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Create Something Donate Login Remember Me Create An Account Forgot Password 12 Great Formative Assessment Tools for Teachers 'FlipQuiz is a web tool that allows teachers to easily create gameshow-style boards for test reviews in the classroom. All the boards you create can be saved for later use. You can also share your boards up on-screen and have students work on them collaboratively...To set up your new quiz board, you will need to register. Once logged in, click on “ Create a new board”. Then use the editor provided there together with the different tools it offers to design your game boards. You can always edit your boards by clicking on the “edit your entire board button”. 18 Free Mind Mapping Tools for Teachers and Students 1- SpiderScribe This is a great mind mapping tool that allows users to easily visualize their ideas by connecting various pieces of information together and create free style maps. It also combines elements like text, images, files, calendar events and geographic locations.

A Technology-Enhanced Celebration of Learning As part of my Pedagogy of Learning and Psychology of Learning courses for pre- and in-service educators, I included a final project for the course was a Celebration of Learning. They were asked to synthesize and reflect on their course learning using their own creativity, passions, and personal interests. The description of this project was: To demonstrate overall knowledge and integration of the material studied in class and from the texts, students are to do one of the following and demonstrate/report results to their classmates: write a reportdo a photo essaycompile a scrapbookbuild a modelput on a live demonstrationdo a statistical chartkeep a journalrecord interviewsdesign a muraldevelop a simulationset up an experimentdo a mind-mapengage in a debateproduce a videotapedevelop a musicalchoreograph a dancecreate a rap or songone of your own own design You will present your project to the class on the last day.

Tutorials and Other Resources on Hot Potatoes Check out the applications before you download, by looking through these online tutorials. Tutorials and helpful materials created by other users Dr. Stan Bogdanov has published Hacking Hot Potatoes: The Cookbook, available in paperback, PDF and ePub format. Bellydance Superstars Bellydance Superstars is a professional American bellydance troupe formed in 2002 by producer and manager Miles Copeland.[1] In its first six years of touring, it presented 700 shows in 22 countries. Tours[edit] The Bellydance Superstars, sometimes called BDSS, first toured in conjunction with the Lollapalooza 2003 music festival. Since then, the troupe has completed several full circuits of the world, infusing new cultural dance styles into the shows along the way.

Game show classroom: Comparing Kahoot!, Quizizz, Quizlet Live and Quizalize The best features of game shows can be used to review and teach in the classroom. Kahoot!, Quizizz, Quizlet Live, and Gimkit can help. See their pros, cons and what makes them different. Bloomin' Apps This page gathers all of the Bloomin' Apps projects in one place.Each image has clickable hotspots and includes suggestions for iPad, Android, Google and online tools and applications to support each of the levels of Bloom's Revised Taxonomy.I have created a page to allow you to share your favorite online tool, iOS, or Android app with others. Cogs of the Cognitive Processes I began to think about the triangular shape of Bloom's Taxonomy and realized I thought of it a bit differently.Since the cognitive processes are meant to be used when necessary, and any learner goes in and out of the each level as they acquire new content and turn it into knowledge, I created a different type of image that showcased my thoughts about Bloom's more meaningfully.Here is my visual which showcases the interlocking nature of the cognitive processes or, simply, the "Cogs of the Cognitive Processes".

Wildlife and Animal Activities for Children Visiting a Wildlife Art Gallery Visiting a wildlife Art Gallery or exhibition is a wonderful way to get your children out of the house and enjoying an activity they wouldn’t usually explore. Here’s some tips to get the most out of your visit. Read more… English conversation activities for adults: ESL Activities Many of our students say they want to practice their English conversation skills. You can use these English conversation activities to help them do just that and to work on speaking more fluently at the same time. Keep in mind that these activities are not meant to replace a coursebook or textbook, but can be used to supplement it, such as in the last 15 or 20 minutes of class, or as a quick warm-up at the beginning. Conversation Starters– An excellent way to begin your class off is with an interesting question.

Indian minister: Maoists are a greater threat than Islamic terrorists The Indian government is preparing to deploy thousands of soldiers to defeat the country's growing Naxalite Maoist insurgency. Home minister P Chidambaram's description of the threat posed by the Naxalites was striking: The Home Minister told a media conclave in Delhi that the Maoists and Islamic militants represented the two biggest threats to India’s national security, but the former was the more serious.

12 Puzzle and Quiz Creation Tools for Teachers There are many different sites on the internet that allow you to create your own puzzles and games to use either directly in class, or which can be linked to/embedded into your VLE. I’ve been doing some trawling ahead of a training session I am running soon, and here are a few of the best ones that I’ve found. There are others out there, but the focus specifically for my session was KS4 and 5, so these links are aimed at older students. If you have any other favourites, please add them to the comments! 1. Classtools Net

Teacher Development: Starter Kit for Teaching Online Imagine a work day spent at home in your slippers, teaching students without the headaches of monitoring who's chewing gum, who showed up late, or who's sending text messages in the back row. We've got to confess it sounds dreamy, if a bit far removed from the altruistic drive that probably got you into teaching in the first place. (Is that so wrong?) But shelve the guilt -- online teaching also serves much higher causes. The online teachers and administrators we've interviewed say it gives you the flexibility to tailor your pacing to the needs of individual students and to get to know your students better through a lot of one-on-one conversations. Teachers also get to use modern-day technology tools in everyday practice, not just as occasional add-ons, and they get to master a form of teaching that's likely to reach millions of new students each year in the United States and abroad.

Games, Quizzes, and Videos about the Environment Air Quality Index Grades: K-5 What should you do when the Air Quality Index is orange? Let the chameleons K.C., Koko, and Kool, show you how EPA measures pollution in the air. All About EPA: How Does EPA Protect the Environment Activity Book Learn the basics about how EPA protects our health and environment. Climate Kids: NASA's Eyes on the Earth Grades: 3-7 Geared toward students, the multimedia-rich Climate Kids site uses games, humorous illustrations and animations to help break down the important issue of climate change. Energy Kids Grades: 3-8 What is energy?

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