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Making a table from discarded pallets - Hobbies/Arts/Crafts / DIY - Survive France. A 3D printed UAV I've been working on for the past few months : 3Dprinting. After the Fall: Bug Out Bag Essentials Checklist. The Bug Out Bag (BOB), emergency preparedness kit, disaster kit, GOOD (Get Out Of Dodge) bag, grab bag, 72-Hour kit, INCH (I’m Never Coming Home) bag, or battle box.

After the Fall: Bug Out Bag Essentials Checklist

Whatever name you use, they all mean essentially the same thing: A kit that is ready to go when, as the doomsday preppers say, the Shit Hits The Fan (SHTF). It’s meant to be your one stop survival kit for emergency situations. Made specifically to be carried on your back and keep you alive for 72-hours or more. The whole purpose of the Bug Out Bag is staying alive, but in order to do that, it needs the essentials. Beginning with The Mighty Bag itself, we’ve run down the food, gear, equipment, and even the technology that you’re going to need during the critical juncture between hunky-dory civilization and Mad Max level anarchy. Getting to Know BOB There’s no single way to make a Bug Out Bag. Change Your Mind Buy The Best Expect Overlap. A chocola-tier above the others. : toptalent.

Everywhere Travel Co. AYFRAYM Cabin. Nothing beats the satisfaction of building something with your own two hands and standing back to admire your work with pride.

Everywhere Travel Co. AYFRAYM Cabin

Everywhere Travel Co. is giving you the opportunity to do just that with their DIY AYFRAYM Cabin. The AYFRAYM Cabin is a cozy 1,574 square foot A-frame sanctuary with a design inspired by vacation homes of the ‘60s. It features three spacious walkout cedar decks, vaulted ceilings with modern wood beams, and substantial windows. Inside, you’ll find three bedrooms — including a bunk room with four bunk spaces — as well as three bathrooms, a kitchen, and a living area. Cleaning gold nuggets - Apple Isle Prospector. You’ve found some nuggets with your metal detector.

Cleaning gold nuggets - Apple Isle Prospector

You finally retrieve them from the ground. Engineer's Vanlife Build - My Tiny Home on Wheels. He came up with an update to the ‘useless box’ : EngineeringPorn. Farming flies in the suburbs of the Northern Territory - ABC Rural - Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Kathryn Hansen's son Erik, 2, inspects the black soldier fly larvae that they are farming in the suburbs of Palmerston Kathryn Hansen is a 35-year-old, stay-at-home mum from Palmerston in the Northern Territory ... and she farms flies.

Farming flies in the suburbs of the Northern Territory - ABC Rural - Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

The black soldier fly, to be specific. "(They're) really only one part of the system that we're looking at... we're doing a bit of urban farming on our property here," she says. Tutorial: Build Autonomous Drone - Depth Estimation, Octomap and Path Planning : Quadcopter. Auction Block: 1971 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40. It’s not every day that we come by an FJ40 that exceeds our expectations, and even more rare when that legendary platform is over four decades old. The prominent vehicle reseller, Bring a Trailer, recently listed an impeccably-kept 1971 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 with enough upgrades to satiate even the most parched 4×4 enthusiast — and with only 21,000 miles on the odometer, it stands apart as one of the best-looking examples we’ve ever seen. The FJ40 in question was purchased by the current owner as a partially completed project just over a year and a half ago — since then, it’s undergone an extensive upgrade process that has garnered its 3.9-liter 1F inline-six and column-shifted, 3-speed manual transmission a significant amount of notoriety among its peers.

The outdoor-oriented vehicle utilizes Old Man Emu shocks and springs, burly aftermarket wheels dressed in BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A tires, and a Weber carburetor to get it where it needs to go. Purchase: 13,500+ Here is the advantage of 3D printing. You don’t need to worry about crashing. You know there is a little factory constantly producing frames in your home. : 3Dprinting.

Hofats SPIN Fire Tornado. This sun-chasing robot looks after the plant on its head : mechanical_gifs. DIY Chain Wrench : interestingasfuck. 1000 L Roof/Balcony Aquaponics System. How A Home Aquaponics System Can Feed Your Family Forever - The Filix. Home gardening fell out of style when populations moved out of the rural areas and into towns and cities.

