna no "cocoro" FB. Website landing page. What is Toyotsuna no “CoCoRo” Toyotsuna Hi Friends, I am Toyotsuna and let’s study a bit about the roots of Hear of Japan, CoCoRo, today. During the centuries in Japan, we have been using the Tea Ceremony to welcome the guest for several occasions historically and I will explain to you how it has been served.

Aspect of ability to establish human relations through the “tea ceremony” is also utilized in work. The tea ceremony is also known as the heart of Japan, “CoCoRo”, in history. That was served as a manner of politically-motivated warlords from the beginning of Sengoku era. In order to join the tea ceremony in small teahouse, everybody has to enter the entrance of “Nijiriguchi” which is the crawl-through doorway. Teahouse Nijiriguchi (Entrance to Teahouse) In that way, Sen no Rikyu (Most famous major figure in Japan’s historical tea culture and completed the “Wabi Tea”) was the great producer, who served two guys who dominated whole of Japan, Nobunaga and Hideyoshi. Cocoro Hospitality - Osaka - Hôtel FB. Profil de Ichiro & Nam (CoCoRo Hospitality) AirBnB. Hi there, We are Ichiro & Nam, business owners for business consultant, asset/property management and accommodation services, living in Osaka, parents of two lovely daughters (Ichiro has two sons in London as well).

Before coming back to Japan, Ichiro lived in (website hidden). USA, London UK, SEA countries, etc more than 16 years. Whole family came back in Osaka in 2006. We love travel, listening to the music, watching movies AND mixing with several kinds of people and different cultures. Our travel philosophy; When we travel abroad and Japan, we feel very exciting and are interested to visit local areas including experience of the daily life where we go which the major travel agents do not inform, including just small cozy chatting with local people and amazing adventures/experience.

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