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Tiny House Semi Trailer Conversion - Tiny House Blog. ESCAPE Vintage is a Classic, Affordable THOW - Tiny House Blog. The ESCAPE brand of tiny homes are some of the most memorable.

ESCAPE Vintage is a Classic, Affordable THOW - Tiny House Blog

Forbes has even called the homes “the most beautiful Tiny Houses in the world.” The latest ESCAPE design, Vintage, is also the company’s most affordable. ESCAPE is also offering a special for the first 10 buyers of the Vintage. They will deliver the home to almost anywhere in the lower 48 states for only $99. The ESCAPE Vintage is 313 feet of efficient space. The main living area has full appliances and ladder access to a loft. For the $59,800 base price, the Vintage model offers a classic design with a first floor bedroom, roomy kitchen with a full refrigerator, flip down dining table, living area with room for a sofa, and a loft in just 313 square feet. The loft can be used for storage or extra sleeping space. Vintage is a simple design, but still has all the beautiful details that can be found in the company’s Vista and Traveler models.

The flip down butcher block kitchen table saves space. MANCAVE TINY HOUSE IS FOR THE GUYS. Living on a 4 Season Houseboat - Beautiful Floating Tiny House! The Lucky House - Tiny House Living. The Lucky House is a 20′ long, 8’6″ wide and 13’6″ tall on one side.

The Lucky House - Tiny House Living

Inside this 200 square foot tiny house you’ll find a bathroom, kitchen, living room, dining area, a queen sized loft, and two storage spaces. It weighs 9,000 pounds when fully loaded, fits into a single parking space, and can be pulled by a 3/4 ton or larger diesel truck. It’s a great size for parking in RV campgrounds that offer long-term agreements, trailer parks, backyards of friends or community members, and empty parcels of land equipped with sewer and water connections.

Learn more at the Lucky House website. The Lucky House. Ms. Gypsy Soul’s Urban Chic & Fabulous Tiny House — Tiny House of the Year. Since my daughter was very young, my plan has always been to live lighter so as to not have to work as much and as hard as I got older.

Ms. Gypsy Soul’s Urban Chic & Fabulous Tiny House — Tiny House of the Year

To work in Corporate America on my own terms. I wanted a lifestyle that would allow me to travel and enjoy life more, to focus on the things that really matter, to be free(er) and less obligated so that should I happen to decide I want to relocate it takes less effort and is less expensive. I started the downsizing process in 2006 and over the course of 10 years went from a 4bd/3bath home to a 1bd/1bath apt. My initial dream was RV living, the cost of which I realized based on my tastes, wouldn’t afford me the free(er), lighter lifestyle I was dreaming of. Tina & Luke’s Basecamp Tiny House — Tiny House of the Year. I have moved 42 times in my life and Luke has been there for 9 of those times.

Tina & Luke’s Basecamp Tiny House — Tiny House of the Year

After 17 states that I called my home at one point, I came to know that wanderlust was a wonderful thing but it came with a sense of loneliness. A new home was never one that was mine. There were no roots, just traveled boot prints that never pierced the depth of the soil. So, it was time. Luke and I sat together at our local eatery with a napkin and our trusted sharpies. Freedom From Minimalist Homes (300 Sq Ft) - TINY HOUSE TOWN. This stunning, modern home is a new tiny house available from Michigan-based company, Minimalist Homes.

Freedom From Minimalist Homes (300 Sq Ft) - TINY HOUSE TOWN

This model, named "Freedom", measures 40 ft long, 8 ft wide and 9.5 ft high. Its interior size is about 300 sq ft. The home features hardwood floors throughout the space, a full kitchen with granite countertops, a bathroom, bedroom, and a high-efficiency heating/cooling system. The Rook By Wind River Tiny Homes - TINY HOUSE TOWN. The newest tiny house by Wind River Tiny Homes is definitely an eye-catching design!

The Rook By Wind River Tiny Homes - TINY HOUSE TOWN

Named “The Rook”, the home was designed and built for a client in California who initially approached the company with a unique idea for their tiny house. The industrial-chic home measures 22 ft long, and has an interior size of about 187 sq ft on the ground floor. The home’s exterior is made from painted vertical siding with exposed stainless steel screws with a custom roofline.

