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The Unmanned Helicopter That Fights Wildfires. DARPA program to allow for mid-flight multitasking drone missions. DARPA's unmanned aerial systems (UAS) can be fitted with a wide range of payloads to allow for communications, surveillance, or combat support missions.

DARPA program to allow for mid-flight multitasking drone missions

The problem is, compact UAS can usually only carry one such instrument at a time, and need to land to swap them over. Now, DARPA and BAE Systems are collaborating on a program to rebuild the payload architecture, enabling smaller UAS to multitask. Each of these payloads usually brings with it a full suite of dedicated components, like antennas, processors and radio frequency (RF) equipment, but on a compact UAS, space is a valuable commodity. There are strict size, weight and power constraints to abide by, meaning either several UAVs carrying different payloads need to be airborne at the same time, or one has to land to have its function manually changed.

To help solve that problem, DARPA launched the Converged Collaborative Elements for RF Task Operations (CONCERTO) program. Build plate stack feeds 3D printer for continuous printing possibilities. Just last week, Stephan Schürmann launched the BlackBelt on Kickstarter, a 3D printer that catered for continuous printing thanks to a carbon fiber conveyor belt instead of the usual print bed.

Build plate stack feeds 3D printer for continuous printing possibilities

Now Korea's Opencreators has also kicked off a crowdfunding campaign for a 3D printing system that feeds in new build platforms for each object from a stack to, again, allow for continuous production. The Opencreators BS210 fused filament printer's standout feature is its ABC Module, which houses a stack of tempered glass build plates that are fed into the printer one at a time for each new print. This allows for small, continuous production runs, with the unit reported capable of operating for 24 hours straight without supervision. A sturdy metal frame and the use of low vibration, low noise motors are said to keep "wobble" in check, for improved print accuracy and precision. Sources: Opencreators, Kickstarter. Tilt-rotor hexacopter puts a new twist on drone orientation.

Multicopter drones are breaking through the final restriction on their movement in the air: they no longer need to hover parallel with the ground.

Tilt-rotor hexacopter puts a new twist on drone orientation

The Voliro prototype's six props can tilt 360 degrees, allowing a staggering 12 degrees of freedom in the air. It's mesmerizing to watch. Last week we covered a cube shaped drone, whose ability to calculate the trajectory of a thrown ball and catch it mid-air overshadowed its other remarkable capability of flying and hovering in any orientation. Recharge station gives SkyX drones potentially unlimited range. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) have found plenty of use in industrial applications, buzzing around to inspect crops, buildings or other structures.

Recharge station gives SkyX drones potentially unlimited range

Actually useful FDM printed roller bearings - Christoph Laimer : 3Dprinting. Novel 3D printer puts continuous printing on the table. At the heart of many of today's 3D printers is a stationary print bed, which means that if you want to print a really, really long object like a company logo for above the office door or hollow tubing, it would likely take several print runs and some glue.

Novel 3D printer puts continuous printing on the table

The BlackBelt from Stephan Schürmann replaces the print bed of old with a conveyor belt, which allows for continuous printing. Currently the subject of a Kickstarter funding campaign, the BlackBelt has been 3 years in development – going for CAD-modeled concept to prototype to production ready. Its carbon fiber composite conveyor belt allows for continuous printing of long objects, with the option of going really, really long by placing a roller module unit in front of the conveyor belt, or continuous batch production of smaller single build parts, which can be collected in a bin at the end. Sources: BlackBelt 3D, Kickstarter. VTOL drone could soar across Canada using lakes as pitstops. Compared to multicopters, drones of the fixed-wing variety can travel very long distances thanks to their more efficient shape in the air.

VTOL drone could soar across Canada using lakes as pitstops

3D printing cuts replacement time and cost at Daimler buses. From full-size buildings to fashion items, 3D printing is breaking down the barriers usually associated with manufacturing fiddly low-volume products.

3D printing cuts replacement time and cost at Daimler buses

Now, Daimler has turned to the process for replacement parts in buses. The move allows complex interior components to be economically made in small batches, with shorter turnaround times than possible using conventional production methods. This isn't the first time Daimler has turned to 3D printing for replacement parts – last year, the company announced it would be using Selective Laser Sintering to produce 30 plastic truck components. Before that, the process was also used to develop more than 100,000 prototype components. When a bus operator needs a specific replacement part, they simply need to order the part based on its specific order code.

