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Wiktionary. Websters Dictionary 1828 - American Dictionary of the English Language. Online Dictionary, Language Guide, Foreign Language and Etymology.

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WordWeb Online Dictionary and Thesaurus. Wordbook to find that elusive lexeme : NiftyWord. English Conjugators. Kenneth Bryant was chairman of the Department of Modern Languages at Southern Nazarene University in Oklahoma for eleven years.

English Conjugators

His experience with the Spanish language began early in his life. He lived in Guatemala from ages eight to sixteen, and lived in Mexico for another two years. He has a M.A. in Romance Languages and Literature from the University of Michigan and a PhD in Administration of Higher Education from Boston College. The idea of the verb wheels began in the 1980s when computers were beginning to be applied to problems in the humanities.

Without the graphic and organizational powers of the computer it would have been impossible to put these verb wheels together. More recently he has developed software for school management. Word Spy. English Dictionary online LEXILOGOS. •Oxford (compact) English dictionary.

English Dictionary online LEXILOGOS

The Acronym Server: find and submit acronyms and meanings. The origins of acronyms are a little unclear, but their widespread use in daily life is a relatively modern phenomenon and the result of growing literacy in the 19th and 20th centuries.

The Acronym Server: find and submit acronyms and meanings

In more restricted circumstances, however, they have been in use for thousands of years (both the Roman and Hebrew cultures used them). There is a shortage of good articles on the web about the history and development of acronyms: the best is probably at Wikipedia. There is also an unimaginable quantity of garbage put out by the ignorant, some of which is now rightly being exposed as Urban Myth (see example).

Both Britain and North America seem to generate an unusual amount of completely spurious and fanciful meanings derived from novelty-hunting, which gain currency in semi-literate circles until they aquire the status of myth, and belief in them is as widespread as it is misplaced. About us In 1991 we moved the service to the web, although the email interface continued in parallel until 1996. Online Dictionary, Language Guide, Foreign Language and Etymology. Regex Dictionary by Lou Hevly.

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A lexical database for English. Online Translators. Pronunciation Dictionaries. Thesauri. Free North American Languages Dictionary - Free North American Languages Grammar. Online Native American Picture Dictionaries (American Indian Animals) American Indian languages American Indian tribes What's new on our site today!

Online Native American Picture Dictionaries (American Indian Animals)

Here are the picture dictionaries of we have completed so far (illustrated Native American animal words from more than a hundred different languages.) OneLook Reverse Dictionary. <div id="needs_javascript"><center><b>Note: The new Reverse Dictionary requires JavaScript.

OneLook Reverse Dictionary

</b><br /><img src="/img/a.gif? Q=omg_a_user_without_js"> If you have disabled JavaScript in your browser, please <a href=" it for this site</a> or use the <a href="/? W=entersearchhere&loc=revfp_legacy">old version of the reverse dictionary</a> here. </p><p></center><div> MusicLexis. American Marketing Association Dictionary. Whether you're looking for an obscure phrase or your basic marketing definition, the AMA Dictionary has it all!

American Marketing Association Dictionary

Originating from the print version in 1995, we're always adding new terms to keep marketers up to date in the ever-evolving marketing profession. Browse terms related to - A. D. Little Business Profile Matrix Refer to "See Also" column to the right. A/B testing, at its simplest, is randomly showing a visitor one version of a page- (A) version or (B) version- and tracking the changes in behavior based on which version they saw. The discontinuance of a marketed product. WILD application Kids.Wordsmyth. Quodb- Find any quote in millions of movie lines.

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Encyclopedias. Math Dictionaries. Legal dictionaries. Word Formation, A Pearl of Resources. Collocations. Medical dictionaries. Clichés. Pseudodictionary: the dictionary for words that wouldn’t make it into a real dictionary. Monolingual General Dictionaries on the Internet - Dizionari Generali Monolingue su Internet.

Online dictionary. Online Dictionary at Urban Dictionary, January 5: Sadghetti. ProfessorWord: Improve your vocabulary while you surf the web. Stanford Parser. Stanford Parser Please enter a sentence to be parsed: My dog also likes eating sausage.

Stanford Parser

Language: Sample Sentence Your query My dog also likes eating sausage. Tagging My/PRP$ dog/NN also/RB likes/VBZ eating/VBG sausage/NN Parse (ROOT (S (NP (PRP$ My) (NN dog)) (ADVP (RB also)) (VP (VBZ likes) (S (VP (VBG eating) (NP (NN sausage))))) (. .))) Universal dependencies. Bible Dictionaries Online. The Best Free Dictionary and Thesaurus Programs and Websites. Are you a writer?