How A Home Aquaponics System Can Feed Your Family Forever - The Filix

Recently, there’s been a re-emergence of home gardens. A lot of people are starting to do this again, but a lot more efficiently than in the past. Outdoor gardening and agriculture now has an alternative; it’s a viable option that can provide an innumerable supply of natural, GMO and chemical-free food in any space with minimal work necessities. Christmas project. Designed, printed and built a nanoleaf clone :-) Turned out great! : 3Dprinting. Scoraig Wind Electric News.

THERMOACOUSTIC REFRIGERATION. 3D printed 3D wire bender : EngineeringPorn. 3D Printable Robot : 3Dprinting. AutoAdvance Hybrid Hammer Nail Gun. Of all the tools a person should own, the hammer is definitely one of the simplest and most important.

AutoAdvance Hybrid Hammer Nail Gun

Unfortunately, due to its manual nature, it’s also one of the more dangerous tools in the box. But that’s all going to change thanks to the AutoAdvance hybrid hammer-nail gun. It took six long years and at least as many prototypes to get it working, but inventor Michael David Young finally managed to create a manually-operated hammer that doesn’t require the user to hold the nails in place. Rather, in a similar fashion to a nail gun, it accepts a bundle of collated nails and auto-dispenses them as needed. What you get, as a result, is a hand tool that’s significantly less bulky than a nail gun, while a lot more convenient and easy to use than a standard old-school hammer. Learn More: Here. I used my very mediocre welding skills to make a fire pit for my backyard : DIY. Why a Typical Home Solar Setup Does Not Work With the Grid Down - And What You Can Do About It. What you're seeing, and what's vital to understand, is that a solar panel will supply a certain current (at any voltage) - up to a certain point.

Why a Typical Home Solar Setup Does Not Work With the Grid Down - And What You Can Do About It

That current is directly affected by the illumination available (the different W/m^2 curves - that's illumination power per square meter of panel area). At a certain voltage, the current starts to drop off, and eventually you hit the open circuit voltage (Voc) - the voltage the panel produces when there's no current draw. The peak power (maximum power point) on the panel comes slightly past the start of the drop in voltage, and the available power drops rapidly as you go past that point into the voltage collapse.

At both the short circuit point (0V, plenty of amps) and the open circuit voltage (0 amps, plenty of volts), the panels are producing zero usable power. Making a silver ring. Reddit: the front page of the internet. I deadened my car on the cheap. If you have an older car or you're into your music this is a great way to improve your vehicle! : DIY. Is there no way to buy a car these days without tracking systems installed? Build Your Own Car - Roadster, Hot Rod, & Supercar - Factory Five Racing. Reddit: the front page of the internet. Flow Hive 2 sees sweet success in offering new features for honey on tap. This table's length can be doubled : interestingasfuck.

Primer: How to Translate and Use Morse Code. We’ve all seen it in action before, whether in an old western, as some form of antiquated communication technique in a post-apocalyptic movie, or even in a nautical film in the form of an SOS distress call when things on the water got a little too hairy.

Primer: How to Translate and Use Morse Code

Morse code, a form of communication that predates the telephone, is a method of relaying information through a series of tones, lights, or clicks – a practice that’s now over 160 years old. Named for Samuel F.B. Morse, who invented the telegraph, the system encodes the basic Latin alphabet, Arabic numerals, some extra Latin letters, and a small set of punctuation marks via sequences of short and long signals. Today, the code is primarily used during search and rescue missions, distress calls, or for fun between individuals who wish to keep their conversations private. History New Tech, New Demands. Linear reciprocation to rotation conversion : mechanical_gifs. K9 Climb: 10 Best Hiking Backpacks For Dogs. For invigorating exercise, mental health, and genuine fun, hiking is an excellent activity.