It isn't just simple, single-piece components that Daimler is printing. Angled rotors let drone fly in any orientation (and play catch) Conventional multirotor drones, be they quad-, hexa-, octo- (or even 18-rotor) copters, have all their rotors positioned on the same horizontal plane.

Angled rotors let drone fly in any orientation (and play catch)

Although they're still remarkably agile, this mechanical simplicity limits the drones' thrust vector to one direction. This new octocopter design positions the rotors at different angles and allows the drone to independently control its thrust in three dimensions, giving it the ability to fly in any orientation. To demonstrate the potential of the design, a prototype has shown off its catching ability. Researchers Dario Brescianini and Raffaello D'Andrea, who developed the "Fetching Omnicopter" at the Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control at ETH Zurich, point out that drones have already proved their worth in surveillance, inspection, mapping and search and rescue applications.

The unique rotor layout required the development of a trajectory generator algorithm for precise control of the drone that is computationally efficient. Drone acts as flying cell tower to provide coverage kilometers away. Drones can bring benefits to disaster-relief scenarios in a few ways.

Drone acts as flying cell tower to provide coverage kilometers away

One is by providing search and rescue workers with an eye in the sky, another is by delivering aid, and a third is serving as temporary communications networks in place of those destroyed by the event. Verizon trials drones as flying cell towers to plug holes in internet coverage. Verizon has joined the likes of Facebook, Google and fellow telecommunications giant AT&T in exploring the potential of internet-connected unmanned aircraft.

Verizon trials drones as flying cell towers to plug holes in internet coverage

While its vision involves expanding 4G coverage across the US, it has an immediate focus on shoring up communications for first responders in emergency situations, and recently carried out trials to that effect. Verizon has dubbed the initiative Airborne LTE Operations (ALO) and says it has actually been in the pipeline for around two years. The company has been working to integrate internet connectivity into unmanned aerial vehicles and hook them up to its 4G network, daisy chaining coverage and beaming it down to unconnected areas in the process. The really bad(ass?) Sound Heroes Bluetooth speaker. In the latest edition of "crowdfunding campaign: cool or crap? " comes Sound Heroes, a Bluetooth speaker in the shape of a humanoid robot.

Apparently there are plenty who would place this one in the "cool" camp as the campaign reached its goal in only four minutes. Hydrogen power to give VTOL drone six-hour endurance. Wirth Research has unveiled the design of its tilt-rotor, vertical take off and landing (VTOL) drone. The company claims its all-new Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) will be the first in the world to use lightweight hydrogen fuel cells as its primary energy source, for a combination of long range and environmentally-friendly performance.

Why run with hydrogen power instead of pure electric? To deliver six hours of flight time with a full payload, Singapore-based HES, will provide a power source with significantly higher energy density than regular lithium-ion batteries. Whereas as conventional rechargeable batteries offer 200 Wh/kg, HES CEO Taras Wankewycz says the lightweight hydrogen fuel cell to be used in Wirth's drone offers 700 Wh/kg. /u/baldchow gives his advice on working with offshore IT staff. #1: "Do treat all humans as humans - it's not their fault your shitty-assed company hired them" : bestof. No magic smoke. We are go for launch. : Quadcopter. Falling in love with vapor smoothing : 3Dprinting.

Sound wave visualised : educationalgifs. DIY automated production of 200 unique coasters with my DIY Raspberry Pi powered robotic arm : DIY. Xkelet 3D Printed Cast. While we all would like to think that we are invincible, we know that the human body is all too frail. So, when things do break, it’s almost like adding insult to injury to have to walk around for weeks with one of those awful papier-mâché casts. Even worse, it means we have to do our best to avoid all water. Which is why we got so excited when we found out about the Xkelet 3D printed cast. Not only does this orthosis brace look far cooler than your average cast, but its also completely waterproof – and that’s kind of a big deal for anyone that likes to swim, surf, boat, or even just take a normal shower.

Because, with this cast, you can. Spherical cells free up modular CellRobot design. Toy robots are pretty commonplace these days, whether they're playing games, teaching kids to code or being our best buds. Plenty of those are modular, too, like the EZ-Robot line or Wunderkind sets, but with its spherical "cells" the CellRobot from KEYi Tech looks more versatile than most, coming together as everything from an RC racer or home security guard, to a smart camera stand or mini robo-bartender. The basic non-functional cell modules have eight joint faces with which they can connect to other cells, opening up an impressive range of possible body shapes and forms.