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Or a word geek? If you write anything or play word games, dictionaries, thesauruses, and other reference tools can come in handy. We’ve found some useful offline and online tools for looking up words, finding synonym, or building words in Scrabble. The Phrontistery: Obscure Words and Vocabulary Resources. Glottopedia. Lexical FreeNet. Diccionario de la lengua española. Home : Oxford English Dictionary. Extensiones para el aprendizaje de vocabulario en otros idiomas en Google Chrome. Si estamos en pleno aprendizaje de un nuevo idioma y pasamos mucho de nuestro tiempo frente al ordenador navegando por Internet, una buena forma de aprender nuevo vocabulario y descubrir nuevas palabras podría ser utilizar el propio navegador y las páginas web que visitemos para sumergirnos completamente en ese idioma que queremos estudiar.

Extensiones para el aprendizaje de vocabulario en otros idiomas en Google Chrome

Así que os traemos algunas de las mejores extensiones para Google Chrome para que, mientras navegamos por Internet, practiquemos vocabulario en el idioma que deseemos. (múltiples idiomas) Forma parte de la completa plataforma de aprendizaje de lenguajes la cual ya presentamos en su día. Esta extensión nos permitirá, cuando nos encontremos en una web en el idioma que aprendemos, subrayar una palabra y ver su traducción de forma instantánea, indicándonos Todas las palabras quedaran guardadas en colecciones que posteriormente podremos repasar y volver a ver en la web de Lingualy. RhymeZone rhyming dictionary and thesaurus. Psychology Dictionary - Free Online Psychology Dictionary. Word Information - an English dictionary about English vocabulary words and etymologies derived primarily from Latin and Greek word origins.

Pathfinders. This guide is designed for anyone who is looking for the origin of words and/or phrases, also called etymology (these terms will be used interchangeably in this pathfinder).


Both print-based and Web-based sources are included. Internet Sources | Searching for Etymology | Print Resources Internet Sources In general, web sites on word and phrase origins are good, but not comprehensive: most of them are question services of a sort, and the answers are posted on the site. Some of these archives can be quite large, and not necessarily organized by anything more than date of posting; if you're looking for something specific, use the find function on your browser (this will be a button in Netscape; in Internet Explorer, it's under the "edit" pull-down menu).

Webopedia: Online Tech Dictionary for IT Professionals. Scrabble Dictionary, Word Builder, Score Sheets and More. English Dictionary. The English dictionary is based on WordNet 1.7.1 (Copyright © 2001 by Princeton University. All rights reserved). It contains around 150 thousand terms with examples, synonyms, antonyms, and related words. To use the dictionary, you may search using the search box above or you may browse the word listings by letter of the alphabet below: Other Terms.

The Dictionary of Old English. Old English, Anglo-Saxon on line dictionary. Middle English Dictionary. Children's, Intermediate Dictionary. Lexicon of Linguistics. ODLT - The Online Dictionary of Language Terminology. Home page for Business English Dictionary. This is an exciting new monolingual dictionary of 35,000 business-related words, phrases and meanings designed to be used by business students and anyone using or encountering English in their work. Select "Business English" from the list of dictionaries at the top of any page on Cambridge Dictionaries Online to search this dictionary. Favourite Entries Key Features Help with language The dictionary gives thousands of examples from real business texts, helpfully presented information about grammar, and there is a strong emphasis on collocation.

Dictionary. WordWeb Online Dictionary and Thesaurus. Find pronunciation, clear meanings and definitions of words at CORPORA: 1.9 billion - 45 million words each: free online access. Analyze Words. The OxfordWords Text Analyser. Dictionary of English slang and colloquialisms of the UK.

American Heritage Dictionary - Search. Search Chambers - Free English Dictionary. Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary. Online Dictionary. Free English Online Dictionary * Grammar * Word Fun. Ultralingua Inc. K DICTIONARIES online. Word Spy. NetLingo The Internet Dictionary. OneLook Dictionary Search. Dictionary. Find the Meanings and Definitions of Words at American Slang Dictionary. A dictionary that explains commonly used American slang words can be a very useful resource for anyone interested in learning more about how language continues to evolve throughout the United States.

YourDictionary includes definitions of the most common of these slang words and provides additional usage information in various slang articles. About Slang in Popular Culture Slang is defined as a casual type of language that is playful or trendy. It consists both of coined words and phrases and of new or extended meanings attached to established terms. Slang tends to develop from the attempt to find fresh and vigorous, colorful, pungent, or humorous expression. Examples of common slang within the United States include: Since a number of slang terms make reference to sex, violence, drugs, or crime, the use of slang is often seen by many people as an indicator of the speaker’s lower social status. Dictionary and Thesaurus - Merriam-Webster Online. Memidex - free online dictionary/thesaurus and more...

Longman English Dictionary Online. Macmillan Dictionary and Thesaurus: Free English Dictionary Online. Free English Dictionary and Thesaurus. - Dictionary Definitions and Thesaurus Synonyms. Panlexicon.