Through the home’s Dutch-door and stepping inside you’ll find herringbone flooring, floating L-beam stairs up to the home’s loft bedroom, window seating and a custom pipe bookshelf with a folding desk. The Irving Tiny House (350 Sq Ft) - TINY HOUSE TOWN. Say hello to "Irving", a 350 sq ft tiny house on wheels.

The Irving Tiny House (350 Sq Ft) - TINY HOUSE TOWN

It's currently available for sale via Tiny House Listings for $67, 988. The home's dimensions are 32 ft long, 8'6" wide, and 13'6" tall. Its interior features a ground floor bedroom, a second bedroom in the loft, two closets, a large kitchen, and a bathroom. It also comes outfitted with appliances including a propane range, refrigerator, and a washer/dryer combination. It's currently stationed in Panama City, Florida. The Borough – Tiny House Swoon. Farallon Tiny House RV, Tiny House Plans, Tiny House on Wheels. Synthesizing modern aesthetics and traditional farmhouse form with a rich palette of materials, the Farallon is one of Tumbleweed’s newest model, designed for the Low-Wider trailer.

Farallon Tiny House RV, Tiny House Plans, Tiny House on Wheels

The Low-Wider trailer is the best of both worlds—wider than the Utility and lower than the Deck-Over. Inside, the open living floor plan combines kitchen and living under 10 foot ceilings. The Farallon introduces some new materials, style, and appliances while keeping the high level of quality craftsmanship for which Tumbleweed builders are known. Tiny houses starting to make a big impact on Maryland housing market. Permaculture Apprenticeship: The Tinyhouse that 14yo Zephyr Built. There’s not many 14 year olds that get their own house – much less one they built themselves, with help from family, friends and community.

Permaculture Apprenticeship: The Tinyhouse that 14yo Zephyr Built

May we introduce you to the tinyhouse that Zephyr built. This beautiful little hand-made home sits out the back of a family home in Daylesford in Victoria. It’s a shed, at least from a building footprint point of view, as it’s under 10 square metres. Call it what you like, it’s gorgeous. This little building was christened ‘The Cumquat’ by the family on whose land it sits – Patrick, Meg, Zephyr, Woody and Zero the dog, who you might know as Artist as Family – a crew of fearlessly foraging, no-waste, no-car folks who aim to live in place, in their community, and within both their own, and our planet’s, means. This family do many projects together, but this build was, in more ways than one, a permaculture apprenticeship for Zephyr.

If you’ve ever attempted to build something, you’ll know it’s not an automatic skill for most people. Projekty małych domów. Projekt ten zakończył się sukcesem na tutaj link do projektu:

Projekty małych domów

WOHLWAGEN: The Ultimate 300sqft Tiny House for €30k. The Wohlwagen (loosely translated to mean caravan) is a beautiful example of good design and practical engineering. This tiny house has an aesthetic appeal that screams “I want one!”. With beautiful wood framed siding, paneling and flooring, the word gorgeous doesn’t begin to describe the practical beauty of this tiny house design. Couple that with perfect practicality this tiny house is worthy of the name, and the appeal.

This wonderful little caravan is not your mother in law’s travel trailer, for sure. Look it’s on wheels! Cute little deck out back. Tiny ‘hut on wheels’ is the perfect vacation home to escape the concrete jungle. For the family who wants to rough it, there’s camping. For the family who wants the five-star treatment, there are, well, five-star hotels. But, for the family who wants to be able to have a little of both, with the sea right outside the doorstep of a modest and elegant home, there is the Koleliba traveling vacation home.

Hristina Hristova designed this tiny travel trailer to be a comfy, cozy getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life, where vacationers can enjoy nature uninterrupted. Tiny ‘hut on wheels’ is the perfect vacation home to escape the concrete jungle. Get off the grid in style with the tiny solar-powered Wave Eco Cabin. Even though the Wave Eco Cabin is designed for off-the-grid living, it demands to be seen. UK-based Echo Living designed the 17.4 by 10.5 foot miniature home to be as adaptable as those who own it. Extra rooms can be added with ease and the interior can be customized to feature all the amenities one could need. This sleek and sustainable cabin is a great way to get off the grid in style.

