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Rainfer. Recortable de una Flor. El movimiento de las moléculas. Experimento infantil con agua - 7 experimentos con agua para hacer con niños. Las Mañanitas | Canciones infantiles de TraposoCalla Pequeño - Hush little baby - Nana para bebésLa rana cantaba debajo del agua.

El movimiento de las moléculas. Experimento infantil con agua - 7 experimentos con agua para hacer con niños

Canción del oso TraposoA mi burro - Canción para niños con TraposoSoy una taza y una tetera. Danza, canción infantilArrorró mi niño - Canción infantil de TraposoDebajo un botón había un ratón. Canción infantil, música para niñosEstrellita dónde estas, canción infantil, música para niñosAserrín Aserrán - Canción para niños de TraposoCanciones de cuna - Aprende los números con TraposoDon Gato ‪-‬ Canciones infantiles del Oso TraposoLos pollitos dicen pio pio pio, canción infantilAl corro de la patata. Canción infantil, música para niñosPin Pon el muñeco de cartón. Canción infantil, música para niñosCumpleaños feliz, canción infantil para felicitar el cumpleañosTengo una muñeca vestida de azul. 5 TED-Ed Lessons sobre Ciencia para dejar a tus alumnos con la boca abierta. 5 recursos para aprender Botánica en Secundaria.  Experimentos con plantas. Etiquetas: botánica, experimentos para niños, proyectos con plantas, proyectos para niños.

 Experimentos con plantas

15 Cortos Que Puedes Utilizar Para Enseñar En Valores. La realidad del aula, de la casa a la hora de hacer los deberes, o simplemente una clase particular de lo que fuera, son espacios que necesitan estar con cierta dinámica.

15 Cortos Que Puedes Utilizar Para Enseñar En Valores

15 Cortos Que Puedes Utilizar Para Enseñar En Valores. The Present. Generador QR-Code. Este generador es un servicio gratuito.

Generador QR-Code

Manual para jóvenes naturalistas - DISPONIBLE 20 DICIEMBRE 2015. 10 Amazing Fire Tricks! Jocdetrons2eso. Benvinguts, lords i ladys, dames i cavallers del món de Ponent.


Com sabeu, vivim temps durs i inestables. Els reis moren aviat o són uns tirans. Cuatro experimentos científicos para hacer en casa con los niños. Planes con niños Planes en casa: manualidades Cine en casa Para poner en práctica todo lo que hemos aprendido en nuestras visitas a los museos y talleres durante los días que ha durado la Semana de la Ciencia, os proponemos estos divertidos y sencillos experimentos caseros para hacer con niños. divertidos y sencillos experimentos caseros para hacer con niños.

Cuatro experimentos científicos para hacer en casa con los niños

+100 herramientas WEB para docentes. Operación salida: Embudos y acordeones: por qué se forman los atascos. Hay dos razones fundamentales que nos pueden llevar a estar parados en una carretera diseñada para circular a más de 100 kilómetros por hora.

Operación salida: Embudos y acordeones: por qué se forman los atascos

Y se identifican con dos objetos conocidos: los embudos y los acordeones. (Por cierto: si estás leyendo esto en el asiento de atrás de un coche metido en un atasco, prueba también a distraerte con estos 7 juegos matemáticos). Embudos. BrainPOP - Animated Educational Site for Kids - Science, Social Studies, English, Math, Arts. EDpuzzle. 16 preguntas que nunca te atreviste a hacer en voz alta (y sus respuestas) Science Experiments, Projects & Toys for Kids. Primary History - Famous People. Digital Atlas of the Roman Empire. Engage en Español. Datawrapper. StarQuiz. Documenta. NatGeo Mapmaker Interactive.

iPhone text generator. SMS Generator. Use the icons below to create a chat between two historical or fictional characters.

SMS Generator

You can save your work for future changes. You can drag and drop, edit and delete entries by hovering over them. After saving, you will also be able to get a QR Code or embed the chat into your own blog, website or wiki! 10 Free Tools For Creating Your Own Maps. Maps are handy for a lot of reasons.

10 Free Tools For Creating Your Own Maps

Not only do they help us navigate through certain areas, they also enable us to learn more about the world and what it has to offer. What if you’re someone who wants to create a map instead? Sure, there’s Google Map and Google Earth to help you out but there are actually other tools to choose from as well. Here we’ve gathered 10 free amazing tools that you can use to create your own maps. Quiz Revolution - Most Popular Quiz Maker, Make a Quiz or Survey, Create a Fast Quiz or Survey. QuizBuilder - Make a quiz for your blog or website. Private classroom albums for teachers and parents.

Rubrics and Rubric Makers. Super Rubric Makers.

Rubrics and Rubric Makers

Using Games for Learning: Practical Steps to Get Started. Joan Ganz Cooney Center Part 19 of MindShift’s Guide to Games and Learning By now, you’ve probably read enough to be convinced that it’s worth trying games in your classroom. You understand that games are not meant to be robot teachers, replacing the human-to-human relationship. Games are a tool that teachers can use to do their jobs more effectively and more efficiently. Testeando - El trivial educativo para colegios. Resources - Minecraft in Education. What QR Codes Can Do For You! During one of my workshops this afternoon at Carondelet High School some asked for suggestions about using QR codes. Here are some of the uses that I suggested. Coding Across the Curriculum.

