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Starbucks is closing 400 stores in shift to takeout strategy. The company said it plans to close up to 400 stores in the US and Canada over the next 18 months, while at the same time adding carryout and pick-up only locations.

Starbucks is closing 400 stores in shift to takeout strategy

In its latest SEC filing, the company said it ultimately expects to open about 300 new North American stores that specialize in carryout and pickup options. "This repositioning will include the closure of up to 400 company-operated stores over the next 18 months in conjunction with the opening, over time, of a greater number of new, repositioned stores in different locations and with innovative store formats," the company wrote in its filing. Starbucks said its retail strategy is designed to "enhance the customer experience, expand our retail presence and enable profitable growth for the future.

" The company said it was re-evaluating how it sells coffee prior to the Covid-19 pandemic due to customers in major cities already showing a greater tendency to order coffee on the go. Starbucks' sales outlook is improving somewhat. Dallas Restaurants Can Operate at 75 Percent Capacity This Friday. As restaurants tiptoe into opening on the coasts, in cities like Los Angeles and New York in the first stage of reentry into any form of in-dining service, Dallas is already in stage three.

Dallas Restaurants Can Operate at 75 Percent Capacity This Friday

Bars were permitted to operate at 50 percent capacity last week, with restaurants able to open at 75 percent occupancy this Friday. Figuring out how they reopen, restaurateurs are realizing they have to set their own rules, in part because the rules are not spelled out. Allowances from the Governor offer bare-bones percentages, without the granular details of how to implement them or even at times to what spaces they apply. Groups like the Texas Restaurant Association offer suggestions for safety measures, but restaurants are left to outline their own plans—with various solutions at various price points—while weighing the safety and comfort of both their diners and their staffs.

But then the negotiation becomes about setting rules, protecting the employees. Landlord Figures He Can Pass Off Uninhabitable Shithole As ‘Great For Students’ 30 Influencers That Deserved The Public Shaming They Got. Many people and businesses hate the term "influencer.

30 Influencers That Deserved The Public Shaming They Got

" Especially those individuals who attach it to themselves and start demanding rather than negotiating. However, the growth of influencer marketing often means they're still getting offers they do not want. To deter them away, people have begun to voice their disapproval both online and in real life. Whether it's a humorous post on Facebook or a stingy sign next to their establishment, one thing is clear: influencers have to adapt their strategies and communication methods in order not to lose potential customers. Many people and businesses hate the term "influencer. " Why Do Big Banks Launder Money? Jeffrey Epstein preyed on young women with promises of modeling gigs for Victoria’s Secret, and access to his high-powered connections in the fashion world.

Why Do Big Banks Launder Money?

For years, the perverted multimillionaire faced accusations that he sexually abused underage girls brought to him by Jean-Luc Brunel, the owner of the MC2 modeling agency who, according to civil court filings, housed his models in Manhattan apartments owned by Epstein. (Brunel has denied these allegations.) But Epstein’s ties to the industry run deeper than previously reported. The financier regularly dropped by the New York offices of one of modeling’s biggest agencies—Next Model Management—according to sources familiar with the business, and lavished funds on charities connected to Next co-owner Faith Kates and her family. Brunel owned a 25 percent stake in Next with his brother, according to previously unreported court documents. Inside Shake Shack’s secret ‘Innovation Kitchen’ The Shake Shack at 225 Varick Street in Greenwich Village, Manhattan, looks like any other fast-casual eatery: Inside, customers chow down on crinkle-cut fries, mill around the pick-up counter, and watch burgers sizzle in the kitchen.

Inside Shake Shack’s secret ‘Innovation Kitchen’

But walk down a set of staircases, past the bathrooms and through two sets of doors, and you’ll find something different going on in the basement: Here, in Shake Shack’s so-called Innovation Kitchen, a small team of chefs dreams up new menu items (like black sesame shakes and hot chicken sandwiches), with the goal of receiving “real-time feedback” from diners upstairs. In a little more than a decade, Shake Shack has grown from a lone kiosk in New York City to one of America’s fastest-growing food chains, with nearly 250 locations all over the world and a projected 2019 revenue of $590m. As it continues to grow, Shake Shack has chosen to adhere to an axiom many start-ups can relate to: “The bigger you get, the smaller you have to act.” 1.

Why Trader Joe’s Never Charges by the Pound For Produce. It's only so people know how much they’re spending up front before they make it to the register, according to the company's podcast.

Why Trader Joe’s Never Charges by the Pound For Produce

People who pay by weight might think they’re getting their groceries at a better value because a pound sounds like a lot, but one Trader Joe's employee says this often tricks consumers into spending more money. Is it because no one uses the scales? Do stores even have those anymore? What Is the Best Airline in the World? What is the best airline in the world?

What Is the Best Airline in the World?

If you follow the rankings, it differs from year to year. In 2018, Skytrax named Singapore Airlines, Qatar, and ANA All Nippon as the top three airlines of the year. Skytrax is a U.K. Why We Should Sell DFW Airport. Sean Donohue, the CEO of Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, has increasingly found himself on the receiving end of an interesting proposal.

