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Animal Intelligence

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It is difficult for human beings to decipher ANIMAL INTELLIGENCE. This is due to diverse evolutionary backgrounds that have equipped animals with different means of perceiving the world.

Delicate insect antennae or the tingling Ampullae of Lorenzini in cartilaginous fishes are some examples of senses that human beings cannot biologically perceive. We also cannot detect the nuances within pheromones, the main pathway for animal "expression" in many species. Dolphin Intelligence. Primate Intelligence. Man's Closest Relative vs. Man's Best Friend. Operant conditioning. 6 Amazingly Intelligent Animals (That Will Creep You Out) Green Heron uses bread to bait fish. How Animals Learn Language. Mice Olympics. Shell Game for Animals. Ravens have social abilities previously only seen in humans. Humans and their primate cousins are well known for their intelligence and social abilities.

Ravens have social abilities previously only seen in humans

You hear them called bird-brained, but birds have demonstrated a great deal of intelligence in many tasks. Researcher decodes prairie dog language, discovers they've been talking about us. You might not think it to look at them, but prairie dogs and humans actually share an important commonality -- and it's not just their complex social structures, or their habit of standing up on two feet (aww, like people).

Researcher decodes prairie dog language, discovers they've been talking about us

As it turns out, prairie dogs actually have one of the most sophisticated forms of vocal communication in the natural world, really not so unlike our own. After more than 25 years of studying the calls of prairie dog in the field, one researcher managed to decode just what these animals are saying. And the results show that praire dogs aren't only extremely effective communicators, they also pay close attention to detail. According to Dr. Koko the Gorilla Cries Over the Loss of a Kitten. Self-awareness. Self-awareness is the capacity for introspection and the ability to recognize oneself as an individual separate from the environment and other individuals.[1] It is not to be confused with consciousness.


While consciousness is being aware of one’s environment and body and lifestyle, self-awareness is the recognition of that consciousness.[2] Neurobiological basis[edit] There are questions regarding what part of the brain allows us to be self-aware and how we are biologically programmed to be self- aware. V.S. Ramachandran has speculated that mirror neurons may provide the neurological basis of human self-awareness.[3] In an essay written for the Edge Foundation in 2009 Ramachandran gave the following explanation of his theory: "... Animals[edit] Most intelligent animals in the world. Here’s a list of most intelligent animals in the world. The animal listed here is sorted by the level of intelligence. Alex, the talking research African Grey. Do Dogs Speak Human? What's the Big Idea?

Do Dogs Speak Human?

Perhaps the better question is, do humans speak dog? Either way, the debate over whether language is unique to humans, or a faculty also possessed by wild and domestic animals from dogs to apes to dolphins, is an interesting one. 5 Diabolical Animals That Out-Witted Humans. Whether or not humans are the smartest species on the planet really depends on which animals and which humans you base it on.

5 Diabolical Animals That Out-Witted Humans

After all, sometimes when people match wits with members of the animal kingdom, it doesn't turn out well for the humans. Mud Creek Grizzly vs. Scientists. Donnie (dog) Donnie is a Doberman Pinscher dog who came to the attention of science due to his penchant for arranging his plush toys in geometric forms.[1] His owner rescued him from an animal shelter, and at first he was slow to learn, and very reluctant to interact socially with her.[2] He has appeared on the National Geographic Channel’s Dog Genius show.[1][3] On the show, he is shown arranging some of his 80 plush toys into evenly-spaced triangles and lines, and chooses to use, for example, only stuffed frogs or monkeys for a particular design.[4] He is shown creating his arrangements in his large yard in Maryland on remote video cameras without humans being present.

Donnie (dog)

He is even said to create social vignettes with the toys.[4][5] For example, the day after he first allowed his owner to put her arm around him, he placed a large bear with its arm around a smaller frog.[2][6] Dr. Pictures of Donnie and his compositions on University of Michigan website. 10 Most Intelligent Animals. Erkan | On 20, May 2012 One of the most popular category in our blog is Most 10 Animals lists.So here is another interesting one.

10 Most Intelligent Animals

We humans don’t own the world alone. Thinking the Way Animals Do. By Temple Grandin, Ph.D.

Thinking the Way Animals Do

Department of Animal Science Colorado State University Western Horseman, Nov. 1997, pp.140-145 (Updated January 2015) Temple Grandin is an assistant professor of animal science at Colorado State University. She is the author of the book Thinking in Pictures. As a person with autism, it is easy for me to understand how animals think because my thinking processes are like an animal's. 6 Terrifying Ways Crows Are Way Smarter Than You Think. Mankind has a long and checkered past with crows and ravens: They have been feared as symbols of death, because they're all black and scary, revered as creators of the world because, well, it was either them or the seagulls, and worshiped as trickster gods, because of their baffling intelligence.

6 Terrifying Ways Crows Are Way Smarter Than You Think

Intelligent enough, in fact, for us to start worrying ... #6. They Can Remember Your Face Next time you see a group of crows, look closely. Try to remember which one is which, and see if you can tell the difference between them the next time you pass. ACP - Cephalopods. “Me Tarzan, you Jane.”

ACP - Cephalopods

If the male cuttlefish could speak, this might be his opening line. Although cuttlefish don’t primarily use sound to communicate, the male still has an opening line, and it might translate to the longer, but conceptually simpler, “Me Tarzan.