The cabin gets its name from the continuous sweep of the deck and roof, resembling a breaking wave engulfing the home. Solar panels energize the cabin with battery storage for the LED lighting and electrical sockets. Tiny prefab home is a dreamy off-grid retreat on the island of Crete. If waking up to gorgeous seaside views beneath the dappled shade of olive trees sounds like your idea of paradise, you’ll love this tiny solar-powered cabin set on the Greek island of Crete. Scottish design/build firm Echo Living designed the House on Wheels, a bespoke eco-retreat that offers off-grid living with minimal environmental impact. The site-specific cabin was prefabricated offsite in Echo Living’s workshop in Scotland and then shipped and craned into place between three ancient olive trees. Inhabitat - Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building.

Airbnb has unlocked doors to some of the world’s most glamorous places to spend the night, but the one booked most often may surprise you. Meet Kitty Mrache’s Mushroom Dome Cabin, a tiny and cozy DIY geodesic dome loft that has amassed the most bookings (and a five-star rating) on the site—and is so popular that even her kids have to make a reservation to stay a night. Nestled in the Redwoods of Aptos, California, Airbnb’s most popular rental may look modest on the outside, but its warm hospitality, enchanting interior, and gorgeous surroundings keep drawing people back. Centrally located on the Monterey Bay in one of California’s most beautiful landscapes, the Mushroom Dome Cabin is a remote retreat in nature that’s still a convenient and quick drive to the beach and downtown Santa Cruz.

The cozy semi-rustic cabin comfortably houses three people and is divided into two levels: a main floor with a pentagon-shaped base and a loft level. Inhabitat - Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building. Meet Atlas, a tiny road-ready solar home that combines an RV’s comfort with camping’s freedom and access to nature. Longmont-based F9 Productions designed the beautiful micro-home as an alternative to boxy trailers that obscure views of the outdoors. The 196-square-foot Atlas minimizes its energy dependence with a 640-watt rooftop solar system and water collection system that filters and stores rainwater. Though small, the Atlas transforms to maximize every inch of space.

Dwelle's Super Minimalistic Prefabs Make Swell Dwellings. UK-based Dwelle has unveiled a brilliant set of prefabs that illustrate how small living is the new way to live big. With a tiny footprint (the bigger of the two is 253 sq. feet), understated modern design, and sustainable features like insulation made from 100% recycled newspapers, double glazed windows and the ability to achieve zero-carbon status, these sophisticated houses definitely are overcompensating for their small size — and we like it! Recently, we were flabbergasted when a reader commented on Facebook that 700 square feet hardly seemed like enough room to live. True, some people might need more space, but there are plenty of perfectly livable tiny abodes – like Dwelle’s beautiful line of modern prefabs.

Youngstown Tiny Home. On August 29, 2016. Minim Homes – Award winning micro homes. Heijmans ONE - An Affordable Tiny House from Amsterdam. This tiny house has been created by the Dutch construction-services company Heijmans as part of an affordable housing project. The project aims to provide young people with rental housing within bustling, high-profile cities like Amsterdam. Black Pearl Tiny House by Nomad Tiny Homes. On June 27, 2016. Housing for the Homeless - Tiny Village in Madison WI. Une petite maison dans la forêt. Une yourte, un camion de pompiers aménagé et une résidence d’artistes de 15? MUJI unveils trio of tiny prefab homes that can pop up almost anywhere.

Lovers of MUJI’s minimalist Japanese aesthetic will swoon over the retail chain’s latest project: Muji Hut, a series of tiny prefab homes befitting the simple yet chic brand. Recently unveiled for Tokyo’s annual Design Touch event at Midtown Garden, the collection of micro-homes are designed to explore what it means to live a more sustainable lifestyle through minimalism. MUJI created the Muji Hut in collaboration with designers Naoto Fukasawa, Jasper Morrison, and Konstantin Grcic. Amazing Dutch Tiny House Opens Up With a Wall of Shutters. Tiny House Village Design Concept - part 1 - Tiny House Design.