K9 Climb: 10 Best Hiking Backpacks For Dogs

But, as is the case with most things, it’s even better if you can share the experience. But you don’t have to drag your unwilling friends or significant other out to the trails if they don’t have the same appreciation for the activity as you – so long as you have a dog. Yes, man’s best friend can make an excellent hiking partner. But, like you, they’re going to need some good gear to get the job done right. Used shipping containers turned into passively-cooled homes. Located in Santa Ana, Costa Rica, the Contenedores Franceschi project is made up of three 40 ft (12 m)-long shipping containers.

Used shipping containers turned into passively-cooled homes

The containers are heavily modified and installed into a structure that both provides a roof to shade them and raises them off the ground with concrete supports The three homes include some nice semi-outdoor areas like a rear deck, balcony, and porch. Each sports a solar water heater on the roof too. Despite the poor thermal performance of shipping containers, Re Arquitectura says that its homes don't have, nor need, any air-conditioning. Rebuilding an old engine : geek. Aquaponics system : DIY. Washing machine repair : DIY. DIY automatic dust collector system with homemade cyclone separator using a stock harbor freight dust collector. : DIY. Zybach - A Mechanical Clock. Colibri motion sculpture : EngineeringPorn. Mouse trap designed in 1590 (warning: dead mice) : EngineeringPorn. Flush Magnetic Doorstopper : INEEEEDIT. The way this plywood is able to bend after being cut just right : oddlysatisfying. Walnut Crib with Inlaid Mountains : DIY. Awesome shelf... : mechanical_gifs.

IWTL how to get involved in Arduino and how to code for my first builds : IWantToLearn. Rewiring entire home, please recommend me some tools to make the job easier : Tools. Dodge Hellcrate Crate Engine Kit. The new Dodge Hellcat is one of the most impressive American muscle cars we’ve seen in a long time.

And anyone that gets to drive one can count themselves extremely lucky. For the rest of us who don’t have $65k to shell out on a new car, however, there’s another way to get the beastly vehicle’s power and performance – Mopar’s new crate engine, lovingly dubbed the Hellcrate. Primer: How to Pack A Cooler. Understanding how to pack a cooler is one of those skills that knows no boundaries. For most of us, we associate packing a cooler with a trip to the beach.

The Best Camping & Hiking Gear For Dogs. QUMY Waterproof Dog Goggles Just as you like to wear sunglasses outside to protect your eyes and see better in the brightest of sunlight, so too could your pet benefit from a pair of UV goggles. These ones are waterproof, will keep Fido’s eyes from getting burnt in the sun with too much exposure, and they’re adjustable – as well as being shatterproof and easy to clean. Purchase: $8 RC Pet Products Pocket Pet First Aid Kit As dog DNA and physiology differ from those of humans, you shouldn’t be surprised to know that first aid for your pet requires a different set of gear and supplies from one you might use for yourself. Purchase: $12 Primal Pet Gear Hands-Free Dog Leash. Here's how to build your own holographic audio visualizer with gesture control [code and parts in description] : DIY. What’s got 8 legs, 2 hands and costs $36,000? At a glance, the Octopod calls to mind the partnership's earlier creation, Arachnophobia.

The piece stands on eight legs that can be individually articulated, each locking into place in an extended or standing position. To make sure the time can be clearly seen no matter what pose the Octopod is arranged in, the glass sphere can rotate 360 degrees, both vertically and horizontally. That kind of gimbal, the designers say, is reminiscent of classic maritime chronometers that needed to stay flat in the rolling waves, while the bubble itself was inspired by bathyspheres from sci-fi movies like The Abyss. The transparent head gives a clear view of the Octopod's inner intricacies. The pulsating escapement – the cogs and machinery that precisely keep time – are mounted on the minute hand instead of a static plate, and it's designed so that the whole engine appears to be floating inside the bubble. Further earning its title, the Octopod can keep time for eight days before needing to be wound.

Molosser Aegis All Weather Dog Jacket. Dogs don’t stop needing to go on walks after the temperature dips below 30-degrees, and they definitely don’t appreciate the freezing cold any more than their human counterparts. Modular design gives 3D printer CNC carving and laser engraving capabilities. Coming from a Korea-based company, the Mooz system's modular design offers different heads for single color 3D printing, multicolor 3D printing, basic CNC carving (8,000 rpm, 0-5 mm depth), and low-power 250 mW laser engraving.

