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Culture. People of Note. Social. Ancient Roman Laws. Since the days of the Law of the Twelve Tables, developed during the early republic, the Roman legal system was characterized by a formalism that lasted for more than 1.000 years.

Ancient Roman Laws

Early Roman law was drawn from custom and statutes, but later during the times of the empire, the emperors asserted their authority as the ultimate source of law. Their edicts, judgments, administrative instructions, and responses to petitions were all collected with the comments of legal scholars. The Romans - Timelines. 40 maps that explain the Roman Empire. By Timothy B.

40 maps that explain the Roman Empire

Lee on August 19, 2014 Two thousand years ago, on August 19, 14 AD, Caesar Augustus died. He was Rome's first emperor, having won a civil war more than 40 years earlier that transformed the dysfunctional Roman Republic into an empire. Under Augustus and his successors, the empire experienced 200 years of relative peace and prosperity. Nomen. From NovaRoma Home| Latíné | Deutsch | Esperanto | Español | Français | Italiano | Magyar | Português | Română | Русский | English A nomen gentilicium indicates which gens a Roman belongs to.


Choosing a Roman name. From NovaRoma Home| Latíné | Deutsch | Esperanto | Español | Français | Italiano | Magyar | Português | Română | Русский | English The system of Roman names was unique and distinctive in the ancient world.

Choosing a Roman name

A foreigner becoming a Roman citizen took a new Roman name as a mark of citizenship. In Nova Roma, too, we ask that you choose a Roman name when you become a citizen. We encourage you to choose a personal, unique name to identify you, and to express your Roman identity, unique and indivitual to you. The name you choose is the name you will be known by in Nova Roma forever, because name change will not be allowed after the 90 days of probationary citizenship period has ended; so choose carefully and seriously.

If, after reading everything below, you have any more questions, please contact the censores. Before you start selecting the name Tria nomina Typical Roman names of the late Republic had three parts (the "tria nomina"). Read more about names in ancient Rome. DengeDenge Online Magazine. Nude Figures and Erotic Images on Ancient Coins.

DengeDenge Online Magazine

These coins were made in Rome around the first century BC and they were paying for certain services, or they went as usual? Digital Atlas of the Roman Empire. Roman Empire. Johnstons' Private Life of the Romans. Roman Kingdom. A History of Ancient Rome. Roman name generator. Primary History - Romans - City of Rome. Ancient Rome: The Rise and Fall of an Empire. Ancient Rome: The Rise and Fall of an Empire is a BBC One docudrama series, with each episode looking at a different key turning point in the history of the Roman Empire.

Ancient Rome: The Rise and Fall of an Empire

Factually accurate and based on extensive historical research, it reveals how the greed, lust and ambition of men like Caesar, Nero and Constantine shaped the Roman Empire. It describes how Rome destroyed Carthage, was conquered by Caesar, how it suppressed the Jewish revolt, and converted to Christianity. CGI is mixed with compelling drama and spectacular live-action battles to tell the definitive television story of how the Empire was formed, how it achieved maximum power, and why it eventually failed. Caesar. At the close of the Gallic Wars, Caesar finds his army encircled by a massive force of Gauls but wins a decisive victory with a brilliant counterattack at the Battle of Alesia. Nero. Rebellion. Revolution. Constantine. History: Romans.

A virtual reconstruction of ancient Rome. Surgical Instruments from Ancient Rome. Surgical Instruments from Ancient Rome NOTICE: All images in the exhibit are the property of Historical Collections & Services of the Health Sciences Library, University of Virginia.

Surgical Instruments from Ancient Rome

Please contact Joan Echtenkamp Klein, Assistant Director for Historical Collections & Services, for permission to reproduce in any fashion images from the exhibit (e-mail: Introduction The original instruments were excavated from the House of the Surgeon at Pompeii, so named because of the materials that were recovered there. In 1947, reproductions of these instruments were presented to the Claude Moore Health Sciences Library by the 8th Evacuation Medical Unit from the University of Virginia after its service in Italy during World War II. The following display presents images and summaries of the known uses of each instrument. Vaginal Speculum (click image to enlarge) Greek: dioptraLatin: speculum magnum matricis(click image to enlarge) The Founding. The Roman Empire.