Atlas - Atlas the crossover of the Tiny House and RV worlds. 136 Sq. Ft. Lumbec Tiny House on Wheels. Zomerhuis-eiland huis - 215 Sq. Ft. Tiny Glass Cabin. Young Lady's $18k DIY Baluchon Tiny House. La construction de mini-maisons au Québec est-elle trop réglementée? Les grands défis d'une mini-maison. Tiny house cabin. Microbe & Gasoline brings a tiny house to the big screen - Tiny House for UsTiny House for Us. Belgian Tiny House - Tiny House Living. Archive Reclaimed Space. Vista - A Tiny House That Mixes Contemporary Design and Comfort. Contemporary Shepherd Huts From England by Thomas Alabaster. Marjolein Jonker's Cool and Calming Contemporary Tiny House on Wheels.

Getaway - Stay in a Tiny House for $99 with this New Hampshire Startup. The Basecamp - A Tiny House That Embraces A Mountaineers Lifestyle. Alpha - A Luxurious Tiny House by New Frontier Tiny Homes. The Basecamp - A Tiny House That Embraces A Mountaineers Lifestyle. Tinhouse - A Small Self-built Holiday Home that Cost £110,000. Copy the style of these 11 tiny home living rooms to make your own cozy oasis.

Architect Jon Nystrom's Best Retirement Home 2013 in Boerne, Texas. Couple build tiny cabin from SCRAP for just £1,000 so they can save for a deposit. Brevard Tiny House. Tiny Happy Homes. Holandeses criam casa sustentável que é construída em apenas 1 dia – CicloVivo. Canadense projeta minicasa itinerante e ecológica – CicloVivo. Grupo constrói casa apenas com materiais naturais e reaproveitados – CicloVivo. Tiny Houses For Sale - Floor Plans & Listings. Luxurious Alpha tiny house opens wide on both sides to let the outdoors in.

Ark Shelter - A Tiny Modular Home To Reconnect with Nature. Alpha - A Luxurious Tiny House by New Frontier Tiny Homes. Z Huis - A Tiny House that Features a Climbing Wall Instead of Ladders. Tiny Houses at Mt. Hood Village, Oregon. Steel Clad 350 Sq. Ft. Modern Cabin on Stilts with Shutters. Simple Living in a 96 Sq. Ft. Salsa Box Tiny House. Students Build Reclaimed Tiny Timber Cabin in Norway. Luxurious Tiny Cabin with a Touch of Country. Z Huis - A Tiny House that Features a Climbing Wall Instead of Ladders. This Eco-Friendly, Solar-Powered, Floating Home Is Made From Nearly 100% Recycled Materials. Self Sufficient Cottage in the Netherlands. Alek lisefski completes the tiny project less house more life. A NEW timber-framed cottage/cabin/tiny house from David and Jeanie Stiles. Swamp Hut – Tiny House Swoon. Zen Cottage – Tiny House Swoon.

Alternating Step Tansu Tiny House Stairs - Tiny House Design. Instagram. Instagram. Instagram. Instagram. Instagram. Instagram. Instagram. Instagram. Groovy New Tiny House with Full-Size Appliances Can Sleep 8 - Curbed. Dee Williams Downsizes from Tiny...To Tinier! Riverside Tiny House. Cedar Mountain Tiny House. Build a Tiny House Loft with Bedroom, Guest Bed, Storage and Shelving. Natural Tiny Homes Around the World. Amazing Tiny House Vacation with Sauna. 258 Sq. Ft. Modern Tiny Cabin. 400 Sq. Ft. Tiny Urban Cabin. Craftsman Tiny House For Sale. The Steam Punk Tiny House on Wheels by Tiny Smart House. Rooftop Balcony Tiny House For Sale. Free Tiny House Plans - Ana White's Tiny House - Tiny House Living.