They're also split into two hemispheres that gives them 360-degree rotation, meaning that robot constructions can be programmed to move in complex and precise ways. No matter what you decide to build, the heart of all CellRobot designs will be, well, the Heart. Snipe Nano Quadrotor could reshape the battlefield. AeroVironment's new Snipe Nano Quadrotor is a man-packable drone with the potential to be carried by every foot soldier, vastly increasing situational awareness and individual capability. The Snipe will also be available commercially later this year for police, first responders and all those who need to be able to see what's happening in places they cannot safely go.

Announced at AUVSI in Dallas today, the Snipe Nano Quad UAS weighs just 140 grams (5 oz) and fits into a small hard case light enough to be carried – though AeroVironment has not yet disclosed the weight of the entire UAS including the ruggedized touch screen controller. AeroVironment designed the Snipe for "close-range intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions" and most importantly for those who might use it in theatre, it can be in the air within 60 seconds. Intel demonstrates drones' potential for automated infrastructure inspections. After 2 weeks of printing parts, I finally finished my jet engine. These are still cool, right? : 3Dprinting.

SolarStratos plane flies for the first time – but not quite to the stratosphere. It was in November of 2016 that we first heard about SolarStratos, a 2-seater solar-electric aircraft that's ultimately intended to fly to an altitude of 25,000 m (82,000 ft) – the edge of space, essentially. The plane was unveiled to the public last December, and made its first flight this Friday. The flight took place in the team's home country of Switzerland, at the Payerne airport. Flown by test pilot Damian Hischier, the aircraft took off at 8am and proceeded to fly for seven minutes at an altitude of 300 metres (984 ft) before landing and returning to its hangar.

New infrared scanner captures sharp 3D images in milliseconds - New Atlas. 600 Watt, 3d-printed, Halbach Array, brushless DC electric Motor : 3Dprinting. HatchBox Carbon Fiber is my new favorite filament : 3Dprinting. New infrared scanner captures sharp 3D images in milliseconds - New Atlas. Blackbelt 3D - What we know about the latest 3D printer from the Netherlands - TCT Magazine.

In the midst of the numerous football, comedy, current affairs and 3D printing tweets that clog up my timeline (@docefc in case you're interested) it's easy to miss the genuinely interesting stuff. How to design 3D Printable Hinges - Make moving parts! Flight tests of Lockheed's Fury drone heat up ahead of production.

My Car Makes Noise: A library of car noises which can be used to diagnose car problems : InternetIsBeautiful. Powder coating At Home Is Cheap and Easy. : DIY. Pen Drawing Machine : EngineeringPorn. Here's a non-crap print: a 6 axis robotic arm (seen on /r/robotics) : 3Dprinting. The Hangprinter #3DMeetup. This boat shows the way to a clean energy future : Futurology. Rocket nozzle printed in PLA plastic on a Prusa I3 then heat coating is applied before we put live rocket engine through them. Nozzle survives the thrust sequence but hard PLA destroys itself on relaxation, flexible PLA survives the whole stress sequence.

Lockheed Martin's Fortis Tool Arm takes the load to cut fatigue. Eachine Wizard props : Quadcopter. FreeCast High Quality Video Transmitter. Sometimes getting that desired shot just takes a bit of spontaneity and patience. But who has time to wait around for everything to line up properly, manipulating the scene along the way? Luckily, FreeCast is a high-quality video transmitter that can transmit live video feed from an action camera, or any HDMI camera for that matter, in real time. Outfitted for filmmakers, adventures and content creators, FreeCast helps you take your storytelling techniques to the next level. Flower-shaped solar panel follows the sun - Curbed. Instantly 3D Print Cities with SketchUp PlaceMaker - SolidSmack - World's Largest Race Drone. DIY Laser SLA printer tested on by Angus from Maker's Muse : 3Dprinting. Nifty MIT Software Lets You Design and Test Your Very Own Drone - The tool lets users mix and match parts from a database, creating a drone with as many rotors, of any size, just about wherever they like : gadgets.

