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Personal Work - Art - Pat Perry

Personal Work - Art - Pat Perry
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65+ Stunning Examples of Moleskine Art You won't be Able to Ignore No matter if you are a newbie in the world of drawing or your talent has been already appreciated, you most likely heard about Moleskine notebooks and drawings created in them. Moleskine sketches occupy an emerita place in the word of contemporary art. So let's look at them closer. As we know Moleskine is the legendary sketchbook. Walking through collections of Moleskine drawings at, and you'll learn something more about these hand drawing illustrations. Subscribe to our newsletter and get a huge bundle with freebies and inspirational stuff once in two weeks: Get Notified of New Posts Via Email Black and White Moleskine Illustrations Despite that fact that there are lots of varieties of colors which are available online, the black and white illustration still take a place of the most inspiring and traditional way of conveying messages to the visitors. Here's looking at you kid is a cool realistic drawing, undoubtedly the queen of crosshatch. Collarbone.

Voyeuristic Portraits of New Yorkers Seen Through Apartment Windows The photographs in photographer Gail Albert Halaban‘s series Out My Window are unsettling and beautiful at the same time. Each of them shows people framed by open apartment windows in New York City — quite creepy if the images are actually of unsuspecting strangers. At the same time, the voyeur is quite a photographer, as each shot perfectly balances the lighting of the subject inside with the cityscapes and brick walls outside. The scenes were actually all staged, and are intended to share something that Halaban says New Yorkers can relate to: “connecting” with neighbors through apartment windows. Here’s what Halaban says about the project, I’m a photographer and therefore I’m a voyeur, and I’m a New Yorker and therefore I’m a voyeur. You can find more of these images over on Halaban’s website: Out My Window by Gail Albert Halaban (via Feature Shoot) Image credits: Photographs by Gail Albert Halaban and used with permission

Sketch Master Ilustrator, Kim Jung Gi Art Gallery Kim Jung Gi is a korean artist who enrolled into a Fine Arts School at the age of 19. After 3 years of absorbing fine art, he dropped out to become a cartoonist. I observe things all the time. I don’t take references while I’m drawing, but I’m always collecting visual resources. Kim Jung-Gi – Sudden Attack, Drawing Demo Kim Jung Gi – Conflict, Drawing Demo Kim Jung Gi – Epic Hour of Illustrating Mastery, Drawing Demo You can support this awesome artist by checking out the sketchbooks on his website, Face Illustrations Alexander Khokhlov est un photographe moscovite qui utilise le visage humain comme une toile pour créer de magnifiques portraits en noir et blanc. D’une beauté envoutante, reprenant des icônes comme celui du Wi-Fi ou un QR Code, ces créations incroyables sont à découvrir dans la suite de l’article.

John Kenn John Kenn’s Website See more art by John Kenn on this site Thanks to OvO for finding this artist! Theo Gosselin Photography Focus sur le très bel univers du jeune photographe français Théo Gosselin, issu de l’ESAD d’Amiens. De nombreux portraits ou mises en situations avec beaucoup d’émotion, d’intimité et de poésie. L’ensemble de son travail est disponible sur son portfolio et dans cette sélection dans la suite de l’article. Beautiful Mixed Media Illustrations by Zso Zso (aka Sara Blake) is an Interactive Art Director, Designer and Illustrator living in New York City. She grew up in the suburbs of Richmond, Virginia but moved to New York to study a mix of studio art, creative writing, graphic design, and postmodernism at NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study. Her work is characterized by a mindblowing mix of traditional and digital media, wild colors, textures and it possesses a certain fluid and feminine quality. See some choice pieces below. All her illustration works start by hand with pencil and paper. Sara has her debut solo show at the Friends of Leon Gallery in Sydney, Australia, which opening September 23rd.

National Geographic 2012 Winners National Geographic a dévoilé comme chaque année les gagnants du concours des plus beaux clichés de l’année 2012. Des images splendides, d’une beauté saisissante à découvrir dans la suite de l’article en commençant par le vainqueur du concours : le cliché de Cédric Houin dans une yourte isolée au Kyrgyzstan. Vo Anh Kiet – 2nd place winner Andrea Guarneri – 3rd place winner Fred An – Merit winner Lucia Griggi – Merit winner Peter DeMarco – Merit winner SauKhiang Chau – Merit winner Camila Massu – Merit winner Ken Thorne – Merit winner Ken Bower – Merit winner Michelle Schantz – Viewer’s choice winner