"I think everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer because it teaches you how to think. " - Steve Jobs The above quote is on the homepage of the coding website Tynker. Coding, formerly known as programming (I still remember teaching myself BASIC on my Commodore 64 back in the '80s!) , has once again returned to classrooms nationwide. A range of high-profile individuals, including Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Dr. 20 Ways to Use Augmented Reality in Education.

Second Life proved an incredibly valuable tool for educators hoping to reach a broad audience — or offering even more ways to learn for their own bands of students. Augmented Reality Development Lab: Affiliated with Google, Microsoft, and Logitech, the Augmented Reality Development Lab run by Digital Tech Frontier seeks to draw up projects that entertain as well as educate. The very core goal of the ARDL involves creating interactive, three-dimensional objects for studying purposes. Augmented Reality in Education. String Augmented reality is a 3D learning environment which connects real and virtual world. It provides interactive tools for learning, and fosters informal learning. Besides, augmented reality increases motivation and engages learners. Augmented Reality and Applications for Education – Part 2. Guest post by James Roberts. Though many would say that augmented reality is destined to play a role in the future of education, others would point out that it’s already here.

Here is a lowdown on what Augmented Reality is and some ways it can be used in the classroom. Augmented Reality (AR) is the combination of reality and virtual reality, and allows you to put 3D content and images into the real world. AR has many applications in various fields from military training to education. Augmented reality provides a richer learning experience for the student, providing a extra element of visual/physical context that makes learning more interactive. Augmented-reality-apps-and-websites-for-educational-use. Applications of Augmented Reality in Education. Tons of Classroom Examples Using Augmented Reality with @Aurasma - A Complete How-To Guide!

Flashcard Maker.

Chicas, las cosas se comentan en su apartado, no sé que es lo que habéis terminado... id a la ficha correspondiente y comentad ahí – salvadorcarrion Welcome, Inventors! Follow these four short videos and you'll have three working apps to show for it! After building the starter apps, which will take around an hour, you can move on to extending them with more functionality, or you can start building apps of your own design. Get started now with Video 1 below. Kodable: Programming Curriculum for Kids. 10 Tech Skills Every Educator Should Have. Mind Mapping Software - Create online Mind Maps.

Brainstorm and mind map online. Crear diagramas online Colaboración en tiempo real. Livermore's Centennial Light Bulb. Free online courses from the world's best universities. Stop Frame Animator. A poderosa revelação pelo derrame de Jill Bolte Taylor. Edutopia. CodeMonkey. CodeSpells: Express Yourself With Magic by ThoughtSTEM. When we were young, wizards like Gandalf and Dumbledore struck a chord in our minds. We spent hours pretending to be wizards and casting epic imaginary spells.

Now, we want to bring that kind of creative freedom to video games. Instead of giving the player pre-packaged spells, CodeSpells allows you to craft your own magical spells. It's the ultimate spellcrafting sandbox. What makes it all possible is code. Spell-crafting sandbox: Craft and test your spells on the surrounding landscape - lift rocks, whip a river up into a tornado, anything! Unlimited creative expression: With 4 different elements (earth, fire, water, air) and the ability to combine those elements in complex ways, the number of spells you can create is literally infinite. Learn some coding: If you already know coding, great! Awesome Websites to Get Your Kids Hooked on Programming - TheITBros. The success stories of people who used MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) to pick up new skills and even change careers aren’t exactly rare nowadays.

You probably have heard of people learning how to code by signing up for classes on sites like Coursera, eDX, and Udacity, then leveraging the knowledge that they’ve gained to find jobs and/or internships. But what if your ten-year old kid expresses an interest in becoming a computer programmer? These MOOC sites aren’t exactly kid-friendly, and most of the courses that are hosted there require at least highschool-level knowledege to fully comprehend (plus kids might not be so keen on participating in online class discussions if their classmates are scary grownups).

Problem loading page. Quest - Write text adventure games and interactive stories. Quest lets you make interactive story games. Text adventure games like Zork and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Gamebooks like the Choose Your Own Adventure and Fighting Fantasy books. You don't need to know how to program. All you need is a story to tell. Your game can be played anywhere.

Gamifying Learning. Minecraft and Game Based Learning. Game-Based Learning Units for the Everyday Teacher. Game based learning & Gamification. Create interactive flash tools / games for education. - El efectivo aprendizaje en grupo. Glogster EDU: A complete educational solution for digital and mobile teaching and learning. Safe and simple blogs for your students. Online Education Technology for Teachers and Students.

Tips for Teachers Who Wish to Use YouTube in Classroom. Ken Robinson: Bring on the learning revolution! Education by Numbers. Lesson plans. Video tutoriales sobre GIMP. StoryMap JS - Telling stories with maps. Imagine, program, share. Code & Conquer. CodeCombat - Learn how to code by playing a game. Room Escape Maker - Create Escape The Room Games For Free. HeavySaurios-Quiero Leche.