Farm gate opens and closes automatically. Wet or dry, the HexH2O Pro v2 will fly. Drones are invaluable for photographers and filmmakers keen to capture the world from the skies, but their effectiveness is limited as soon as it starts raining. The HexH2O Pro v2 aims to improve on the all-weather versatility of its predecessor, offering better battery life and range than the outgoing HexH2O Pro. When it comes to the all-important camera hardware, QuadH2O has turned to the best in the business. A 4K DJI X3 gimbal and camera sit below the rotors, wrapped in a bespoke waterproof housing. Video down-link is now handled by a DJI Lightbridge 2 system, for a range of 3.5 km (2.2 mi) using the DJI Go app and, thanks to a bigger battery, flight time has improved from 25 to 30 minutes.

Users are able to film in almost any weather, and can land their drone on the water for filming above or below the waterline. Although QuadH2O does build smaller, cheaper waterproof quadcopters, the company says there are a number of benefits to the six-rotor setup of the Hex. Drone dogfight event aims to draw out the best drone safety tech. 3D Printed 6-Axis Robotic Arm : 3Dprinting. DIY DLP Resin printer : 3Dprinting. WorldViz Solves the Secret of How Business Will Use VR - SolidSmack - Testing which 3D print materials are bulletproof - Tom Sanladerer : 3Dprinting. Ultimate Guide to Product Design, Development and Mass Production.

Cool idea : 3Dprinting. Drones4Life. Meet Perdix, a 3D Printed Drone Designed to Work in Swarms - SolidSmack - Bespoke Land Rover Discovery launches a search drone from its roof. Folding kayak is made to go flat-out. Is anyone able to suggest a build that would be cheaper and perform either better or the same? (UK) : Quadcopter. Review: Soaring through Northern Patagonia with the Premium Byrd drone. Honomobo Shipping Container Homes. Braeon Super Plastic. And they said ..give me an example, what "useful stuff" will you be printing with that thing -> tadaaa : 3Dprinting. Onshape Goes Metal. Sheet Metal. - SolidSmack - The Optimus 3D Printer Puts a 3-in-1 Machine Shop on Your Desktop - SolidSmack - Swiss University Students Develop Six Axis 3D Printer : 3Dprinting. How to 3D print your geographical area captured via simple drone photography : 3Dprinting. Flex just brought the fun back into 3D printing for me! : 3Dprinting. Airless Tire. After fiddling a bunch, and some great posts here, I got SemiFlex to bend to my will. : 3Dprinting.

So close... yet so far... Just the big parts left to print of the turbofan build. : 3Dprinting. uArm Swift home robot designed not to cost an arm and a leg. Monoprice Launching $149 Delta Mini Desktop 3D Printer, And More - SolidSmack - 'The Future is So Metal' - Markforged Unveils the Metal X (and New Print Tech) - SolidSmack - 'The Future is So Metal' - Markforged Unveils the Metal X (and New Print Tech) - SolidSmack - Aerodyne Nimbus 195: A racing drone so tough you can drive your car over it. Jet fuel-powered UAV completes record 56-hour flight, with plenty left in the tank. Super Hornets drop world's largest swarm of micro-drones. Fixed-wing drone learns to land like a bird. The Griff 300 Drone. UVify Draco Racing Drone. Honda's self-balancing motorcycle follows you around like a puppy.

Guy risks his racing drone flying up a mountain. Gets rewarded with some beautiful footage. : videos. What Is Mesh Networking And Will It Solve My Wi-Fi Problems? LG ProBeam Laser Projector. That was not a screen protector... [x-post /r/techsupportgore] : Wellthatsucks. PC Software to RC quadcopter? : Quadcopter. Dobot lends a robotic hand to small businesses.

New Formlabs Engineering Resins Fistbump Manufacturing in the Face - SolidSmack - Jet Engine Ceiling Fans. The sky's the limit, with new drone-design system. Chocks away: Official debut for solar-powered space plane. Finally – a safe way to carry hydrogen fuel in your pocket. The Front Page of the Internet. The Front Page of the Internet. 9 out of 10 businesses fail within ten years. Half of those that failed did so within the first year. Ever wonder why? Northrop Grumman and Yamaha team up for R-Bat unmanned helicopter. Yamaha's latest unmanned helicopters ready to spray or survey. Intel unveils its own commercial drone, the Falcon 8+