There are three basic platforms to start with: the Mooz 1 offers basic 3D printing, CNC and laser with a single vertical arm, the Mooz 2 adds an extra vertical support arm for better precision and stability, while the Mooz 3 is a totally different three-pillar design that can't take the CNC or laser heads, but can print using two different color filaments. Fire Pit! : DIY. Ken Block's Climbkhana. 10 Best Hiking Dog Breeds. Dogs are man’s best friend. 12 Best Guard Dog Breeds For Protection. How to Make The Metal Melter. Table Shelf : mechanical_gifs. How To Make A Rope Making Machine. Mechanical engagement ring box : mechanical_gifs.

I built a forge, and things did not go as planned. : DIY. Unleash the Full Potential of Your Raspberry Pi with 21 Hours of Training – 91% Off. The legendary Raspberry Pi has now reached the third generation, and it's better than ever. From connected devices to fun robotics, the Complete Raspberry Pi 3 Training Bundle helps you master your microcomputer through 21 hours of video tutorials.

Order now via New Atlas Deals to save 91% off the instruction. Whether you're learning to code or learning about electronics, the Raspberry Pi offers a safe playground for you to explore programming concepts. The latest model comes with LAN and Bluetooth, meaning your projects can be even more ambitious. Learn the Technology Behind Self-Driving Cars and Save Hundreds off the Training.

Only ten years ago, self-driving cars seemed like science fiction. Aquascaping : interestingasfuck. Built-in bookshelves with a hidden door : DIY. My wife and I bought a cargo van and turned it into our home on wheels to travel Full Time. : DIY. Primitive Technology: Forge Blower. Rubber band powered ornithopter. I made an outdoor coffee table with concrete,metal, and brawn : DIY.

10 Best Places To Buy Vintage Watches Online. TV with an adaptive LED backlight system : geek. Over 18? 1 hour lecture by the world's leading Professor on Procrastination(2012): He claims if you know how it works, you won't do it ever. So I decide to post it on the one site meant for procrastination. RePost : Documentaries. Made a Simple and Sensitive Water Leak Detector at Home : DIY. A motor car engine : mechanical_gifs. Man creates special car horns for various situations : videos. The really bad(ass?) Sound Heroes Bluetooth speaker. In the latest edition of "crowdfunding campaign: cool or crap? " comes Sound Heroes, a Bluetooth speaker in the shape of a humanoid robot. Apparently there are plenty who would place this one in the "cool" camp as the campaign reached its goal in only four minutes. The Sound Heroes speaker from Kalium Labs is more than just a run-of-the-mill Bluetooth speaker. Aside from its futuristic form factor, it also features a wireless charging dock, a Wi-Fi range extender and a multi-color LED lamp.

Oh, did we mention it also has an in-built smoke machine. TIL that the largest player vs player battle in gaming history involved over 7000 players and lasted over 20 hours : todayilearned. My First Rim Job (Wheel Rebuild) : DIY. No magic smoke. We are go for launch. : Quadcopter. Re-did the interior of my '93 miata : DIY. How to Build a Car. By the time we arrive at the trailhead, daylight is already fading. Gift giving troll : funny. I Built a Super Beefy Industrial Steel Frame & Butcherblock Wood Desk : DIY. The 'Pantorouter' machine : mechanical_gifs. I just wanted to share bij custom desk build with you guys :) : battlestations. First major gardening project. Here's a hologram appliance I designed and built that uses the native Windows 10 Cortana [WIP] : 3Dprinting. Speakers : 3Dprinting.

I built some nightstands : DIY. Brilliant Camping Hack : gifs. Rebuilding an engine : educationalgifs. Powder coating At Home Is Cheap and Easy. : DIY. My daughter begged me to show her a planet through her toy telescope. Expected failure, but found Jupiter and all 4 moons. Mindblown : pics. I made an acoustic guitar! : DIY.