Why We Should Sell DFW Airport

At an aviation conference, a financier with a certain area of expertise—someone from France, say, or Mexico or Vancouver—will sidle up to Donohue and quietly ask, “Have you ever thought about selling DFW Airport?” Donohue laughs and tries to brush off the question. But it’s no joke. Selling DFW or, rather, selling a contract to let a private company take over the airport’s operations is a viable idea. If the cities of Dallas and Fort Worth and the airport’s biggest airline, American Airlines, agreed on it, and if some group of French-Mexican-British Columbian investors could cobble together enough cash—billions of dollars—the deal could get done. But neither Donohue nor the 12-member DFW board of directors he works for has ever been particularly interested in exploring such a deal.

Free Money: The Surprising Effects of a Basic Income Supplied by a Tribal Government. Tipping point: Despite changes, restaurants, servers still nervous about advancing minimum wage bills. By 9-to-5 standards, Jay Hayden could retire by now.

Tipping point: Despite changes, restaurants, servers still nervous about advancing minimum wage bills

He’s devoted almost 32 years of his life striving to be the best in his trade. But he doesn’t work 9 to 5, and he’s not retiring. America is a Socialist Country… for the Rich. “America will never be a socialist country,” Donald Trump declared in his State of the Union address.

America is a Socialist Country… for the Rich

Someone should alert Trump that America is now a hotbed of socialism. But it is socialism for the rich. Everyone else is treated to harsh capitalism. In the conservative mind, socialism means getting something for doing nothing. Andrew Tarlow’s Brooklyn Restaurant Empire Returns to Traditional Tipping Model. In a blow to the gratuity-free movement in NYC’s restaurant market, Andrew Tarlow — one of the biggest restaurateurs to embrace it years ago — is reverting back to a tipping model at all of his Brooklyn venues next month. Restaurants that fall under Tarlow’s Marlow Collective, including local hits like Roman’s, Diner, and Marlow & Sons, will begin accepting tips once again on December 17.

In a statement sent to Eater, Tarlow cites industry “challenges and inequalities” like the wage gap between front- and back-of-house staffers as a reason he started no-tipping, but the higher cost of dishes has been an issue. Some dishes increased in price by 20 percent to pay employees higher hourly rates, and though he knew from the onset that the switch would cost him money, the higher prices have ultimately been too difficult for diners to swallow for the business to make sense. Minimum Wage Hike Impacts NYC Restaurants in Staff Cuts and Menu Price Increases. Aircraft Operating Series – Aircraft Operating Expenses » - Cyberhub to Cleveland Aviation and the World!

A 737 of Travel Service Airlines taking off from Budapest in 2012. –Photo: Sándor Dömötör – OPShots Contributor// Would you believe that over 102,000 commercial passenger flights circle over our heads every day? These planes alone cost somewhere between $70 million and $404 million dollars, and are operated by just a handful of airlines. 35 Days Without Pay Show How Precarious Federal Jobs Have Become. — from As U.S. Congress attempts to avert yet another shutdown, federal workers and contractors are still recovering from the longest government closure in American history. President Trump used workers as a bargaining chip in his xenophobic demand for a border wall, with many turning to food pantries or the more than 2,000 GoFundMe campaigns to make ends meet.

Those 35 days of lost wages exposed how precarious federal labor has become after decades of rhetoric meant to delegitimize the work of the public sector. Meth and murder: A new kind of drug war has made Tijuana one of the deadliest cities on Earth. It seemed like everyone in Christian Castillo’s life was getting killed or running from death. Two neighbors on his block were gunned down, along with the taco vendor at the end of the street. Then came a childhood friend of Castillo’s mother who had started selling drugs and was shot dead with her husband. Soon their son was executed, too. Castillo, who until a few years ago held a good job at a Tijuana insurance company, didn’t attend any of the funerals.

Devastating Wildfires Force California's Largest Utility To Plan Sale Of Gas Assets. Homes leveled by the November Camp Fire line the Ridgewood Mobile Home Park retirement community in Paradise, Calif. The state's largest utility, PG&E, may face billions in liability costs if found responsible for igniting the fire. Noah Berger/AP hide caption toggle caption. Could Expanded ESOPs Be the Next Big Economic Policy? Two likely Democratic presidential contenders in 2020 have made quiet strides in recent years to bring into vogue a little-known policy that could reduce economic inequality — one that harnesses current law to expand workers’ ability to become owners in their place of employment. Epi. Sears bankruptcy court OKs $25 million in bonuses for top execs.

Working for a bankrupt retailer still has it perks -- at least if you're among hundreds of high-level employees at Sears Holdings. The company behind the Sears and Kmart chains on Friday obtained a U.S. bankruptcy court's permission to pay as much as $25.3 million in bonuses to top executives and other high-ranking employees at Sears, which filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in October. The retailer successfully made the case that it needs to give employees a financial reason to stick around, even as it reported losses of almost $1.9 billion in the first three quarters this year. Megyn Kelly‘s staff will lose jobs as she collects $30 million severance check after blackface comments: report.

Complexity Economics Shows Us Why Laissez-Faire Economics Always Fails. Food & Wine. Can the “WeWork for retail” save the department store? To the average shopper, Neighborhood Goods will likely feel like your good ol’ department store. The store — which opened November 17 in Plano, Texas’s Legacy West shopping district — is stocking labels shoppers know, and possibly even love, in a central location. It sells clothing, skin care products, home goods, gadgets, and more. RIP, Sears. The First McDonald’s In Moscow Opened In 1990, And These 27 Pics Show How Insane It All Was. Bloomberg. I flew on a private plane with Blackbird, the flight-sharing startup that's like the UberPool for planes — here's what it's like. The rise and fall of MoviePass: how 'Netflix for cinemas' fell apart. Last week, industry trade Deadline broke the news that Bruce Willis had signed on for a key role in the upcoming crime thriller 10 Minutes Gone.

Salon. How Time's Running Out for Swiss Watchmakers. A Day In The Life of my Supposedly Frugal Stomach. Kicking Ass with Money is much like healthy eating and joyful living. How Hard Is Your Server Working To Earn Minimum Wage? Hourly wages are calculated from the most recently available average per-customer bill amount at each restaurant (2015 for Denny’s and Joe’s Crab Shack, 2016 for Olive Garden and Eddie V’s). China Is Basically Financing US Navy Confrontation in South China Sea. Politics.theonion. Escape From Hell: You Will Never Have to Land in a Hub Airport Again. Rollingstone. Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway And JPMorgan Chase Launch New Health Care Company.

Amazon set to open its grocery store without a checkout line to the public. Gizmodo. 50+ Times American Healthcare System Shocked The Rest Of The World. Capital - The legitimate concerns of ‘snowflake’ workers. Stick to Burritos, Chipotle - Bloomberg Gadfly. Corporate VC's holy shit moment: What does Intel know that Google, Sesame Street, Comcast, and Alibaba don’t? Prison Town Selling Its Jails to Grow Cannabis to Save their Economy — And It’s Working. How a Basket on Wheels Revolutionized Grocery Shopping.

Hang onto your wallets: Negative interest, the war on cash, and the $10 trillion bail-in. Obama to propose $10-a-barrel oil tax. The West Is Reduced To Looting Itself. BofA: The Oil Crash Is Kicking Off One of the Largest Wealth Transfers In Human History. The Stock Market Is Not The Economy. China's economic crisis is coming. Everyone Is Freaking Out About The $1.5 Billion Powerball, And The Stats Agree. 10 Best Big Cities Worth Considering if You're Ready to Move in the New Year - Credit Sesame. Competitors Eat Chipotle's Lunch - Bloomberg Gadfly. Relatively Interesting The world's most valuable substances in the world (by weight) - Relatively Interesting.

The lottery and social despair in America. Uber Revolutionizes Common Sense. Universal Basic Income Will Likely Increase Social Cohesion. Why Are We Still Working? How Credit Cards Tax America. Is this sunny state trying to kill solar power? Epocalypse Now: The Economic Apocalypse is Here. Wealth, status, and currency in Shakespeare's world [infographic] Common ground for independent workers — What’s The Future of Work? Math on Rubionomics Way Crazier Than You Think. Businessinsider. When a 127-Year-Old U.S. Industry Collapses Under China's Weight. Offshoring the Economy: Why the US is on the Road to the Third World.

Here's What Really Happens When A Restaurant Bans Tipping. Huffingtonpost. Want a Raise? Work for the Government. This is the one change by millennials that will change absolutely everything. The Darkness Before the Right. Capital - Is this the end of tipping? Why Aren’t America’s Shipping Ports Automated? Newyorker. A Study in Total Depravity. Capital - The great six-hour workday experiment. The safe, user-friendly way to be a little drug lord: economic secrets of the dark web. China Falters, and the Global Economy Is Forced to Adapt. Capitalists from Outer Space. Theconversation. Who Will Lose in the War on Contractors? A true crime tale of comic books, corruption, and a $9 million vanishing act. Welcome to Life: The Singularity, Ruined by Corporations. The Myth of the Ethical Shopper - The Huffington Post. The Logic of Surveillance Capitalism. Capital - The end of middle management? A World Without Work.

John Feffer, Why the World Is Becoming the Un-Sweden. Ban cash, end boom and bust. Your Lifestyle Has Already Been Designed. How China Inflated A Global Bubble In Fine Wine & Spirits - And Then Popped It. Stock market rigging is no longer a ‘conspiracy theory’ Interactive currency-comparison tool: The Big Mac index. ASEP/JDS. Are you a stingy tipper? You may have unresolved trust issues.

Princes of the Yen: How Japan's Central Bankers Engineered their Country's Boom and Bust.